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    Aj Contry

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    the AJ

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    The Global Family Reunion with AJ Jacobs

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    Join AJ Jacobs on today's show to find out about the Global Family Reunion, which will be held on 6 June 2015 at the New York Hall of Science, on the grounds of the World’s Fair in Queens. Journalist, lecturer, human guinea pig and author of four New York Times bestsellers, AJ is also host of the biggest, most inclusive and most fascinating family reunion in history. He will tell us what's in store for all attendees -- including talks by celebrities, scientists and comedians.

    Also with AJ today will be his chief genealogist and cousin coordinator, Eowyn Langholf, talking about the genealogy behind the event.  

    The Global Family Reunion will be featured in a documentary by Morgan Spurlock (Supersize Me).


    To volunteer for researching, contact Eowyn at gfrcousincoordinator@gmail.com.

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    The CAC Show: Ep. 39 - AJ Steele For The Win

    in Entertainment

    October 23rd, 2014 - Call in (347) 884-9479 and join us on The CAC Show when we welcome independent wrestling superstar, AJ Steele! AJ will share his story, discuss the current state of the industry, and much more! We will also talk about the record-shattering second episode of The Walking Dead season 5 on our Walking Dead Zone! Our very own Malevolent Mulysa will have plenty to say about the episode as well as more predictions for the future of the survivors! We can't wait for this broadcast!!

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    #bealeader w/AJ Borowsky

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    This week #bealeader cohost Jen Olney and Gettysburg Gerry talk with "What Next" author AJ Borowsky. AJ takes a proactive approach to leadership, entrepreneurship, and success.  His background is in television news and for ABC news, MSNBC and America's Talking. Join AJ, Jen, and myself for a great discussion about leadership, enterpreneurship, and having the courage to "Ask What's Next" 

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    Greatest Matches #72: Tanahashi-AJ-'14; Brody&Hansen-Funks-'84

    in Sports

    Stan hansen and bruiser Brody vs the funks. AJPW 12/8/84.


    Hiroshi tanahashi vs AJ Styles. NJPW. 10/13/14


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    Encore: Comedian AJ Dunk and Sean Dough

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    Encore performance of comedian AJ Dunk with Sean Dough.

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    AJ Road Diaries Podcast Episode 1

    in Christianity

    Introduction episode to test out our first ever podcast. I explain what this podcast will feature in the coming episodes.

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    How AJ Labs uses dumb Women to broadcast anti-Israel Propaganda

    in Politics

      Let me just say that these stupid segments on AJ Labs drove me crazy. I can't watch all of them because their anti-Israel stupidity will give me a heart attack. But I will analyze what it is with getting stupid women in pretty dresses hosting anti-Israel segments. Is it meant to get brainwash young men more into hating Israel? Why is it that all their segments seem to be hosted by the same type of demographic:  supposedly pretty girls in pretty dresses who don't seem to be very bright? I will discuss the type of stupidity on those broadcasts, wether it's promoting BDS, or saying that Israel "changed" it's story because, according to that shit for brain host, Israel cited the Yeshiva students, rocket fire, and closing the tunnels. Never mind that the kidnapping and the killing of the Yeshiva students and the rocket fire is what caused Israel to again defend itself. And never mind that the tunnels are used by Hamas and other terrorist groups to smuggle in rockets that are fired at Israel. It goes to show how dumn those girls hosting these AJ Labs programs tend to be. All I can say is that they should feel lucky they're not in Iran, Saudi Arabia, or Hamas-controlled Gaza where they will be treated as worse than cattle, forced to wear the Hjiab [or burqa] or could be taken out and stoned. In fact, Israel is the only place in the region where those dummies would have any freedom and would not be treated as worse than cattle. But why is it that these AJ Labs broadcasts promote the same hateful message against Israel? And they're hosted by the same type of demographic: dumb girls? And another provocative question should be: Why no demand for Affirmative Action for these AJ Labs dummies like there would be if all its broadcasts were done by white Conservative males? 

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    Susan Scher at AJ Ali Wellness Event

    in Entrepreneur

    8 pm Eastern, Susan Scher airs LIVE from the Wellness Event hosted by AJ Ali

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    AJ Harmon, Contemporary Romance Author of 13 Romance Novels

    in Writing

    AJ Harmon was blessed with a village in her very own family. Born in Perth, Western Australia to English parents, AJ grew up on the beaches in the summer and studiously studying English, music and languages during the school year. Reading, dancing and cooking filled the rest of her time. Moving to the United States as a teenager opened her up to not only a new culture, but a faster paced life and eventually to her own Prince Charming as well. Now married for 29 years to her sweetheart, AJ is still perfecting their own happy ending, and loving every minute of it.

    When AJ came home one day from her accounting job and announced to her husband that she was writing a book–after the initial shock wore off–he immediately went to work on preparing marketing plans and strategies. As a small business marketing strategist, he was excited at the prospect of playing in the ‘big league’ with the giants of the publishing industry. Never shying away from a challenge, he was up to the task and took AJ on as his number one client. Turning to her son next, AJ has come to rely on him for most everything else. 


    A joint project with www.SexyBooksBlog.net 
    Music, Song for My Father, courtesy of www.AnnaFisher.com 

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    Project Pawnstar w/ AJ Burman

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    Get Real LoL proudly presents the one and only Project Pawnstar! Hosted by AJ Burman from Big Brother Canada Season One! Every single week at 8 pm est we will have Project Pawnstar: A BB Canada Open Forum where Form does NOT matter! AJ will sit down weekly & talk about Big Brother Canada, not only season 1, but of course season 2 & all of their houseguests & hopefully to the houseguests as they are evicted! So every Tuesday Night join us as AJ talks to everyone about Big Brother Canada seasons 1 & 2.

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