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    Attract Your Now w/Aisha Martin - Precious Gems Worldwide

    in Lifestyle

    Join Destiny Empowerment Hour as we sit down with CEO Aisha Martin of Precious Gems Worldwide (A. Martin Group)

    Aisha is the visionary behind Precious Gems Worldwide which is a PR and Business consulting firm that help small businesses. What makes PGW different is that it's strictly for women. We as women have a habit of letting emotions and personal issues interfere with our business. Aisha shows women how they can, in fact, have it all while enjoy their lives. You CAN be that sexy wife and CEO if you want. You can be part of a power couple. You can travel the world or be PTA President if that's what you desire while running your business. PGW is a straight, no chaser program. When you cross Olivia Pope (Scandal) with Patti Stanger (Millionaire Matchmaker), you get Aisha Martin for Precious Gems Worldwide. No Pressure, No diamonds. 

    Pick up a copy of Aisha's Book "Attracting Your Now: 12 Tools to Attract Your Ideal Life"

    Websites: www.amartingroup.com and www.preciousgemsworldwide.com

    Social Media Sites

    A. Martin Group FB: https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Martin-Group/298395890207198

    Precious Gems (PGW) FB: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Precious-Gems-Worldwide/817140604985573


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    iBloom Radio W/Host La Deema Burns W/ Aisha Martin

    in Spirituality

    I am your Host La Deema Burns, Tonight My guest is Aisha Martin, She helps people find a method to their madness while and show them how to successfully build their businesses. She believes that you can have it all. You can own the businesses, write the books, speak all over, give back, be a student, spouse, parent, etc and do it to where you don't feel overwhelmed. What looks like madness and chaos to others....makes sense to her. She can help you find the method to your madness because she was told once she couldn't have it all.

    We want our Listeners to be apart of the Show call in ask our guest questions,Be a part of our Blooming Moments .. It’s about what has God done in your life this past week or even today call in share them on the show or on our iBloom Radio Facebook Group page

    You will be encouraged and empowered to Bloom into your divine purpose God has for you.

    Join us on our face book group page https://www.facebook.com/groups/780062502088310/

    Or connect with me La Deema Burns through my website http://www.ladeemaburns.net to the iBloom Movement/Radio page and summit your information there to get the iBloom Newsletter also stay connected through my personal facebook https://www.facebook.com/la.deema.burns

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    Just Stevii Speaks With Special Guest Aisha Martin

    in Entrepreneur

    Aisha Martin prides herself on being a visionary and a trailblazer. Chameleon characteristics have proven to be a great asset to her as a successful serial entrepreneur. As founder of A. Martin Group, she has a passion for helping new and existing business owners achieve their greatest dreams. She also is the proud founder of Precious Gems Worldwide, a luxurylifestyle brand that empowers women all over the world. Being a charismatic speaker, astute businesswoman and an ambitious mentor, Aisha has proven to be well­rounded and diverse. This multiple business owner believes in teachingabout multiple streams of income and living on purpose. Her thought­provoking messages encourages all to assert and embrace their fearfully made selves. Aisha is also the author of Attracting Your Now: 12 Tools to Attract Your Ideal Life and is an Ambassador for the United Nations, working with their initiative to eradicate illiteracy within the youth.



    Stevii Aisha Mills, a graduate of North Carolina A&T State University is a strong and ambitious woman whose greatest belief is that when people are given the tools to succeed in life, there is no stopping their potential.With a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Public Relations and a Masters of Science Degree in Human Resources, she is able to align and execute visions, concepts,motivational products, speaking engagements and workshops for women who are dedicated to using network marketing opportunity as a platform to brand themselves and launch their dreams. Stevii Aisha Mills specializes in creating concepts, leadership development, business mentorship and networking. Stevii’s primary goal is empowering women to tap into their God Given It Factor. Stevii is an outstanding motivational speaker who connects with her audience through being authentic and showing them that they can truly take their lives to their next level of greatness.

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    TRUNEWS 05/02/16 Martin Armstrong | Cycles in Play

    in News

    Puerto Rico defaulting; Wall Street testing digital dollar replacements; Warren Buffett slandering negative rates. Is the American financial system breaking apart at the seems? Today on TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles will be joined by renegade economist Martin Armstrong to discuss how the business, civil unrest and war cycles are setting the stage for a new type of governance in the US by 2032.

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    "Trying To Figure Out Your Plans"

    in Women

    It's sometimes a struggle when our plans don't fit God Plans for us.

    1 Samuel 1:18 And she said, Let thine handmaid find grace in thy sight. So the woman went her way, and did eat, and her countenance was no more sad.

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    Lil Chris Martin ~ Children & Prohibition

    in Higher Education

    In this episode of Pot Talk Radio we have an amazing guest The Story of Lil Chris Martin ~ Children & Prohibition. Chris is the creator and founder of Paw Buddy CBD infused cannabis treats for Animals. Learn more about how Prohibition has influenced Chris with his Big Chris serving 2  years in prison for cannabis.



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    The Donald Trump Shuffle.Will Black America show up to vote in November?

    in Politics Progressive

    Will Black people turn out to defeat Trump?Why is he polling better than Mitt Romney among African American?American politics is all in shambles.It seems that Black people have turned on traditional allies in American politics.No one can say they speak for the masses anymore.This I predicted when Black America was won over by Obama in 2008, against the advice of established Black leaders.Will the same thing happen again in 2016?Tonight I am looking for opinions from the Black community on where their heart is in this Presidential race,or is their heart into this at all?Also racist attack that beautiful princess Malia Obama for just announcing that she is taking time off before going to Harvard.It is so clear the level of hatred that caused Trevon Martin's death and White America's indiffernce to Black pain.But this is America,and apparently this is what we want.Tonight a fire and brimestone sermon from the Kalagenesis in the Age of TRUMP.

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    Joe, Vinny & the Jets: NFL Draft is over

    in Sports

    On this weeks episode of Joe, Vinny & the Jets we have A LOT to talk about as the NFL draft is now over. We will talk about all of the Jets selections such as first round linebacker from Ohio State Darron Lee, Georgia linebacker Jordan Jenkins and the most polarizing pick of the entire draft Penn State Quarterback Christian Hackenberg. We will also discuss all of the picks from rounds 4 through 7 and even what undrafted free agents could be potential steals. More topics including how Muhammad Wilkerson wasn't traded as many Jet fans expected and Ryan Fitzpatricks status.

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    A Special Just Talking Program with Br Martin

    in Spirituality

    Christianity is a powerful force in the world and has been for some time.  Unfortunately, like may things, it has been coopted and used by the power elites and those who don't know better, to advocate for racism, sexism, homophobia and wars in the name of Jesus and Christianity. This is not the real Christianity though.  This is not about Jesus or the experience that one should have when one is a true Christian.  Br Martin will discuss real Christianity on our radio show today, not what many of us learned in Sunday School, or from big mouthed politicians and oppressors who claim to be Christian but are not.  We will explore the deep spiritual roots of Christianity and how they are for everyone.