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    A Story of Transformation with Aime Hutton

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    Aime is a phoenix, rising out of the ashes of her own life each time soaring higher.
    She now is an inspirational speaker, trainer/facilitator, owner of both Awakening Goddess and Wonder Girls Camp and soon to be an International published author.
    She has recently been named the Canadian Ambassador for the Freedom & Empowerment Teen Campaign, a campaign from England to support, educate, and empower those who have been through dating violence/domestic abuse.
    She has been nominated for the Fierce Woman of the Year Award in the Phenomenal Female category (2011), and Resilience category (2012).

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    Aime Hutton~Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine

    in Women

    Aime Hutton (awakeninggoddess.com) joined me once again to give us the update on her newly launched empowerment program for girls; called Wonder Girls Camp, as well as discuss her new position as the Canadian Ambassador for the Freedom and Empowerment Teen Campaign (launched out of the UK)

    We talked about teen date violence, women's empowerment, the event scheduled all over the world for Feb 14 called One Billion Rising, another coming together of people to stop the violence against women. Very interesting show! Please feel free to share...this is an important topic! Read Aime's bio and get contact info on the guest page of http://letsgetrealchattinwithcatherine.com/

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    Aime Hutton~Awakening Goddess Dance~LGR ChattinwCatherine

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    Aime Hutton joined me to chat about her journey to awakening her inner power, her inner goddess energy through dance. We discussed her new book, Take Flight, you can get the links on how to order and more about the book and other work on the guest page at letsgetrealchattinwithcatherine.com

    Aime is developing a program to empower young girls now that she's been teaching this to women...she talked about the natural opening for her to teach from her own experiences of being bullied and abused in various forms! Very enlightening conversation!

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    Guest: Aime Hutton

    in Culture

    Jim and Jennifer welcome Aime Hutton. When you look up survivor to thriver in the dictionary you will see Aime Hutton's brilliant smile beaming back at you.  However, her smile wasn't always as big as you see it now.  Being born 3 months early, weighing in at 1 pound 12 ounces she wasn't expected to live 24hrs in 1976.  Followed by being severely teased and bullied for 6 years in grade school, you would think her self-esteem would be low, well add University into the mix and she was in an abusive relationship, and stalked all a while attending full time university away from home.  Aime has overcome all of those challenges in life and is now thriving and soaring above it all, with her mission of having no woman or girl be left alone feeling that she's not beautiful, powerful, or creative because of something that was said or done to her in her past by others.   Aime has developed 2 businesses Awakening Goddess inspiring radiant play and confidence through dance for women, and Wonder Girls Camp inspiring the next generation of girls to be brave, bold, and celebrate their unique self.  Aime is an inspirational speaker, trainer/facilitator and bestselling author.  She has recently been named the Canadian Ambassador for the Freedom & Empowerment Teen Campaign, a campaign from England in 5 countries to support, educate, and empower those who have been through dating violence/domestic abuse.  Speaking to high schools, community groups, and post-secondary school about the warning signs of dating violence, the different kinds of abuse, and her own personal journey.

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    Harlem Renaissance: The Shaping of An Identity and The Nation

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    During the first half of the 20th century, the largest internal population shift in U.S. history took place. Starting about 1910, through the Great Migration over five million African Americans made choices and "voted with their feet" by moving from the South to northern cities, the West and Midwest. In the 1920s, the concentration of blacks in New York led to the cultural movement known as the Harlem Renaissance, whose influence reached nationwide.  From A. Philip Randolph to Marcus Garvey, sociopolitical designs for self-determination became the model that pushed towards sociopoliticah shifts within the American construct.  

    How did these extraordinary people develop and sustain such constructs?  Are they relevant during current times?  Join us as we talk about how the Harlem Renaissance shaped identity for black American and the nation.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/African-American_history#The_Great_Migration_and_the_Harlem_Renaissance, accessed 2/20/15.

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    NWOTRMassMedia Americans United Against Tyranny Radio Show

    in Politics

    Join Michael Hutton and Ben Tierney as they delve into all that is wrong with America, and ways to go about fixing them in a timely manner.

    Only on NWO Truth Radio Mass Media!

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    Turning Up The Gospel With Angel Sessions and Edward Loving a.k.a. Da Truth

    in Religion

    Angel Sessions

    Angel’s gospel single entitled, “Get Up,” that is number 1 on the National airplay US Charts for 11 weeks, is from her latest album ‘Hearts of Broken Love” and can be purchased on iTunes, Amazon and eMusic. Angel expresses in her songs that salvation is of the Lord.  He does all of the work of saving a person.   “The mercy of God to save anyone is amazing to me, say’s Angel.”  Yet His divine love though His word penetrates my heart, He guides me to write my songs which are such a blessing to me.” She has also music videos, and can be seen on Vevo, YouTube and a host of many other websites around the world. Angel is currently working on a tour and continues to reach out to her fans from all around the world in keeping them in the loop of her projects and music. For more information on Angel Sessions, visit www.angelsessions.com

    Edward Loving...a.k.a. Da Truth

    first off thank GOD for my life an gift.now im not a man of alot of words an im not telling fairy tails or lies im giving u tha truth about tha struggles of a man tryn to win in this game called l.i.f.e im speakin for those who dont have a voice or dont know how to speak out. I'm speakin for tha homeless tha have not's tha one's who are ready to give up but learn how to fight back from tha depths of h.e.l.l to show tha world there is a GOD.but like i said im not a man of many words but when i speak im like E.F. HUTTON errbody listen because im speakin da truth greatest of all time tellin no lies when i speak an im out HOLLA

  • NWOTRMassMedia Americans United Against Tyranny Radio Show

    in Education

    Welcome back to NWOTRMassMedia, Americans United Against Tyranny is back again and ready to take your calls. The last broadcast was a little interupted but this week is all new and ready to go.

    Join the founder and the Wisconsin Chapter President Michael Hutton and Ben Tierney as they take you through the steps needed to take back out once great nation. I hope you will join us and our cause, join the fight for our  children and our future.



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    NWOTRMassMedia Americans United Against Tyranny Radio Show

    in Education

    Tonight please help us welcome a new radio show to the great network of NWO TRUTH RADIO Americans United Against Tyranny Radio Show.

    Your Hosts will be Mr. Michael Hutton and Mr. Ben Tierney, to knowledgeable men who will guide you through the steps necessary to bring this once great nation back to the glory it once held. Please join us and remember, Stay vigilant, Stay informed, We Are The New World Order.

    NWO Truth Radio and NWO Truth Radio Mass Media are proud partners of The Coalition.

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    Constitution Counts

    in Spirituality

    Americans United Against Tyranny Constitution Counts

    Join Ben and Matt on 'Constitution Counts' a radio broadcast hosted by Americans United Against Tyranny, an organization working to restore a Constitutional America. Discussion will include contemporary topics important to American Patriots and guests on the show will bring insight to important matters in the fight for America. And listeners are invited to call in and join the conversation or provide comments. We must unite to save America... join us!!

    Our Facebook group can be found here


    Matt Virgin


    Ben Tierny


    Americans United Against Tyranny Family Divsion





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