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    Finding Balance: What the Martial Art of Aikido Can Teach Us About Our Health

    in Self Help

    Authentic Health with Traci Philips & Rob Payo

    Over the course of the day, we hold a large degree of tension in our bodies, often meeting life head on with brute force.  This tension becomes a way of life that can lead to illness and energy drain. It can affect our relationships and impair how we deal with conflict and change.

    Aikido is a modern, non-violent, non-aggressive Japanese martial art developed early in the 20th century.  It is a system of self-defense techniques using circular movements that blend with the attack and energy of an opponent. Aikido is a way of coordinating both body and mind through the discipline of learning and training technique, thereby energizing the body and increasing awareness.

    Even if you’ve never practiced Aikido, learning about this fascinating form of martial arts can teach you important lessons on how to attain better balance in your life and thereby gain better health.

    Join us for this episode of Authentic Health with Traci Philips and Rob Payo when we talk with Frank Apodaca,  founder of Deep River Aikikai and 6th dan Aikido instructor. Frank will share some basic tenets of aikido that can provide insight on how you can live a more balanced life. He’ll also share his thoughts on the value of movement and how aikido can be seen as a means of fitness that challenges your body and mind to adapt and change and develop more fluidly.

    Traci Philips, CHHC is the owner of That Certain Way To Wellness, offering Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coaching

    As a wellness coach, Rob Payo understands the value of small but meaningful changes that people can make in leading healthier lives.

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    DocKarate Presented by DocMagazine Volume 1 Episode 9 with Kancho Dan Vena

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    Welcome to DocMagazines DocKarate Volume 1 Episode 9 Saturday-February 13th.,2016 with Host & Executive Producer Kancho Dan Vena and Co-Host Renshi Kyle Forrest. Our guests can call into the show by dialing

    1-(646)-716-6825 at 9 PM EST

    Tonights subject matter will be training in martial arts, what it takes, the benefit of training over a long period of time and the result of your training. Setting goals for your training regiment and helping you reach those goals.

    Tonight's guests will have a chance to call into the show and talk about their training efforts. Join Us !!!

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    Professor Curry: Sanuces Ryu comparison to Aikido

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                                                                                         Professor Curry:  Sanuces Ryu comparison to Aikido
    It has been stated that Doc looked as though he had trained in Aikido.  We'll be having a discussion tonight on the compaison of the two.  

    Call in tonight to join our discussion:  9pm-646-716-6825 

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    Martial Arts Talk Show presented by Ed McGrath's School of Isshinryu

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    Welcome to the Martial Arts Talk Show presented by Ed McGrath's School of Isshinryu, in association with the IIAOKA&KOBUDO Hosted by Kancho Dan Vena the inheritor of Ed McGrath's School of Isshinryu Founder of the Isshando International American Okinawan Karate Association & Kobudo. Today's program subject matter will be how to join our dojo EMSOI and how to join the IIAOKA & KOBUDO. Our web site is up and running and you can find us at http://www.kudan59.wix.com/emsoi and you cal also visit my web site by typing in http://www.kudan59.wix.com/emsoidanvena. This will get you all the info you need to join our dojo and join the IIAOKA & KOBUDO.

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    Modern Combat Masters Presents Sensei Gary Parker

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    DocRadio presents Modern Combat Masters with Host Professor Darrell Sarjeant and Co-Host & Executive Producer Kancho Dan Vena. Tonights Special Guest is Grand Master Gary Parker, please join us this Wednesday night at 9 PM EST for this very special interview. Guests can call into the show by dialing 1-(646)-716-6825.

    Book Link : http://www.tambulimedia.com/books/chanpuru-reflections-and-lessons-from-the-dojo

    Gary Parker was born in Columbus, Georgia, and began training in Kodokan Judo as a high school student in 1984; after high school graduation, he enlisted in the United States Air Force, and was stationed at Kadena Air Base, Okinawa. Shortly after arrival in Okinawa, Parker enrolled in the Hamagawa Dojo, where he learned under the watchful eye of Takamiyagi Hiroshi, Hanshi – The founder of Goshukan-Ryu Karate. After separation from the Air Force, he was granted a visa and continued to live and train in Okinawa until 1996, when he moved back to his native Georgia in the United States. Parker received authorization to teach Goshukan-Ryu in America, and opened the first branch Okinawa Goshukan-Ryu Dojo outside of Okinawa in 1999.

    As the senior American student of Takamiyagi Hiroshi, Mr. Parker serves as the North American Honbu-Cho/Director for Goshukan-Ryu Karate; he also hosts the annual Goshukan Gasshuku, and teaches at regional training camps and seminars as he works passionately to spread his teacher’s art and the values of Okinawan Karate and Wu Zhu Quan (Five Ancestor Kenpo).

    He is the pioneer of Okinawa Goshukan-Ryu Karate in North America, and is the author of dozens of articles and has worked in both the Private Security industry, honing his skills in the tactical training field, in addition to being a small business owner, and a corporate trainer. 


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    DocKarate presented by DocMagazine Volume 1 Episode 8

    in Sports

    DocMagazine presents DocKarate Saturday-February 6th., 2016 at 9 PM EST

    Call into the show by dialing : 1-(646)-716-6825

    Martial Arts Talk Show

    Host & Executive Producer : Kancho Dan Vena

    This weeks subject matter will be training in Martial Arts, Karate training in particular. Lets see if we can spark a discussion about training in Martial Arts and talk about what it takes, what is required, and what type of result you are looking for when training in martial arts. We are looking for guests to come on the show and let our loyal listeners know whay you do to train. Maybe someone listening will be inspired to pick up a martial art.

    Join host Kancho Dan Vena & co-host Renshi Kyle Forrest this Saturday nigh at 9 PM EST on DOCKARATE.

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    Celebration of Aikido in Memory of Sensei Karl Geis

    in Spirituality

    Aikido is the Way of Spirit Harmony in life. This martial art has transformed its roots as a fighting to survive art, jutsu, into its higher form of expression as a Do art. This means it has transcended its form and teachings to be of a more spiritual expression while still being a powerful form of self defense that is effective even in dealing with today's modern street fighting dangers.

    It has the added benefit of opening its practitioners to insights about their ego self and their principled SELF.  Aikido aligns beautifully within the Unity of Oneness and SELFGnosis that we address each week with our listeners.

    Karl Geis, who recently passed away, has been Will Gable's beloved Sensei for over 35 years. Will has learned much and passes his learning along to students in the Oklahoma City area.

    Today's show is dedicated to Karl Geis Sensei. We will share our memories and his wisdom insights. We hope to interview some of his students at this celebration honoring his memory and his contributions to the art of Aikido and Judo with his unique approach that seems to dance in circles dispelling harm. He developed what is known in the world as Kihara Aikido.  Join us today and celebrate his memory and gifts.  Thank you.

    All to Love, Will Gable and Sharon Quinn.

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    Modern Combat Masters

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    Wednesday-February 3rd., 2016 Modern Combat Masters on DocRadio.

    Host : Professor Darrell Sarjeant

    Co-Host and Executive Producer : Kancho Dan Vena

    Call into the show by dialing 1-(646)-716-6825

    We hope everyone will join us as we speak on the Legacy of Dr Moses Powell 10 years after his transition to the realm of the Ancestors.

    9PM EST-Wednesday night. Special guests are GM Haisan Kaleak and Legacy Leaders of the Family of Sanuces Organization. Tonight our subject matter will be the life and teachings of Supreme Grand Master Dr. Moses Powell.

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    Interviewing The Divas Welcomes Trainer Jane

    in Women

    Join Diva Candace Gish, founder of "Interviewing The Divas", each week as she speaks with other entrepreneurial women. Women who have chosen to be a Woman of Business, all while managing households, families and community.

    Jane Warr, also known as “Trainer Jane”, is a Verbal Aikido Certified Communications Coach, Lifestyle Coach, Consultant, Trainer and International Stage Speaker.

    With her communications coaching, she helps people enjoy rich and rewarding relationships, experience genuine respect, acceptance, interest and mutual benefit. She teaches that people want to feel heard, understood, accepted, and respected, and how to communicate honestly, openly, respectfully, and directly. Her Verbal Aikido 2-Day Experiential Workshop, as well as the Home Study course, covers the very important self-talk, how we communicate with others, and how to use it in business communications.

    She is also a transformational Lifestyle Coach, dedicated to helping people “Be Fit, Fab & Fun!” as well as “Find Your Voice”. She is the coauthor of Manifesting a New Life; Money, Love, Health and Everything In Between, as well as the coauthor of Conscious Creators; How to Use the Law of Attraction. Jane is the author of the highly anticipated book The 3 Minute Workout; How to Lose Your Muffin Top, Thunder Thighs and Other Jiggly Bits, which will be out later this year.

    She has dedicated more than 22 years to helping men and women achieve their potential, through fitness, nutrition, wellness, lifestyle and communication, to be and feel the best possible version of themselves. Jane works with both the public and corporations, facilitating globally.


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    Modern Combat Masters

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    Welcome to Modern Combat Masters on DocRadio with your Host Professor Darrell Sarjeant and his Co-Host / Executive Producer Kancho Dan Vena. Our Guests can call into the show by dialing 1-(646)-716-6825 at 9 PM EST.

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    Modern Combat Masters

    in Sports

    Welcome to DocRadio International, tonight Wednesday-January 21st, 2016 Modern Combat Masters is proud to present Host, Professor Darrell Sarjeant and his Co-Host & Executive Producer Kancho Dan Vena.

    DocRadio is a free service that is provided to the community to give current and pertenant information about martial arts. Our focus on Modern Combat Masters is to bring you quality programming  by interviewing some of the worlds leading Masters and Grand Masters to tell about their martial arts journey. 

    This service and information outlet is available to each and everyone of you that will take the time to ask your instructor to be a special guest on our program. Our team extends this invitation to any Master or Grand Master of a respective martial art. We are here to promote and document your school, work shops that you may want to share with our loyal listeners, tournaments, seminars that you and your students offer, and so much more. This station caters to all working and retired martial artists. We want to hear from you and talk about your training, your instructor, your teaching operation, your school and students. 

    Call into our show by dialing : 1-(646)-716-6825 we go live every Wednesday Night at 9 PM EST.

    If you wish to contact the show with questions or programming requests, please feel free to contact me directly via e-mail at : judan59djv@gmail.com