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    "Purple Rayne"

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    We will recap everything that happen this week. WE WILL ALSO DEBUT THREE NEW TRACKS.

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    Cruz, Sanders win Wisconsin as front-runners fight to regain momentum

    Feds set up fake university, arrest 21 in bogus visa case

    'Dog the Bounty Hunter' helps get Idaho bounty hunter bill killed


    Weeks after its discovery in Borneo, rare Sumatran rhino dies

     Judge: Porsche not at fault in crash that killed Paul Walker

    Amber Rayne, Star Who Accused James Deen of Sexual Assault, Dead at 31

    22 years ago today, a generation lost an important voice RIP #KurtCobain



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    People are still sacrificing their lives for the cause of Christ.

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    As we enter upon "Holy Week" and reflect upon the sufferings of the Christ, do we truly understand all that transpired in those 24 most crucial hours in all human history?  Do you know what today's faithful servants are enduring, why do we endure it and what is each step we need to accomplished during and after the persecutions?

    Think about those Christians who are killed in their churches, around the world, simply because they choose to worship the Christ of the Bible. Real persecution is happening today. Pray for those who choose to take a stand for the cause of Christ and suffer because of it.

    Tune in and learn of the eight men in the bible who were being persecuted for the cause of Christ.

    Let us focus, today many men and women of God are being spiritually offended or harassed by wolves in sheep clothing because of being sold out to Yashua. Those who hear and obey what the Holy Spirit directs are retaliated by demonic spirts.  

    Just because they go to church, hold a title, know the scriptures or observe religious holiday does not mean they are Christians just like everyone who goes to a pet store doesn't mean they have a pet!

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    Meet Psalmist Rhonda Aiden

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    Rhonda La Verne Aiden was born in Louisville KY, to the late Alice Edwards Aiden and Willard Lee Aiden.At the age of 6, Rhonda sang her first solo debut at The Baptist Children’s Home of V.A .Rhonda developed a love for gospel and inspirational music, nurtured by her aunt Apostle Francine Cole, who has her own ministry, Bible Covenant Believers In Christ Deliverance Ministries, located in Petersburg, Va. Her aunt adopted Rhonda and cared for her as though she was her own child. At the age of 12, Rhonda and three of her cousins formed a group called The Precious Jewels. 

    As Rhonda became older, she developed an acute awareness of her relationship with God, and after being accepted into Shaw University located in Raleigh N.C. She joined Word of God Fellowship Church, now International Ministries, under the auspices of Bishop Frank and JoNell Summerfield, also in Raleigh, N.C. focusing on singing with the choir and praise and worship team. During that time, she was able to meet famous gospel icons such as Vickie Winans, Fred Hammond, and Yolanda Adams, to name a few. In 2005, Rhonda wrote her first single “This Time” with Stacy Tyler on the instrumental, recorded at Footsteps Gospel, located in Richmond Va. Today this single is being revised and the entire project will be released later this year. As mother of three, and grandmother of four, life has not always been easy for this woman of purpose.

    With a casting role and song in the hit stage play “The Whole House,” written and directed by Roy Dunkins out of North Carolina, and a cd project releasing soon, this young lady is sure to win souls to Christ through her gifts and talents.

    “I have been writing poetry all of my life, but did not realize they were actually lyrics I could put to songs.

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    Conversations with Sapphire JBlue with Author Phoenix Rayne

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    Withholding secrets can hurt, so can revealing them, but when it comes to Cambria Price’s secrets, they’re not safe. Dorian has broken off their engagement and the both of them are trying to move on, but desire eats at them and they try hard to resist. Cambria has a decision to make and it’s the most important decision of her life. This book is intended for mature audiences. THE SENSUAL SERIES OF CAMBRIA AND DORIAN CONTINUES in the hotly anticipated follow-up to YOUR SECRET’S SAFE WITH ME.

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    Friday Night with Sapphire JBlue with Author Phoenix Rayne

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    Cambria Price definitely has secrets she doesn’t want exposed. Growing up in orphanages and foster care, she struggles to have the things she wants and needs to be an ordinary girl. Growing up to be one of the best boosters in Little Rock, Cambria uses what she was taught to get whatever she needs whenever she needs it. She has a crew that she trusts and all of her lifts run smoothly like clockwork. Until one night, everything falls apart. Two in her crew takes the fall for Cambria and the others. She decides to leave the boosting world behind her to have a new start. Cambria, now, a hard working barmaid thinks her past is in the past until it catches up to her. She’s blackmailed into doing some of her old tricks. She has no choice but to do what she’s told or else. In the process, she has to get one of the best attorneys in the city to fall for her. While losing control of her own life, Cambria finds herself falling for her mark and he for her. In this erotically stimulating romance, Dorian becomes addicted to her. Just the thought of her brings Dorian to his knees. Cambria’s body yearns for Dorian as well as she has never had every desire and want filled and satisfied by such a man. Dorian wakes up the sexual beast inside of her. Dorian has ruined her. She’s never wanted a man the way she longs for him.
    Is this fate or just another job for Cambria? Will her secrets destroy what’s to become of them?

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    Let's Chat w/ Mz Toni and Lissha - "Black...White...Its All Love"

    in Podcasting

    Special Guests:Writer/ Blogger Brittany Culbreath, Author Danielle Bigsby aka Nasti D, Author Pheonix Rayne

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    EYM ~ Own the Room with Lisa Doe

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    Take Action and “Own the Room”  NEXT On “So Real With Madelyn Online Radio”
    Lisa Doe-Douglass will be sharing TIPS on “How to Present Like a BOSS!” Presentation is everything so Join Us and Learn From the BEST! Lisa is a Mother / Wife / Advocate / Entrepreneur / Speaker 

    Connect with Her, Participate in her NEXT "Own the Room Like a Boss!" Training March 14th, 2016 and March 21st, 2016 

    Let  Lisa Douglass-Doe show you how to leverage today’s technology to help YOU build a successful part-time business (Plan B), which can generate full-time income!  Lisa Douglass-Doe, a graduate of Syracuse University, has achieved much in her career. A mother of six year old twins (Aiden & Laila) she knows how to balance career and family life quite well. A 14 year veteran working in the field of Human Resources. Former Vice President for a major financial service corporation in downtown Manhattan where she managed a global team. While the accolades and great salary were nice, she realized quickly that her time dedicated to her career caused a vacuum with her family. Leaving work before the children woke up and coming home just to see them off to bed didn’t feel right. She wondered if the life of a successful executive meant constantly sacrificing time with the family.

    AUDIO:  (712) 775 7085  Access Code: 479358#


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    Newsnight in America 2/16/16

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    Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton lead by double-didgits in South Carolins

    Turkey terror attack updates

    Apple's response to being asked to hack the I-phone

    USF22's fly low as a show of force over South Korea

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    Annette Bentley Smith Writes Short Stories, Rhyming Poetry, and Picture Books

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    Annette Bentley Smith, a writer of children’s short stories, rhyming poetry, and picture books for ages 0-4 and 5-9. She lives in Georgia with her husband, two sons, her granddaughter and her stepdaughter.

    Mrs. Smith’s educational background includes a high school education and a graduate of "The Institute of Children’s Literature." A self-taught writer by looking and learning from other writers, she developed a passion for writing when she was in elementary school.

    It took her own children to get her to this point in her writing career, working around and helping numerous children in her time. Ms Smith plans to continue to help many more through her writing. Her granddaughter, Melody Rayne, enables her to stay current with the preschool and elementary scene.

    One of her 5-star reviews on Amazon.com read like this:

    “Loved this story! Enjoyed the poetic way it was put together, the diversity of both nannas, and the importance of the love of a grandparent. It made me happily reflect on my own childhood and how I will forever cherish all the memories I have with my grandmothers and fathers. Really appreciate stories like these! Thank you so much Annette for the refreshingly diverse story!” - Stacey Culpepper

    Visit Annette at: www.AnneCorpLiteraryWorks.com/  or www.Facebook.com/MrsAnnieBooks/.

    Now, we’re also on Stitcher: http://j.mp/1Ur4Ser.

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    The Open Minds Radio Show [S2E6] Book of Rhymes, Vol. 1

    in Entertainment

    The Open Minds Radio Show invites Alex Strong, Cleo the Hippie Trap Goddess, Jurni Rayne, Era and more local writers to share som e of their old rhymes. Are they better now or the same? Listen in to our first of many Book Of Rhymes, Vol. 1 wit Queen Ex and RasQueen LIVE from Turnt Up Entertainment Studio!! Tweet us live during this two hour special!!! @openmindsradio #OMRRaps #TheOMRShow #BookOfRhymesVol1