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    Join me on Halloween night as I sink my teeth into some VAMPY FICTION. Yes. I couldn't have chosen a more appropriate day to raise my candle to classic and new YA books that we just can't get enough. Also, there will be a special surprise announcement. So skip trick-or-treating--just kidding. You can download the show after you get all your Halloween goodies. See ya later on The Teen Zone!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!! "Beware of the Crimson Peak"!!! LOL   Really good movie. Go see it. Love, love Tom Middleton!!!!

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    Sick Moms with Christian Comedy Chicks

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    Just step back. We're sick, yo.

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    The Pan-Africoon Revolution.

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    Oooo, Ooo, Ooo, Ahhh, Ahhh, Ahhh, Ahhhhhhhhh ! Coons send me email, I hear Coons quoting books, they're messing up the movement, brothers and sisters, take a look.....At the coon-scious celebrities, black CON-scious hollywood, the white man is the devil, but his camera is all good. To my conscious brothers and sisters, this trophy is for you, a giant watermelon, and a 40 ounce of booze.
    Seriously folks, we, are, in bad, shape. The above parody is obviously meant to be humorous, but there are some elements of it that hit the Pan-African bull's eye with great precision and accuracy. The task of reclaiming self-sufficiency and respect, locally, nationally, then internationally is a monumental task. Many of our best and brightest youth in the HBCUs are up to the task of stepping into a clearly pathed path that is tangible. A tangible path consists of things that are made manifest OUTSIDE of books. Diasporan scientists, land owners, finance experts, African politicians, and experts that cross the spectrum of higher learning are out there. More importantly, they are actively asking for our help. However, Pan-African ambition among our youth is being muddied by gurus, shamans, medicine men, and peddlers of useless information. Therefore, those of us who have something real to offer waste inordinate amounts of energy unmasking what is fake, and uniting those who are real. Tonight's topic will be in regard to the frustrations of being a modern-day black nationalist.

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    Healing Through Organization - is it possible?

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    I am interviewing a local guest on my show today that will help us to determine if it is possible to be green in our organization skills and make our lives a lot easier!Here is a little info on her -

    Healing through Organization, LLC, provides professional organization services to clients with an emphasis on being green where possible. I am the first and only eco-organizer in the Triangle area.

    I also am a freelance grantwriter and have raised over $6 million for clients.

    Are you paying late fees because you don't pay your bills on time? Can you tell me where your auto, home and life policies are if someone calls and wants you to compare rates? Do you feel drained, stressed, or overwhelmed when you walk in your home or office? Let me take you from ARRRGHHHH to ahhhhhhhhh!

    Let me help you transform the negative into the positive. Let me help you create transformation through organization.

    I am a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers, NAPO NC, Cary Coffee & Contacts, Chix in Business and the Junior League of Raleigh.

    So come listen in on Julie's tips for going green and organizing your home and your life!