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    Aha! World Telesummit Preview with Karen Abrams!

    in Spirituality

    We are just about ready to launch our Aha! World Telesummit 2013! And I wanted to introduce you to one of your amazing Speakers Karen Abrams!
    Karen is a master healer with Theta Healing. I personally had a session with her and it was out of this world! I was stunned by the shifts she was able to facilitate and how much better I felt.
    Karen's work is being recognized all over the world and I am really excited to have her on the show!
    If you would like to get her take on your energy be sure to call in early!
    347 215 9485
    Also be sure to check out all of the info on Karen and our other Master Class Leaders at www.ahamomentsworld2013.com

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    The Art of Aha with Michelle Tennant Nicholson

    in Self Help

    What exactly is an “aha” moment? Michelle Tennant Nicholson ventures to say it's the moment of enlightenment; an epiphany. 

    It's the instant a light bulb goes off and you understand something newly and fresh, as if for the first time in your life something clicks.

    Here's her question about “aha moments.” Are they random or are aha moments something you can set yourself up to have if you wish to have a breakthrough in your life? We explore this topic in today's Business Telesalon with Michelle Tennant Nicholson:

    What is an aha moment?
    Can "Aha" moments be orchestrated?
    What is the benefit of being able to have your own "personal epiphany" on demand?

    Tune in. This will be good.


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    Your "Aha" with Marla Williams

    in Finance

    So many raving fans from my last show with Marla Williams of Practical Solutions on "Discovering Your Inner Genius," I had to bring her back on the show to share more knowledge. Marla is truly a joy to speak to and learn from. In this episode, Marla shares what an "Aha" moment is and how to use these moments in your everyday life. She believes that absolutely everyone is capable of living in their zone of genius allowing them to be happy and fully enjoy their life.  It is her passion to coach and inspire you and your team to discover your true gifts and passions so you can live a happy, fulfilled and successful life at home and on the job.

    Contact Marla Williams and her team: 
    Marla Williams, President/CEO
    Practical Solutions
    24141 NE 6th PL 
    Sammamish, WA 98074
    Phone: 425-985-3398
    Email: marla@practicalsolutionszone.com
    Website: www.practicalsolutionszone.com/business-life-coaching/
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/YourSolutionsZone
    Twitter: www.twitter.com/TheSolutionZone
    Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/practicalsolutionszone
    Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/solutionszone

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    The AHA 4th Anniversary Show

    in Art

    Join artist and marketing expert Leslie Saeta as she highlights way to sell your art. Leslie is joined by April co-host Carrie Waller. On today’s show we are celebrating the 4th Anniversary of Artists Helping Artists! We will be sharing listener’s comments and hope you will call in live to share your favorite experiences with the show. Follow us live and on facebook as we will be giving away gift certificates from Randy Higbee’s King of Frame and Rosemary Brushes every ten minutes. Brush up on your AHA trivia to win a wonderful prize!

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    5 Hidden Blocks that Can Bring Your Desires to a Screeching Halt! Readings too!

    in Spirituality

    By now we have all heard of manifesting and that what we focus on we create. However if things have been slow in coming or non-existant it may be because you have 1 or more of the most common hidden blocks that often get in the way. 

    On this show we will talk all about the 5 most common hidden blocks that bring your desires to a Screeching Halt!

    We will cover:

    - The 5 hidden blocks that are most common

    - Some of the basic things you can do to eliminate them

    - Some of the top ways to accelerate things and get your desires back on track

    And we will be doing a few readings too. So be sure to call in early!

    Have you taken the FREE Aha! Are You a Special One Quiz? Go to www.ahamomentsworld.com/specialonequiz

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    Got Stress? How to Get Rid of it, Energetically! Readings too!

    in Spirituality

    This is the time of year when our normal stress levels start to rise and can often become unbearable. Whether you are feeling on overload due to the impending holidays, work situations, feel numbed out, stuck, burnt out or just anxious about what is going to happen next, it can take its toll. 

    The big problem though is not the "stress" but how we deal with it. Blame, distractions, victimization, addictions, body challenges are just a few things that we might experience. But the thing that most people miss is that stress is always due to something that is off energetically first and is now showing itself in physical ways.

    On this show we will be talking about the energetic side of stress and how you can clean it up easily with little known energy and perspective shifts that open the way for rapid solutions and relief. 

    I will also be doing a few readings so be sure to call in early!

    Have you taken our Free Aha! Quiz - Are you a Special One? Be sure to do so here: www.ahamomentsworld.com/specialonequiz

    2015 Readings Now Open! Sign up for a 2015 reading or Gift Certificate at www.ahamomentsworld.com/bythesea


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    Clear Now for a Brilliant New Year!

    in Spirituality

    Well it's that time! The last few weeks of December are upon us and now is the time to CLEAR things out! 

    I know we focus alot on bringing in new stuff. But do a good clearing is super important so that you have enough empty space to receive the good stuff. 

    On this show we are going to talk all about the top ways to clear mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically. We will also talk about clearing out the 

    energy of negative people and the best times to do all of your clearing work. 

    If you are ready to make BIG Changes for 2015 this is the time to prepare!

    Readings too! So be sure to call in early!

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    When Life Throws You a Curve, What is Your Bounce Factor? Readings Too!

    in Spirituality

    When Life Throws You a Curve, What is Your Bounce Factor? Readings Too!

    We often talk about all sorts of positive things, however life often throws us those unexpected curve balls. Just when you think you have it all together, a friend lets you down, you have an argument with a family member, work goes haywire.

    It’s not about how perfect we can make things, what really matters is how well we BOUNCE when circumstances shift in unforeseen directions.

    On this show we will talk about:

    The booby traps of being “spiritual”
    Weary Lightworker Syndrome, what it is and how to handle it
    How to be resilient when things don’t go as planned
    The difference between divine timing and divine order
    Some simple things you can do to increase your Bounce Factor and go with the flow

    We will also be doing some readings so be sure to call in early!

    347 215 9485

    Have you taken our 2 free Aha! Quizzes? Follow the links to get some great insight about yourself now!

    Are You a Special One? Quiz www.ahamomentsworld.com/specialonequiz

    Do You Have a Channeling Contract? Quiz  http://ahamomentsworld.com/channeling-contract-quiz/

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    Is It a Sign? How to tell when you are getting a message! Readings Too!

    in Spirituality

    Whether we know it or not, there are so many ways that our higher self, Angels and Guides are trying to get messages to us. The key is being able to recognize and interpret them. 

    In this show we will be talking all about Signs, Symbols and Synchronicity. We will discuss:

    - The difference between a coincidence and true synchronicity

    - Various tell tale signs that let you know your Guides are with you

    - How to interpret the signs and symbols coming your way

    - Specific tools that you can use to interpret what signs you see

    And of course we will do some readings too! So be sure to call in early!

    Also be sure to take our latest free Aha! Quiz "Do You Have a Channeling Contract?" to see if you have a Personal Guide that is ready to join forces with you!

    Take the Free Quiz Here: http://ahamomentsworld.com/channeling-contract-quiz/

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    2015 Outlook Readings with Allison Hayes the Rock Girl & Mari!

    in Spirituality

    World Renowned Crystal Expert and Psychic Allison Hayes The Rock Girl!

    On tonights show we are are going to talk about the ways we can use crystals to boost our energy, smooth out rough patches that we might be going through and enhance our intuitive sensitivity so we can have a much easier time getting guidance and making important decisions! We are also going to chat about what is in store for 2015 and how you can use crystals to help set things up just right for the new year!

    Allison will also be doing her amazing crystal readings. They are world class! So if you would like to ask a question and get her insight with the help of the crystals be sure to call in early!

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    J. Aha ..nnam

    in Current Events

    Hell is coming.... and the worst horror the world has ever seen.Nibiru=Planet X= Sijil = Saqar = J ana..nnam


    Ya'll know what it is
    Katy Perry
    Juicy J, aha.
    Let's rage

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