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    The week in review with Bill Katz, the editor of Urgent Agenda

    in Politics

    Guest:  Bill Katz, the editor of Urgent Agenda.......we will look back at the new Russian role in the Middle East.......how does the US react to President Putin's aggresive policies?  The latest jobs report was a major disappointment........President Obama's reaction to the Oregon shooting.......the latest from the campaign............GOP and Democrats get ready for more debates..will VP Biden miss the first Democrat debate?...

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    6 Types Of Dog Personalities & Temperaments-Pet Grief Coach Judy Helm Wright

    in Pets

    6 Dog Personalities & Temperaments (EXPERT)

    It is helpful to know what kind of personality your new dog will have; so that you can more easily adapt him/her to your family.There are six basic types of dog personalities. In addition to personalities all animals have temperament. Temperament is the breed of animal. Personality is all the things inside her head that determine behavior.

     A large part is genetic and the rest is molded during the first weeks of his/her life with you, the pet parent.

    6 types of dog personalities

    A Responsive dog
    A Nervous dog
    A Shy dog
    The Sedate dog
    The Aggressive dog
    The Stubborn dog

    Of course a dog’s environment also affects behavior. Which of these basic personality types best suit you and your family depends largely on your own personality and what you are looking for in a family pet. 

    Which of these basic personality types best suit you and your family depends largely on your own personality and what you are looking for in a family pet.

    Choose carefully for this pet dog will most certainly become a valued and loved part of your family for many years to come.


    Be sure to come to www.deathofmypet.com  to find resources, classes and consults with Judy Helm Wright, “Pet Grief Coach”  


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    I Destroyed Geo Zavala In oct 2014 and last night he got intimidated by Me

    in Sports

    I ran into a foe of mine that I defeated with ease in October 2014 TV MMA Super Heavyweight Geo Zavala I saw him and told Him im the Best in an aggresive manner he walked away like a little bitch ! heres the reason Zavala is terrified Of A Rematch With Me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYIKpK4owg0 

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    in Religion

    To fulfil your destiny this year, there are two things that you must do. You must pray to make power to change hands from the enemy to the hands of the Holy Ghost. You must also seek the restoration of your destiny through aggresive prayers. The battle for destiny fulfilment is one you cannot afford to lose.

    Psalm 113:5, 7-8; "Who is like unto the Lord our God, who dwelleth on high? He raised up the poor out of the dust, and lifteth the needy out of the dunghill; that He may set him with princes, even with the princes of His people"

  • David Lemieux vs. Gabriel Rosad at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn New York

    in Sports

    One knockout artist against a tough fighter. They are not the most skillful fighters but they are definitely two aggresive fighters, they come to win, often they end up with a loss but always give in the ring their best. 

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    Black Tall & Big - Mike Brown/Eric Gardner was it Race or Size they feared?

    in Lifestyle

    Being a Woman of Height and Size I know what it is like to be treated diffrently and aggresively not  just because I was a Brown woman but because I was very tall and very big.  Hearing the out cry from the public in both these cases of Black, Tall, Big Men I wondered what was the fear the police  felt from these men who were both unarmed?  Are these cases of Racial prejudice or Size Prejudice?  Was is Race or Size that played a factor in the death of these two men... Maybe it was both... another question is when it comes to Size are you next to die?

    INFO: Michael Brown, an unarmed 18-year-old black teenager, was shot and killed on August 9, 2014, in Ferguson, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis, by Darren Wilson, 28, a white Ferguson police officer.  Witness reports differ as to whether Brown had his hands raised, and moving toward Wilson when the final shots were fired. The shooting sparked unrest in Ferguson, as longstanding racial tensions between the majority-black Ferguson community and the majority-white city government and police

    On July 17, 2014, Eric Garner, an unarmed African American man, died in the Tompkinsville neighborhood of Staten Island, New York, after Officer Daniel Pantaleo put him in a chokehold, a tactic banned by the New York City Police Department (NYPD). Garner was approached by Officer Justin Damico on suspicion of selling “loosies”, single cigarettes. Garner expressed to the police that he was tired of being harassed and was not selling cigarettes, officers moved to arrest Garner. Officer Pantaleo, applied the chokehold shown in a  video recording of the event. While lying face-down on the sidewalk surrounded by officers, Garner is heard to repeat  "I can't breathe". Garner was pronounced dead approximately one hour later at the hospital.

    Pictures from the NYTimes and ABC News

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    How do you feel about women approaching you, are you put off by it?

    in Romance

    How do you feel about a woman approaching you? Are you put off by a woman making the first move?

    Traditionally the dog chase the cat, and men approach women for romantic interests. As a people this has become the standard, but as time goes on things change and people change. Women are more assertive and aggressive in romance then ever before. Have you ever been approached by a woman for romantic interests, and/or have you ever been the approacher as a woman? Is it a turn on to have a woman approach or initiated romance? Is this something that compromises a woman's femininity?

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    Breaking Prophecy News; Where the Dead Are Now, Part 8 (TPDR #467)

    in Religion

    PROPHECY HEADLINES: 6.0 magnitude quake shakes northern California | Dempsey speaks of Islamic State's "apocalyptic, end-of-days vision" | Iran says it shot down Israeli drone | Russian aid convoy pulls out of Ukraine | China disputes U.S. report of aggresive activity near its airspace

    The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 15:51-52: "Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed."

    PROPHECY BOOTCAMP: "Where the Dead Are Now (Part 8)" from Dr. Tim LaHaye 

    The soulish state should not be confused with purgatory or limbo, which are not found in the Word of God, but were conceived by the imagination of man. Purgatory is said to be a place where men go to do penance or suffer for the sins they have committed in this world in order to purify them for a better afterlife. The startling difference between the biblical presentation of the present state of the dead and this false teaching is that there is no indication whatever in the Bible that those in the torment section of Sheol-Hades or those in heaven will ever be anywhere but where they are for all eternity. We have already learned that anyone who goes to the place of torment can never bridge the great gulf fixed and enter Paradise. On the contrary, all those who are presently in torment will eventually be cast into the lake of fire. 


    OCCUPY TILL I COME: "Waiting on the Second Coming -- The Mysterious Word (Part 5)" by Ray C. Stedman 

    MUSICAL SELECTION: "The King is Coming" by Newsboys    

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    Rocheter's Locals

    in Radio

    This week we will playing songs from the AFR's Psychopath Of Righteousness Finale Decline, Surrender Reality plus much more!!!

    (Tonight's Locals will be pre-recorded so only music will be played with less talking)

    Final Decline - reverbnation.com/finaldecline

    Surrender Reality - reverbnation.com/surrenderreality4

    A Silence Broken - reverbnation.com/thesilencebroken

    Pollock - reverbnation.com/pollockmusic

    H8 Machine - reverbnation.com/h8machine

    Abhor - reverbnation.com/abhor

    Skinbound - reverbnation.com/skinbound

    Aggesive Betty - reverbnation.com/aggressivebetty

    The Beautiful End - reverbnation.com/thebeautifulending

    This Is Home -  reverbnation.com/thisishomeband

    Misled - reverbnation.com/wearemisled

    Million Miles From Broadway - reverbnation.com/millionmilesfrombroadway

    AFR - reverbnation.com/afrmetalrochester

    Check out all theses bands and support your local music!!!!!

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    Rocheter's Locals

    in Radio

    This week we will showcase bands such as..

    A Silence Broken - reverbnation.com/thesilencebroken

    Order of the Dead - reverbnation.com/orderofthedead

    H8 Machine - reverbnation.com/h8machine

    Deviant - reverbnation.com/wearedeviant

    Abhor - reverbnation.com/abhor

    Aggesive Betty - reverbnation.com/aggressivebetty

    The Beautiful End - reverbnation.com/thebeautifulending

    From the Skies - reverbnation.com/theycamefromtheskies

    This Is Home -  reverbnation.com/thisishomeband

    Arise The Assassin - reverbnation.com/arisetheassassin

    Misled - reverbnation.com/wearemisled

    Mercia - reverbnation.com/mercia

    Million Miles From Broadway - reverbnation.com/millionmilesfrombroadway

    AFR - reverbnation.com/afrmetalrochester

    Check out all theses bands and support your local music!!!!!

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    in Lifestyle

    Men are used to initiating everything — from the first contact to sex to proposing marriage. Guys are the ones who have to do all the hard work while women sit around and wait for wonderful things to happen.

    It must be difficult being the one who always has to do the pursuing rather than being the one chased by an admirer. But what if the tables were turned? Do you think you'd be thrilled if your woman always did the chasing when it came to sex? Will it be ok if Women propose to men?

    We would like to know what men prefer in women.  Do you guys like them being shy or open.

    The wonderful thing about a sexually aggressive woman is that she's completely in tune with what she enjoys when it comes to lovemaking. She has no qualms about letting her lover know what makes her tick.

    As well, she'll always be up for a sexual escapade with you, and she'll likely be bold in and out of the bedroom. You can rest assured that she's not shy or uncomfortable about discussing fantasies and naughty little ideas.

    The best part of having an aggressive lover is that you won't always have to be the one who initiates; she won't hesitate to take off your clothes and sit on top of you.

    This is the kind of woman who could make love to you with slow-motioned sensuality or enjoy some sexual frolic made up of animalistic intuition.

    And the fact that she goes in search of her own orgasms takes away some of the pressures that most guys feel when it comes to having sex. Now you don't have to worry about making her climax because she'll ensure that the both of you do.

    It sounds wonderful to me.  Let's talk about it tonight at 8pm.  YOu know it NO FILTERS BABY!!!