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    Ageless Sisters Show - Survive the Holidays!

    in Health

    A very special Ageless Sisters show on surviving the holidays!

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    AGELESS BEAUTY: How to Manage Stress and Take Charge of the Aging Process

    in Health

    Our guest has the unique perspective of the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine as well as the latest western approaches to Aesthetics, wellness and Aniti-aging medicine.

    Sunanda Chugh, MD is a Cornell University graduate and Board Certified physician. She completed her training at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital/Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons, with a special interest in Aesthetic Medicine, the impact of the aging process on facial structure and the body, as well as how these changes affect one’s self-image. Having trained with top Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologist in New York City our guest is a member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, the American Medical Association, the American Board of Internal Medicine, and the American Academy of Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine.

    Join us as we discuss her passionate and multifaceted approach to ageless beauty.

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    Boomer Model Cindy Joseph Chats With The Ageless Sisters

    in Women

    Ford Classic super model and makeup artist Cindy Joseph is the founder and CEO of BOOM! By Cindy Joseph, a new and exciting concept in makeup that promotes natural, radiant, and ageless beauty. Cindy weighed her own desire to look her best against her opposition to the idea that a woman needed to “put on her face” to be beautiful.  She soon realized that she would have a greater influence on how beauty was defined if she was “in the game.” Using the skills and talents she developed while working with local photographers, Cindy began a career as a makeup artist for fashion and beauty in the late 70s. At the age of 49, Cindy was approached to model for the Dolce and Gabbana campaign photographed by Steven Meisel. The project ignited a modeling career with Ford Models Inc., which continues to flourish today. 
    Visit www.BoomByCindyJoseph.com

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    Understanding Your Cosmic Ageless Biology

    in Self Help

    Wide Awakening Radio with Jennifer Hough

    Topic: Understanding Your Cosmic Ageless Biology


    What if it were possible to activate your quantum health, outside of the belief systems that cause so much ‘dis-ease’?

    Jennifer will answer and explore:

    What is multi=dimensional genetics?
    What superpower do they activate?
    The Cure for Suffering - Physical and Emotional

    Jennifer will also take your questions regarding health issues and how you get out of your own way about your vitality.


    The Wide Awakening is a show all about remembering who you are, waking up to your unlimitedness, and creating Heaven on Earth by starting with your life. If you are ready for ease, flow, joy and connection...and to hear some of the most forward thinking teachers and inspirers of our time then it is time to come to Wide Awakening Radio. For more radio show information, sign up for our show reminders at http://www.thewideawakening.com/radio

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    The "Simply Ageless" Gospel according to Cathi

    in Motivation

    DiVa-LiCiously Yours...
    "Simply Ageless" Renditions from a DYNAMIC DIVA with PANACHE, PURPOSE, STYLE, GLAMOUR and VITALITY!"
    When I get an 'epiphany' you know those 'WOW' ideas, I move on them immediately.
    Saturday, June 29, 2013, out of the clear, I got, 'SHARE YOUR SIMPLY AGELESS Renditions with not only DIVAs but with the World!
    "THE SIMPLY AGELESS' GOSPEL ACCORDING TO Cathi is POWER PACKED with 'SIMPLY AGELESS' memorizations and renditions.
    The Challenge...etc.
    We're living longer but...etc.
    Invest in...etc.
    Your Golden Years...etc.
    Life is NOT A...etc.

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    The Ageless Secret with Chemist Jim Kaszyk

    in Science

    The Ageless Secret with Chemist Jim Kaszyk

    Join Spiritual Intuitive and Consultant, Practical Magic Expert, Human Empowerment Facilitator Certified in Spiritual Psychology; Seminar Author & Facilitator; Awakening Zone Creator and Co-founder; Co-founder and EVP of NLN (N-Light-N) TV/Radio/Media and President and General Manager of NLN Radio, Channel and Host JOE RUMBOLO www.HealingTheUniverse.com as he WELCOMES Chemist and Ageless Secret creator JIM KASZYK www.AgeLessSecret.com

    Jim Kaszyk is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry. He served as a medical lab tech at the U.S. Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine during the Vietnam War and went on to become a toxicologist and researcher.

    When his father developed a serious heart condition, Jim became inspired by his father’s preference for holistic and alternative medical solutions to start researching the works of Dr. Richard Gerber, M.D., author of the seminal book Vibrational Medicine, and that of renowned Yale researcher Dr. Harold Burr. 

    In 1989, after founding Kasz Enterprises, Jim created a unique .quantum chemical process named catalyst chemistry, which led to the discovery of new kinds of hair and skin care formulas. Tests showed the skin care product, The Ageless Secret, produced plumping and tightening of the skin partly from the expansion of water.

    In 2014 The William A. Tiller Research Labs proved one of the greatest discoveries in Science, Jim had accidently discovered a new form of Subtle Energy.  Prior to this discovery, Subtle Energy was considered to be a “theoretical energy”. These Subtle Energy discoveries led to a new Theory of Aging...The Subtle Energy Theory of Aging.  Because Subtle Energy is an organizing energy that is vibrating at speeds in excess of the speed light, the implications for science and health and beauty are enormous.

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    Pre-Holiday Special With The Ageless Sisters

    in Entertainment

    A rare opportunity with just Cynthia and Jackie sharing their favorite holiday secrets. 
    They will discuss ways to look younger and feel better during the holiday season. 
    We will videotape our live show so you can watch us in action on http://www.youtube.com/theagelesssisters

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    Meet Urban Thick Newest Model Saundra Owens An Ageless Beauty Waiting To Be Seen

    in Women

    Women Obtaining Wealth  is an online entrepreneurial website helping others stream their financial dreams using online platforms. Urban Thick is one of Women Obtaining Wealth's creation.

    Urban Thick is an online plus size boutique and consignment store. On this episode, we'll discuss why you should become one of our V.I.P. SELLERS today!

    Saundra Owens, a 47-years young mother of a 19- year old son. She's been modeling for a year doing runway and print modeling. IThis ageless beauty and VDINX signature model is ready to show the world her talents. Saundra also works full-time as a Customer Service Coordinator where she's been for the past few years all the while preparing for this time to shine. A Chicago native turned Georgia peach, Saundra is well on her way to the destiny she's been dreaming of!


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    Secrets to Ageless Sexy Health - Interview with Dr. Garry D'Brant

    in Health

    The first place to look when your body presents unabated symptoms is its systems of elimination. The many thousands of chemicals we are exposed to daily through the food we eat, air we breathe and water we drink may, inadvertently, clog an important filter, forcing the immune system into a civil war. 

    Join us as we speak with Dr. Garry D’Brant, who holds licenses/certificates in chiropractic, nutrition, naturopathic medicine, social work, acupuncture and homeopathy, as he discusses the channels of detoxification within your body, how they sometimes malfunction, and the things we can do on a daily basis to provide the body with optimal resources to do its job effectively. 

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    Ginger King, Beauty Brands chemist

    in Health

    Ginger is a Beauty Brands chemist and has created over 360 beauty brands and products from concept to counter.. 

    "Anything BEAUTY related is possible as long as it's legal and ethical," says Ginger. She holds several patents in cosmetic formulations.

    Ginger loves to make and sell cosmetics and was once a beauty consultant for Estee Lauder, Clinique, Elizabeth Arden and Men’s Fragrances. She is also fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese and some Japanese. Ginger travels extensively in Asia and is aware of the Asian cosmetic trends. She was the key note speaker for Forte Skin Care launch in Taiwan and has spoken at HBA conference on product development, as a beauty expert for New Beauty Magazine Tea time chat, beauty expert on Beauty Press as well as a guest speaker for Rutgers MBA school on Marketing & Branding.

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    Dr. Cheryl Lee

    in Health

    Cheryl Lee Eberting, M.D., is the founder of CherylLeeMD® Sensitive Skin Care and is the inventor of TrueLipids® Skin Barrier Optimization & Repair Technology™ ; a patent-pending line of products containing essential skin barrier lipids with Lipid Release™ technology. Dr. Eberting is a board-certified dermatologist and a past clinical research fellow of the Dermatology Branch of the National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). She has developed a passion for helping those who suffer from many different skin conditions, and has worked tirelessly to create products that really produce results.