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    New Age-Defying Product Hits the Market

    in Lifestyle

    Join us this evening at 9PM as we discuss with special guest Jackie Britt Kilby The "gift" that has changed her life forever. 

    For over two years, I suffered from serious and constant joint and muscle pain, swollen knees, legs and other health concerns. At the time, I was a single mother with two young boys (ages 12 and 14) so the lack of mobility I experienced was very debilitating and limited my ability to contribute or participate in many of my children's activities and daily needs. Even my skin (due to age and health challenges) was sagging, the tone was gone, no radiance, and a butterfly rash covered my face. I looked withered, dehydrated and aged.

    Then the miracle happened.. I heard the story of a woman named Thera, and saw her before and after pictures, I was stunned by the transformation that an 82-year-old woman had personally experienced inJUST 90 DAYS! I wanted what she had ...NOW!   

    Find out more about this life changing product on tonights Up Front in the Prophetic Radio show. Must mention Promo code 7777 or Show...For more info contact Jackie 336-392-1396 (Free product give away to 2 )




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    Age Defying Water, Health and Your Body

    in Health

    Age Defying Water breaks the Way for Renewed Health
    My Health And Living . com Natural remedies for Life
    The 7 principles of health are essential for everyone. They allow you to thrive and prosper in life. Your Body is your temple, and if you feed it, look after it and give it the right nourishment then you will be able to enjoy a Happy Long Life.
    Today we are Discussing the Very Essence of Youth: Age Defying Water - As one of the Essential 7 Principles of Health for a Happy Long Life
    The seven principles of health are the fundamental building blocks on which all health principles rest. If you base your whole being around these health principles, you will avoid sickness, be your best and maintain a youthful state. It is a matter or being the best you can be.
    My Health and Living is all about natural health measures to live a healthy life, along with alternative remedies to help you avoid sickness, heal your ailments and maintain a youthful state. Are you maintaining your body to the best performance ?
    The Seven Principles of Health 1. Whole Foods 2. Water 3. Air 4. Sunshine 5. Exercise & Movement 6. Regeneration 7. Relationships and Passion
    Download your very own FREE healthy eating and nutrition guide at: www.MyHealthAndLiving.com/freereport
    Healthy Dave

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    Circle of Grace 1 in The Age of Remembrance

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to Circle of Grace 1 in The Age of Remembrance with host Brother Francis E. Revels-Bey who is the founder & chief principal teacher for his spiritual - /metaphysical ministry called CIRCLE OF GRACE 1 which he founded on 7/2/1999AD; and its 5 tiered institue called THE CIRCLE OF DIVINE GRACE & REMEMBRANCE on 2/7/2009AD. Both come under the Aegis & the Anointing of The Angel of Grace through Divine Providence, Brother Francis has been on his spiritual path officially since 1974 and teaches over 40 topics. He has been broadcasting online on various platforms since 2007 and was a very popular guest numerologist (24 times) from 1982 to 1989 with master numerologist Lloyd Strayhorn, as well as, 6 weeks on the former morning radio show "The wake Up Club on KISS 98.7 fm with Jeff Foxx. He is proficient with Numerology (30,000+ charts and reports), Dreams, Tarot, Meditation, Color Analysis, Scanning & Reading Auras, Energetic Palmistry, Crystals, Altars,, Dowsing thru Pendulums and so much more. Brother Francis mentors people from  ages 12 to 81 which includes entire families, as well as, introduced many to his internal system called ISA - TAI CHI (Tai Chi for Inner Spiritual Atturnement - for bringing and anchoring chi universally) since 1988....Brother Francis is a Spiritual Minister, Metaphysician and Mentor who strives to create and maintain bridges to higher realities.

    Today's Weekly Wednesday - 30 minute program airs live at 4:pm MST / 6pm EST is entitled - The Importance of Unconditional Love. He share with you how thru right intention you also attract the presence of Divine Grace as well in to your life. You can listen by calling the Studio # 347 - 677 - 0851 or web link --http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Circle-of-Grace-1...if you desire more information about Brother Francis , feel free to go to his website - http://CircleofGrace1.byregion.net. & email him - iam.circleofgrace1@yahoo.com.

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    New Age Movement Pt 3: The Merkabah, Channeling, Reike side of it!!!!

    in Higher Education

    First we brought how the practice of yoga introduces many into the New Age Movement Mentality and how the puppets know as your celebrities have been leading the masses into this religious phenomenom with eyes wide shut.  We have also exposed who are  the puppet masters pulling the strings and the orgin of the NAM.  Now join us as we expose the relating facets NAM actually has, from The Merkabah, to Channeling to Reike as we show our audience that NAM is nothing but a luciferian doctrine. 

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    Every crucifixion needs a witness/Women, age, & martial status/News

    in Culture

    Another Thursday,another show. Another opportunity for me to talk my head off. You can listen or call in. I prefer you call in.   :0)


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    The Art & Science of Self Discovery - episode 11 - two aspects of Mind

    in Spirituality

    Jeff introduces us to two aspects of the Mind and investigates how each in its own way contributes to our Spiritual development.  He shows us how we can extricate ourselves from the boxes we tend to get stuck in and offers additional perspectives to augment our sense of "reality"!

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    A Critique G.K. Beale and Resurrection in the New Creation and Kingdom Part 2

    in Christianity

    Welcome to our study of the resurrection, new creation and the kingdom where we critique Greg Beale's work on the same. Key issues that drive the resurretion of Beale's paradigm is the time parameters he placed on the end time.

    He argues for an end of history (time) scenario and asserts that the resurrection will be at the end of the age. Yet, Beale does a great job of connecting dots from the already but not yet in the New Testament.

    Were we to grant that end of the age means the end of the Christian age, he might have a case. But it does not The implications for a resurrection of man's body at the end of the age, i.e. Jewish age is a posit Beale would not wish to defend.

    Support the broadcast.

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    How to advertise more effectively.

    in Business


    Advertising More Effectively Make a Facebook account With Facebook, you have the option of making a fan page as opposed to a personal profile page. A Facebook fan page has many options that businesses can use. For example, it has advertisement options which can be used to reach target customers. Parameters such as age, gender, hobbies, and such can be set in order to reach a select group of people when advertising. Some of these advertisement tools are paid features while some can be used for free.  Make a Twitter account A Twitter account can also be used to advertise your products and/or services. A fine technique is to get a lot of followers. This way, your tweets will be read by more users.  Link your websites If you have several websites and social media accounts, it is a good idea to link them together. How do you do this? In your main website for example, you can provide a link to all your other websites. And in your Facebook page, you can also provide a link to your Twitter page. This way, you customers will be able to connect to you in more ways than one. 

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    Learn The Secrets to Successfully Managing Your Sales Force with Chris Cahill

    in Entrepreneur

    Small business owners go through hell and high water at times looking for the right match and being able to put a top sales staff together. Sales Coach Chris Cahill knows what it takes to hire and manage a sales staff. Chris joins host Kelly Scanlon on this episode of Smart Companies Radio to share his tips and secrets to building a powerhouse sales staff for your company.

    Despite the fancy initials after his name – Chris learned sales management with his sleeves rolled up, chasing new business and quotas. Chris started running a cash register at 11, cold calling and managing adults at 17. He was firing sales reps twice his age when he was just 26. He knows what Owners go through, and has them covered.

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    Tour de Pier 2016

    in Current Events

    Our guest this morning is Heath Gregory, Co-Founder of the Tour de Pier.

    Heath has been a long-time cycling enthusiast who has combined his love of the sport with his passion of finding a cure for cancer.

    Starting in 2011 – in a little over two years – his family lost four members to cancer. Coincidentally, his friend Jon Hirshberg who had lost his father to pancreatic cancer approached him about the idea of putting together an outdoor spin event at the Manhattan Beach Pier. Gregory was “all-in”. To date, the fundraising event has raised nearly $2 million for worthy cancer charities.

    Gregory is also co-founder of the Uncle Kory Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of collaborative brain cancer research. The Uncle Kory Foundation is named after his brother-in-law, Kory Lewis Hunter, who passed away at age 42 to an aggressive form of brain cancer, Glioblastoma. The Uncle Kory Foundation is a beneficiary of the Tour de Pier.

    Gregory is a resident of Manhattan Beach and President and CEO of Baron Equities, a privately-held investment company. He received his MBA from USC.

    The Tour de Pier is one of the most popular fundraising events in the South Bay. It will take place on Sunday, May 15 at the Manhattan Beach Pier.


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