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    Come get LIVE AFTER DARK!

    2015 winds down as a new year promises new opportunities...highlights and...pittfalls. This ending year certainly was chock full of twists and turns.

    As we go into the next year we will revisit the LIVEcouch. And address "What Women Want..." ...and the art of conversation.

    Tonight I introduce to you my NEW cohost....ONYX!!!

    RebeCoca will be sitting in the studio tonight sharing her new segment...

    "Conversations...with ONYX!"

    So don't miss out.

    Come on...

    Let's Get LIVE!!!

    After Dark.


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    Let's Get LIVE After Dark! Relationships & The All About Me Factor.When 2 Let Go

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    Welcome to LIVE AFTER DARK!!!

    Let's get busy! Dealing with clingy non-productive partners tht seem to literally drown the relationship.

    Does LOVE win out every time? can communication save a drowning relationship? Or, should one cut the cords, and save themselves?

    Do we take time to invest in our relationships these days, or are they disposable due to inconvienences in our current lives, or worth the re-investment when things get a little boring under the roof or the sheets?

    WE will ask the questions tonight that some are afraid to mention, and try to find a resolution to a time worn dilemma.

    Do we stay and play? Or do we make a get away?

     Call in with the answers! If you think you have the answers.



    YOUR HOSTS: DIAMOND RYAN & The ONYX! of Conversations with ONYX!

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    Getting LIVE!!! After Dark with RHO Marvelouz Novelisz!! Exotic Tales & Passion

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    S P E C I A L   S A T U R D A Y  E D I T I O N ! !


    HOT & STEAMY! RHO Marvelouz Nouvelisz shares her latest editions and her take on explicit novellas and books We will talk about all the HOT heorines and heroes of her books and the mystery and suspense they conspire!

    RHO is a novelist of many books such as:

    AWE & NUH - F U ANT N AWE! U WILL B N AWE! 2 Oh! Nuh! I Remember...





    Your Host: Diamond Ryan


  • Daytime after dark welcomes Jordi Vilasuso

    in Television

    Daytime after dark welcoems Jordi Vilasuo to the show for the Frist time, He been on Gulding light and also Amc and and now he on Days.Also a lot of primetme shows as well

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    Daytime after dark welcomes Thaao Penghlis

    in Television

    Daytime after dark welccomes Thaao  Penghlis  Back to the show and he been on days and GH and many primetime shows and it will be a great show Also he has Written two books The Journey of My Days, My Lives and also Seducing Celebrities: One Meal at a Time.


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    Daytime after dark welcomes Alica Wills on the show

    in Television

    Daytime after dark welcome Alica Wills back to the show. and she has been in alot of great shows and she another world and then she warm our hears as Courtney on GH 2001-2006 and then again last year for the Nurse ball to see her son spencer. and also She has been on Days and 7th heaven and alot more shows it will be a great interview and she will be taking you calls

  • LIVE AFTER DARK - Just Talk / ...After Dark

    in Entertainment

    Tune in tonight!

    Let's Get LIVE!!

    Tonight's show will address this year's hot topics, year's highlights, music and more.

    Catch up on what we've been missing, what you've been missing, and the things you shouldn't miss!

    Next hot movie?

    Who's pouring tea... 

    And what's NEW in new release artists!

    Join tonight's host, Diamond Ryan

    Set that dial... and chill awhile!

    Come on! Chat line will be open.

    Let's Get LIVE! After Dark!

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    Daytime after dark welcomes A Martinez

    in Television

    Daytime after dark welcome ?A Martinez to the show for his 2nd time. he been on Days of our lives and also longmarie and also GH and LA law

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    Daytime after dark welcomes Jessica morris to the show

    in Television

    Daytime after dark welcomes Jessica Morris to the show for Frist time she has been on one life to live as Jen and she want also in the the worng Roomate that was just on life time and she will be taking you calls thanks you



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    Daytime after dark welcomes for the First time Judith Chapman

    in Television

    Daytime after dark is welcome Judith Chapan to the show for the frist time it will be a great interview

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    Get ...LIVE AFTER DARK! ...News, views and the stuff you can use.

    in Culture

    Join in tonight as the hosts of LIVE AFTER DARK discuss the current events and topics important to you. From Cosby to Kim, from Selma to Ferguson the year is off to a hotbed of topics and debates that could change our policies and promises for the future.

    What are your thoughts and opinions on where America is on immigration and the GREAT RACIAL divide.

    Your LIVE hosts: 

    Diamond Ryan & Betty Lewi

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