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    'NU Day Resurrection and Liberation"

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    TONIGHT Tues. March 24, 2015 on "NU Day"

    While we continue our commemoration of African/Black Women's History Month 2015, we celebrate and honor the "Original Woman" from Antiquity to present day and beyond, worldwide, we will connect some necessary dots and do so with a thought provoking dialog and a LIVE interview with  architect  Rodney Leon  the designer/artist of "The Ark of Return" that will be unveiled at the United Nations on Wed. March 25, 2015, commemorating this year's International Day of Remembrance of Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

    This Year's  International Day of Remembrance Theme is:    "WOMEN IN SLAVERY




    What nation has the United Nations deemed as one of the most sited for Human Rights Violations against women?

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    "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation"

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    Tune in Tonight: Sat. April 18, 2015 @ 10:30 pm EDT for another power edition of "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation" Hosted by: Empress Chi.

    Tonight's topics include: *Mumia update, *Reparations and Genocide Reports   AND: Soon the 30th year commemoration of modern day paramilitary maneuvers in the Black community and right in your face Genocidal acts that undoubtedly set the stage for some what we are seeing today and what is projected to be coming in the future.                   "The MOVE Bombing"


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    "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation"

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    Tonight's Sat. April 4, 2015 broadcast of "NU DAY" will kick off with a Mumia Abu Jamal update that will be provided Sis. Pam Africa., Chairwoman of the Internatioonal Cerncerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu Jamal.

    Check out this powerful segment of "NU DAY" "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation" radio program Hosted By: EMPRESS CHI ALSO: Heeding To The Call For JUSTICE. Learn more about the National Black Women's Political Convention 2016

    AND On the "Live Line" Dr. Randy Short providing a report on Black Martyr's Day and other relevant matters.

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    "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation"

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    Tonight: Sat March 28, 2015 on "NU Day"  We continue our commemoration and celebration of the Original Woman for this year's African/Black Women's History Month observance.  Tonight's topics will focus on:

    The United Nations Day of Remembrace  (March 25) and this year's theme: "Women and Slavery"
    The International Decade for People of African Descent 2015- 2024
    Million Woman March/Universal Movements Updates
    Report on the murder of Brandon Tate-Brown
    Report on Black Martyr Day

    On the "LIVE LINE"   Dr. Randy Short  and Bro Gabriel Sankofa

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    "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation"

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    Tonight: Monday  April 13, 2015 A "SPECIAL EDITION" of "NU Day"


    Joining us tonight is Sis. PAM AFRICA, bringing us a special report and update on the health crisis of MUMIA ABU JAMAL and some of the nationwide activities to help get him the medicl treatment needed at this time .

    ALSO: Another BLACK Man is murder (South Carolina).  What Now?

    And: Today, Reserve Deputy Robert Bates, who is also a Tulsa Police Department benefactor, is charged with second-degree manslaughter. Police say Bates thought he pulled out his Taser but "inadvertently" fired his gun. in the shooting death of Eric Courtney Harris

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    NU Day Resurrection and Liberation"

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    TONIGHT Sat. April 11, 2015 on "NU Day"    

    MUMIA ABU JAMAL Update and the Million Woman Movement Human Rights Campaign ALSO:  Report of the Reparations Summit with the Caricom Nations in NY AND: A report on the Pan Americas Summit in Panama and what this means for Cuba and Venelzuela.   Joining us on the LIVE LINE will be Bro. Banbose Shango and Bro Haki

    Also: A Special Report with Dr. Randy Short

    And: Get Ready for the "MWM Evolution"  Learn about the upcoming Black Power Women Conferences and the National Black Women's Political Convention 2016

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    "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation"

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    TONIGHT: Sat. March 21, 2015 oN "NU DAY"   We continue our Special Commemoration of the Beauty and Greatness of the Original Woman (OW) durong this "African/Black Women's History Month" 2015.  AND: A Special Tribute to Our Great Teacher and Scholar "DR BEN"

    Also: Tonight:

    Topics for Tonight Include:

    The "National Black Women's Political Convention" 2016 is coming. and the emergence of new dynamic and holistic Black/African woman leadership and directions  Also; Preparing now for the NU National Black Women's Agenda (including the follow-up sessions from the Beijing +20 Women's Conference, the International Alliance of Africana Women and related programs  Get updates and also how you can get involved.
    The Unveiling of the UN Slavery Remembrance monument 
    Another Black man found hung (in Mississippi)
    Commemoration of The Sharpsville Massacre (Azaniz/SA in1960)
    The "African Women Gather" Project
    Updates on Rallies in Philly (Tate-Brown cop murder) and  whats going on in Ferguson regarding Police Terrorism & Misconduct and Governmental Misuse and/or Abuse of Power
    The Call for "Day of the Martyrs"  and "From   
    The "What Did They Say" segment features "Common" and the "FBI in Mississippi"

    AND MORE:.........

    On the "LIVE LINE": Dr. randy Short


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    "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation"

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    onight: Sat. March 14, 2015 on "NU Day"   Continuing our commemoration of African/BLACK "Women's History" Month 2015  and the raisng up of the first global Movement for ALL women and girls of African descent worldwide. :                       ALSO: Remember "BLACK WOMEN LIVES MATTER TOO"  Hear a LIVE report about the murder of two sisters in Detroit, MI this week. Joining us will be Min. Malik Shabazz. We will also look at how the KKK tried to intimidate several of our Brothers during the 50th year commemoration of the March in Selma. Tune in for a Special Report on  "The REAL Selma"  when we talk with Bro. G Law and Bro. Wali who have been in Alabama all week,attacked and threatened by racist/wanna be white supremacist 

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    "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation"

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    The National Million Woman March (MWM) salutes the African Diaspora's "International Women's Day" (March 8th) observances and the United Nations 20th Year Anniversary Commemoration of the Beijing Women's Conference.  The 1995 gathering in China was a historical event and a monumental step in addressing the litany of issues and concerns effecting women and girls worldwide.

    But the question must be asked, "what does any of this mean for women and girls of African descent in North America (particularly in the US).  Where are our voices, sheroes, and critical socio-political thinkers and doers of today? 

    Who are our advocates, national activist and defenders? Where are our lobbyist, support services and training that is designed for us by us?  

                                                  Well, MWM has some answers and solutions.....

    Hear a "Special Announcement" TONIGHT and learn about some of the new MWM "Direct Action" programs that have been holistically designed and that will be administered specifically for women and girls of African descent to raise their conscious levels and frequencies, obtain and sustain self discipline, self-determination and self-respect, and to bring forward the true dignity and honor of the Mother of Civilization..   Also, learn more about the official MWM (US) Follow-Up Programs that are being planned to obtain greater momentum and productivity as it pertains to some of the Beijing Women's Conference resolutions

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    "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation"

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    Tonight: Sat. March 7, 2015 on "NU Day"

    "Commemorating and Celebrating the Glory, Graet Contributions, Beauty and History of Black/African Women" 

    This month, March, is Women's History Month and  March 8th is International Women's History Day                 QUESTION: Why Is It So Important That WE Observe This Day?  Share Your Views on our "OPEN MIC" segment tonight. ALSO: We continue to examine the realities of police/law enforcement terrorism and the ongoing struggle to combat it. Joining us tonighton the "LIVE LINE" is Bro. Larry Hamm, from the People's Organization for Progress (POP) who will provide a report on last week's rally in Bridgeton,NJ in protest of the cop murder of Jermane Reid. and also joining us on the "LIVE LINE" is Bro. Kalonji Changa, who will to talk about and provide us insight into the charge of a new group based in Atlanta that has been recently formed called the Coalition To Combat Police Terrorism

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    Pan-African Journal: Special Worldwide Radio Broadcast

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    Listen to this special edition of the Pan-African Journal hosted by Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of the Pan-African News Wire. This broadcast presents our regular PANW reports with dispatches on developments in South Africa, Libya, Yemen and Detroit. The second hour continues the examination of the 150th anniversary of the conclusion of the Civil War through the presidency and assassination of Abraham Lincoln who was killed just five days after the surrender of the confederacy. We also look at a mid-twentieth century presidency of John F. Kennedy and his response to the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba in early 1961. An audio file of a press conference held by Kennedy to explain the efforts to topple the revolutionary government of Fidel Castro is presented along with a secret telephone conversation with his brother Robert Kennedy, then attorney general, attempting to manage the fallout after the failed counter-revolution in Cuba.

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