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    TBD / We Are Change

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     We are Change Radio


    Uniting the People against our common enemy, waking up the world one lost soul at a time.


    Call in and join us -  347.324.3704      

    Join our live chat and listen at  FreedomizerRadio.com

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    POSITIVE PERSPECTIVES Psychic Author Brad Tesh - Magical Gemstones & Readings

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    New Year - New YOU!   Psychic Author BRAD TESH returns to the show!

    Do you have gemstones & crystals laying around your home gathering dust?  Well pull them out, clean them off and explore ways to bring their magic into your life for healing, attracting love & fixing your finances!   Experience the world of gemstones and how you can bring JOY back into your life! 

    Plus Brad is taking YOUR calls to provide Intuitive Coaching on the events or issues affecting you!

    Brad Tesh is the author of Eternal Magick and the co-author of Seek Joy...Toss Confetti.  He is an Intuitive Coach, Energy Reader, Tarot Reader and a certified Reflexologist & Yoga Instructor.  Brad is available for private appointments.

    http://www.awakeninglite.com for Brad



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    Divine Inspiration with your Hosted Alicia Monet

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    REBIRTH:THE ACTIVATED WOMAN; Synthesizing Sexual and Spiritual Energy.

    The closer I get to the Most High, the more I step into and walk in my Divinity the more sexual energy I have. What is that all about? Is something wrong with me? For the majority of my life I felt shame and guilt regarding this fact. What on earth and in the heavens do Sexuality/ sexual energy have to do with Spirituality/ spiritual energy? Western society has successfully programmed the masses to believe that the two are mutually exclusive. Especially woman. We are taught that we are perverse if we even think about expressing our True Essence as the Sexual, Sensual, healers we are. However my own experience is proving otherwise and it's ok. Tonight I will share my personal experience and how I'm NOW synthesizing the two thereby becoming an ACTIVATED WOMAN. A woman who IS and EXPRESSES ALL OF ME without compartmentalizing the varying aspects of myself. Tonight's guest has played a pivotal role for me in this regard. Kenice Ford a.k.a Kween will drop some jewels about the Activated Woman and her role in healing this world. I Am a Whole Being. I Am a Spiritual Being. I Am a Sexual Being. I AM BOTH { & so much more} at the same damn time! So Are you!!!! Let's get FREE!! Call in to share your experience, beliefs, expertise, opinion, or ask a question or two 516-590-0975

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    DA WORD- All about the youth and nothing more

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    Youth debates, topics, and much more !! With you two hosts! Bossman and Asquared! Every Sunday from  6-7pm. #G1GB .

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    When Things Change, It Changes Everything. Real Talk Shirley and Sherry along with Healing Life's H

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    Welcome to Real Talk Radio with myself Shirley & sherry along with healing life's hurts ministry. Tonights topic is " When things change" It changes everything". If you would like to share on this topic or be a guest on the show the number to call is 1-347-857-1194. Tonight we have a special guest Deacon Roy Pundt and we welcome you to the show. We know from personal experience that you Deacon have had alot of life changing events that changed your lifes as well, we hope to hear from you on this topic. Sherry I know you chose tonights topic would you care to share why you chose this subject and share whats on your heart tonight.  There are good changes as well as the not so good that affect our lives. Come share your experiences with us. We all will face life changing events in our lifetime their is no way around it. There are many differnt types of changes As in a death, marriage,sickness,dieases,finacical,children, divorce, even becoming a Christian brings on changes and changes our lives. Our spiritual, physical,mental and emotional mentaility wheather good or not so good is a change in our lives. So sit back think about your changes in life that changed everything in your lifeand how you cope with those changes.

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    Curious Times - Sherry Scott, Intuitive Empath

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    Join us for 2 hours at 10 PM Eastern.

    Sherry is an Intuitive Empath who reads professionally full time. After a major life change several years ago, she consulted a psychic, who guided her to develop her own innate psychic abilities. Sherry has had precognitive and intuitive abilities since birth that grew over time. However, as she grew up in an Evangelical Christian home these gifts were not readily accepted and for many years she thought her gifts were common and that “everyone” had them! It was not until much later that she understood that her abilities were rare. 

    Sherry has been reading professionally via the internet since 2011 with her own website as well as working for major Psychic Companies in the past. She uses Tarot, Clairvoyant skills and at times Crystals or Essential Oils that promote psychic connection. As an Intuitive, Sherry can pick up on the root of the issue and help you bring out the knowledge and solutions that are already within you.  She is compassionate and yet straightforward with an underlying note of Inspiration.

    Sherry keeps busy running three businesses and enjoys gardening to relax.  Sherry is a Psychic, Realtor, Body Builder, Licensed Massage Therapist, Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Crystal Reiki Master Teacher with close ties to nature.


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    Bonnie Kaye's  and her monthly co-host, Dr. Brian Hooper, welcome guest Wayne Besen who is the founder of the gay rights organization "Truth Wins Out." Wayne is internationally applauded for his work on exposing members of organizations who proclaim gay men can change through prayer and therapy including the well-known Ex-Gay Ministry Movement. Wayne has been a true advocate for straight wives. In 2005, he produced a video with Bonnie and three other members of her Straight Wives Club network about the personal devastation of having a gay husband.

    Wayne has helped expose how ridiculous the new show "My Husband Isn't Gay" is and helped in the effort to get over 130, 000 petitions signed to The Learning Channel to stop its showing. Tonight we will talk about the "Truth Winning Out" when it comes to Same Sex Attractions better known as SSA's. Bonnie Kaye recently joined Wayne on his radio show to discuss the show and the damaging effect it can have on straight women who get sucked into these marriages without understanding the truth.

    Wayne has authored two books "Anything but Straight: Unmasking the Scandals and Lies Behind the Ex-Gay Myth," and "Bashing Back: Wayne Besen on Glbt People, Politics, and Culture."

    To learn more about the work that Wayne Besen does, you can visit his website at www.Truthwinsout.org. 

    Bonnie Kaye, international specialist on women who unknowingly marry gay men affecting 4 million women in this country and millions more around the world, hosts this show. Each week she has guests who are experts in this area to help those women who need to move ahead and heal. Kaye is a counselor, author, and founder of the Straight Wives Club. 

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    Sunday Night RAP UP with Pastor A.F. Riggins

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    Being a positive impact on others...

    Moving to another level of living

    Making things happen in our world

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    Starting Over

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    Staring over isn't always a bad idea & it not always easy. Sometime you have let all the bad thing behind you and do something differnt. Something that make you happy. I will exalin more pleae tune in. The specail guest will be Ms. Fitgirlarmy. She will talk about her weight loss, how she change to a new better her, how she keeping the weight off & more. You just have to tune in.


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    Sorry for all the recent delays and cancellations folks. After a visit to the doctor in concern for FLU/ALERGIES, I was also tested for and now declared to be a DIABETIC. This was a tremendous shock and very depressive, yet I am determined to "change my diet" and beat this affliction. So please keep me in your prayers. Speaking of AFFLICTIONS & DISEASES, that is our first TOPIC OF TALK on tonites episode! We have 2 pages of news updates to talk about. Also, we will discuss SODOMS SEQUEL TOPIC #7 on tonites show. All this and more on this YEAR ENDING EPISODE OF THE FINAL FOUR DAYS OF 2014 IN REVIEW... DONT MISS IT! STAY TUNED! STAY INFORMED! GET IN THE KNOW! AND ENJOY THE SHOW!... 

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