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    The Affordable Care Act - A Catalyst For Change

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    The Affordable Care Act, or the ACA, (aka Obamacare) is a catalyst for accelerating change brought about by the crushing cost of healthcare.  We have reached the tipping point where all the players in a $3 trillion industry are desperate to find new footing, while their usual way of doing business is crumbling underneath them.

    Our guest today is Mike Bertaut.  I’m asking him to “lift the fog” of war and politics and give us his insight into the ACA going forward, the chaos, what’s working, possible surprises, and what has yet to be addressed. 

    Michael Bertaut is a Certified Health Consultant and Professional of the Academy of Healthcare Management.  He has 25 years of Analytical Experience in the Healthcare, Telecom, and Retail Industry Sectors.  Since April of 2009, Michael has engaged in over 700 public discussions on Healthcare Costs and the Impact of Reform with stakeholder groups ranging from healthcare policy makers in Washington DC to your local public service clubs.

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    Get the Facts You Need to Know about the Affordable Care Act

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    Do you have unanswered questions?  Not sure if you should apply?  Do you need assistance in enrolling and choosing a plan? Talk to our Expert, Karen Campbell about the Affordable Care Act.

    Karen Campbell is a Financial Strategist with Bestway Financial Services in Austell GA.  In this position Karen assists her clients with Health, Auto, and Commercial Insurance.  Karen definitely believes in using her resources to network, connect people together with affordable health insurance and to be an asset to her community.

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    Pilot-The Affordable Care Act

    in Politics

    Tonight we will discuss The Affordable Care Act, it's short and long term effects, and it's impresssion on American history.

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    Affordable Care Act

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    T%onight we will be discussing the Affordable Care Act. The open enrollment period recently ended on Monday

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    The care in Affordable Care Act

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    What does the Care in Affordable Care Act stand for?  I wanted to share some of my thoughts on The Affordable Care Act and not so much the specifics.  I can only speak on how I understand and see it.  Iconoclast from the Offlimits show calls in to dish about Obamacare with me. 

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    Tax Implications; Affordable Care Act

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    It's Tax season and many of us are preparing to file for 2014. One of the biggest questions many people will have will be, "What are the tax implications of the Affordable Care Act?"  

    The IRS’s synopsis of “Affordable Care Act Tax Provisions” runs nearly 6,000 words and contains numerous links to various regulations, notices and technical releases. Unfortunately, the Internal Revenue Service taxpayer hot line may not be much help with getting your questions answered in a timely manner. 

    What can you do? You can contact the "TaxChick" Anissa Barbee. 

    With over 10 years of experience in tax preparation, Anissa Barbee is the CEO of Transformation Tax and Financial Services. Anissa’s commitment to serving individuals, small business, and non-profit organizations stems from an understanding of the general sentiment of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). 

    After working for franchises and CPA firms, Anissa felt that a profit margin, not the welfare of the taxpayer, was the top priority of some of the corporations. It is with these thoughts that Anissa decided to launch Transformation Tax in 2010. A primary goal of her business is to make sure customers will leave her office with a better understanding of their tax returns.

    Join me Nakikia MSkeepitmoving Walton on The Keep It Moving Blog Talk Radio Show with special guest Anissa Barbee of Transformation Tax and Financial Services as she explains the tax implications the Affordable Care Act may have on your return. You don't want to miss this episode. Be Informed. Stay Out of Jail! 

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    The Affordable Care Act & You

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    Are you one of the 48 million uninsured Americans who may be affect by the new federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Obamacare, as it’s frequently referred to? What is the ACA and how will it affect you and your family? This month we will explore the federal Affordable Care Act basics, and what you need to know in order to make an informed healthcare insurance decision. Our guest panelist will be ChicagoTribune Health Care Reporter Mr. Peter Frost, who has written extensive articles on the ACA for the Chicago Tribune Newspaper and ChicagoTribune.com. Also, we will speak with a couple of individuals that are directly affected by the new Federal Affordable Care Act. Follow show hashtag #4DPRadio  
    This is a pre-recorded show & not available for call-in. Creator & Executive Producer, Dexter Martin, Co-Producer, Sheila Henley

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    Health Insurance for PCOS: Demystifying the Affordable Care Act -- PCOSChallenge

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    Peter Jundt is an independent insurance agent licensed in GA, SC, WI and MN. He is an expert in insurance and has studied the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) and its complexities. Peter joins Sasha Ottey on the PCOS Challenge Radio Show to speak about health insurance options for women with PCOS and to answer some of your questions about health insurance.


    Join other women in the fight against Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome at PCOSChallenge.com.

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    Affordable Care Act Q&A

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    In this brief 30 minute presentation, insurance agent Patrick Villalobos will be hitting on several key points about the Patient Care & Affordable Care Act. Patrick Villalobos is affiliated with health insurance carriers in The Exchange. 
    Some things to be presented will be
    1. The benefits that are provided in the health insurance plan that will be selected for you or for one that you choose. 
    2. The application process, the subsidy for health insurance, how it benefits someone or a family, and what to expect on premium payments.
    3. Helath Insurance effective dates, open enrollment, and application requirements.

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    Assessing the Affordable Care Act

    in Health

    eCareDiary's caregiving expert, Margery Pabst will speak to John Mills, Co-founder of eCareDiary.com about the impact of the Affordable Care Act and an evaluation of the process and future prospects.

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    Affordable Care Act Update: Enrolling for Coverage

    in Health

    eCareDiary's caregiving expert, Margery Pabst will speak to John Mills, Co-founder of eCareDiary about qualifying criteria for enrolling for health coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

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