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    Affluenza vs Ghettoemia - Should the Victims Forgive; Lamar Waking Up

    in Psychology

    Rich kids kills four and maims ten

    Ghetto kid kills one or two


    What is the difference?

    Youth Pastor Brian Jennings killed - wife is forgiving

    Eric Boyles lost wife and daughter

    Richard Albert

    Ethan Couch of  Fort Worth, Texas

    McConnell sued in civil court

    Jean Boyle Judge quit

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    Too Rich For Jail? Affluenza and our Justice System.

    in Entertainment

    Too Rich for Jail?  Affluenza and our Justice System

    Affluenza ~ a term used by critics of consumerism.  A painful, contagious, socially transmitted condition of overload, debt, anxiety and waste resulting from the dogged pursuit of more.  ~ Wikipedia

    In December of 2013, State District Judge Jean Boyd sentenced a North Texas teenager, Ethan Couch[6], to 10 years probation for driving while drunk and killing four pedestrians after his attorneys successfully argued that the teen suffered from affluenza and needed rehabilitation, and not prison.

    Tune in and Call in ~ 1.347. 327-9305


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    Affluenza, Santagate, & 'Yonce (TNBCTR Sneak Peek)

    in Current Events

    Check out this episode of The Nerdy Black Chicks weekly radio show.  I'm your host along with Boughetto Rising.  Fun and informative.  We just talk about what's going on today.  In this episode:

    Affluenza: The legal defense only money can buy.

    Santagate: Fox News Anchor, Megyn Kelly got all butt hurt about non-white penguin Santa.

    'Yonce:  Those who love her, love her more.  Those who hate her are sick unto death over her newly released and very successful surprise album

    Please go to www.blogtalkradio.com/nerdyblackchicks to listen to all of our past shows, and like us on Facebook!

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    Be A Thriver …Be An Entertainer or Broadcaster… on Read My Lips with akaRadioRed

    in Lifestyle

    Read My Lips host akaRadioRed brings you lively, unscripted, spontaneous, non-canned interviews with interesting new authors on a range of lifestyle-related topics. Listen LIVE on Mondays 7-8 pm/Eastern or anytime on-demand.

    Are you trading your passion for a paycheck? Suffering from "Affluenza" virus? Desperate to stop your inner critic from yelling at you? Passive or proactive? Tune in for solutions from Dr. Donna Stoneham, Executive Coach, Transformational Leadership Expert and author of The Thriver’s Edge: Seven Keys to Transform the Way You Live, Love, and Lead. Donna says that nearly 50% of all Americans are still not thriving, and only 3 in 10 of us are engaged at work. For 25 years, she has helped Fortune 1000 and not-for-profit leaders, teams, and organizations “unleash their power to thrive™”. www.DonnaStoneham.com  www.PositiveImpactLLC.com

    So you wanna be an entertainer or a successful podcast broadcaster? Get expert advice from Bruce Wawrzyniak, Founder and President of Now Hear This, Inc. and host of "Now Hear This Entertainment" Radio with audience in 60+ countries. Bruce has interviewed The Voice and American Idol contestants, a Blues Hall of Famer, Las Vegas headliner, and Garth Brooks' lead guitar player. Learn how he started, grows his audience, attracts great guests and get tips to start an entertainment or broadcast career. Bruce's agency specializes in management, promotion, booking for the entertainment industry. www.NowHearThis.biz www.now-hear-this.net 

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    Nelson Mandela Memorial and Affluenza

    in Radio

    Welcome to Our Own Voices Live with your hosts: Angela Thomas and Rodney Smith

    Our topic today is, Nelson Mandela Memorial and Affluenza


    Nelson Mandela

    How has Nelson Mandela impacted history and can we come together as leaders other than times of death?


    The Affluenza Defense: Judge Rules Rich Kid’s Rich Kid-ness Makes Him Not Liable for Deadly Drunk Driving Accident

    He got 10 years probation for causing a wreck that devastated three families

    Definition:  af·flu·en·za  /?aflo?o'enz?/ noun  noun: affluenza

    1. a psychological malaise supposedly affecting wealthy young people, symptoms of which include a lack of motivation, feelings of guilt, and a sense of isolation.

    Read more: Affluenza: Rich Teen Kills 4 in Drunk Driving Accident, Gets Probation | TIME.com http://newsfeed.time.com/2013/12/12/the-affluenza-defense-judge-rules-rich-kids-rich-kid-ness-makes-him-not-liable-for-deadly-drunk-driving-accident/#ixzz2nTy8ToZ5


    Our Own Voices Live is a radio show featuring people and stories from our community in Las Vegas, the surrounding area and some place near you. America is the greatest country on earth due to its cultural diversity and not in spite of it.

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    An Affluenza Epidemic, or, "Cum Fly With Me"

    in Entertainment

    Tonight, on an overly-privileged edition of the Never Daunted Radio Network, we return from self-imposed exile with proof that the end of the world is near as a wealthy heir to the DuPont fortune accused of raping his three-year-old daughter only faced probation after a state Superior Court judge ruled he "will not fare well" in prison. Does anybody ever fare well in prison?

    Next, we take #DontBeDumb to a whole new height of stupidity as an employee at Virginia College in South Carolina, was arrested after allegedly texting to her daughter that a shooter was on the loose — as an April Fools' Day prank. Looks like the joke's on her.

    Next, If you've ever wanted to join the mile-high club but don't want to risk getting caught, a Las Vegas entrepreneur is ready to make your X-rated dreams comes true. We'll introduce you to the Love Cloud, a flight that will finally making going down in an airplane into a potentially safe proposition.

    And finally, does your girlfriend or wife feel a little...spacious? Well I can guarantee that they won't compare to a Las Vegas woman accused of robbing a man of a $35k Rolex...with the evidence found shoved inside her vagina. Doesn't get any deeper than that.


    All this and more, tonight on the Never Daunted Radio Network!


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    The Great Debate

    in LGBT

    Tonight we'll discuss "Ban the Box" (states are looking at passes a bill to remove criminal history from job apps), dating while transgender, Affluenza (the affluent getting lighter sentences for the same crimes others commit), the Boston Bomber receiving the death penalty, and more. 

    Don't forget to follow us on Twitter at @TheSpilledTea @Doquinn76 @KylieSF @MPGrasso @Odaat_webseries and my book @WhoIAmbook

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    Shannyn Moore Show 12-20-13 Affluenza, Duck Free Speech & Cricket at the Vatican

    in Politics Progressive

    ‘Affluenza’ Judge Gives Poor, Black Kid More Severe Sentence For Lesser Crime

    'Duck Dynasty' star's free speech rights weren't violated

    Palin, Ducks and Free Speech - The Mudflats

    Anglican priests to play Vatican team at cricket

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    Achoo! Excuse Afronerd He Has A Bad Case of Affluenza! @The GrindHouse, Sat. 6pm

    in Entertainment

    And the Holiday Spirit and Season continues.....Howdy to our third-eye "citizenry!"  Check out the latest episode of The Grindhouse (The Comic Shoppe+Afronerd Radio) airing live this Saturday at 6pm.  For the show's "first act" at The Comic Shoppe, your hosts Daryll B., Capt. Kirk and Dburt will be covering the following topics: an extended Godzilla trailer hits the cyberwebs; Sony expands the Amazing Spiderman movie universe by announcing future Venom and Sinister Six projects; the crew discusses the mid season finales/status of Arrow, Almost Human, Marvels Agents of Shield, The Black List and Sleepy Hollow and lastly, Milestone Comics finally gets its close up, courtesy of a Maryland museum exhibit entitled, Milestones: African Americans in Comics, Pop Culture & Beyond.  Call live at 646-915-9620.

    And then there's Afronerd Radio broadcasting at 7pm.  Join Capt. Kirk and Dburt as they discuss the following week-ender issues:  A wealthy Texas teen who killed four poeple in a DWI auto collision evades incarceration with the "Affluenza" defense; Fox's Megyn Kelly gets into hot water because of her views on White Santa and White Jesus; a long overdue Blue Area segment (an update on the homeless PC coder; a Penn State mathematician/football player, Harlem gets free wi-fi ) and lastly, Jim Brown vs Kobe Bryant and Arsenio vs Kanye.......time constraints notwithstanding.     

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    Affluenza and the Other Names for White Privilege ~ Funny to the MOON

    in Politics Conservative

    Topic Flow ~ Old Paradigms ~ Fluffy Talk ~ Overused ~ Why Class privilege is ignored by many white people ~ How some atheists are stupid on other subjects ~ Crooked Preachers are the same as Crooked Politians 

    In the North Texas suburbs a juvenile court judge sentenced a 16-year-old from a well-off family to 10 years’ probation for killing four people in a drunken-driving crash. That's the first topic. ~ 5PM PST /  8PM EST ~ Comedians Teina Manu, Travis Simmons and Funny to the Moon Classroom Crew Call in to listen live 818 739-8913, Press "1" to join the conversation. Skype is available or click on the link to listen, and the chatroom will be open.

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    The ALFO Show - "Affluenza: The Poor Caught In the Middle"

    in Politics Progressive

    The ALFO Show


    Friday, December 13, 2013
    AFFLUENZA Causes Negrobetes: The Poor In the Middle

    ” The Nexus of Politics, Truth and Common Sense”

    The ALFO Show is real political talk radio. Political issues and personalities, controversies, lies and deceit. The games, failures and shenanigans of Washington and beyond.

    The ALFO Show is a weekly, live and call-in broadcast which reviews, analyzes and discusses the major political events and consequences in America. From government policy to congressional and executive decisions. From public policy to public outrage . . . it  is ADVANCED URBAN PROGRESSIVE POLITICAL TALK RADIO.