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    Acme Podcasting Company: Offseason primer, pt. 1

    in Football

    Acme Packing Company's Jason B. Hirschhorn and Brendan Kennedy start the offseason by reviewing the Green Bay Packers' meltdown in the NFC title game.

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    Acme Podcasting Company: Packers offseason primer, pt. 2

    in Football

    Acme Packing Company's Jason B. Hirschhorn and Brendan Kennedy continue their offseason primer by previewing into the Green Bay Packers' upcoming free agent decisions.

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    Flag Football America Podcast: Friday Night Lights (Check Your Balls!)

    in Sports

    Pdocast highlights the NFL Deflate gate controversy and encourages all players to check the ball they are using on their teams.

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    Company Profiles: Central Payment Processing with Tommy Chang

    in Business

    Company Profiles: Central Payment Processing with Tommy Chang is our guest on The Core Business Show with Tim Jacquet. Central Payment is nationally-recognized as a leading provider of transaction processing services and social marketing software, providing support to more than 50,000 small, medium and large businesses across the United States. It annually processes more than 5 billion in credit card sales.

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    Kellen Kautzman: Modern Advertising - Tips to Maximize Your Effect

    in Entrepreneur

    Kellen Kautzman, Partner and director of operations at Advise Media Group, a  multi-faceted company that works with clients to create and maximize their advertising and internet presence. This includes SEO, Competitive Analysis, blogging, social media and /Relationship Building to blend with the what advertsiing has evolved into - targeted messaging versus agents of change.  

    A former teacher that found a passion in blogging learn from Kellen how he envisions himself as a Philantrepreneur. Also great tips and simple strategies to improve your marketing efforts and increase your effectiveness. He feels SEO isn't as scary and difficult - as most assume. It's knowing the basics.

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    Don and Tomas Discuss the Next False Flag

    in Politics

    There is a core group of criminals within our government that is engaging in open criminal activity as if it won't matter in the very near future. So we pose the question, why? Why would the Justice Department give guns to Mexican drug gangs? Why would the IRS openly target political opponents of the regime? Why is the CIA and its allies openly funding ISIS, formerly Al Qaeda which they created in the first place? The concerning aspect is why aren't the perpitrators worried about being prosecuted? One answer is they have an enormous false flag planned for later this year that will make everything irrelevant. So call in and pick your poison. Will it be a nuclear false flag and if so which city or cities will be hit? How about Ebola? An EMP? Etc. Besides what kind of attack and where it might be launched, gives Don and Tomas your best guess as to who the traitors will blame this time. Will it be cave Arabs again? How about the CIA's mercenary army, ISIS? Of course the Russians are coming! The Russians are coming! They even made a funny movie with that title years ago when I was a kid. Give us your best educated guess and your reasons why.

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    Understanding the Difference Between Branding, Marketing and Advertising

    in Internet

    I often hear marketing professionals in my industry bantering about the terms Branding, Marketing and Advertising. The same is true of the terms, campaign, strategic and tactical. In many cases seasoned professional use the terms interchangeable as if they all mean the exact same thing. In fact these six terms are often misused, confused or worse, associated with unscrupulous means of conning people out of their money. In this article we will explore the meaning and use of these six often misused marketing terms. We will look to see if they overlap, provide concrete examples and we will provide as clear a distinction between the six terms wherever possible. So get ready to wipe away the myths and misunderstanding these terms often carry. This episode will help  you can better understand marketing your business.

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    I. Jarvis Martin, Martin & Company

    in Business

    Martin & Company is a home based business providing all types of real estate appraisal services. Located in Durham, NC. The Research Triangle Park is one of the leading research and manufacturing areas for high tech, biotech, and medical research in America.

    Jarvis Martin, founded Martin & Company in 1975. Mr. Martin joined the Society of Real Estate Appraisers as an associate member in 1977 and obtained his (SRA) Senior Residential Appraiser designation in 1982. Mr. Martin was selected by the NC State Appraisal License Board to take the initial North Carolina License exam and provided feedback to the state board. As a result of this experience Mr. Martin was one of the first 50 appraisers to be license in the State of North Carolina.

    Mr. Martin operates his business with the assistance of his wife of 25 years, Norma B. Martin. Norma is a state license residential appraiser. The firm covers Durham, Wake, and Orange Counties in central North Carolina, providing appraisal services for most major lenders, local and state governmental agencies.

    The use of Appraisal Port has enabled Martin & Company to better receive, track and deliver appraisal reports.  The appraisers who are successful and profitable must be educated and equipped with the best, and latest technology to meet this demand.

    The appraiser of today and the future must be able to provide a client with more than a form appraisal report. He/she must understand the “highest and best use” concept and be able to provide land use, income, and cost analysis.

    Martin & Company - Real Estate Appraisers P.O. Box 1410 3608 Mossdale Ave. Durham, NC 27702

    Phone: 9196825506 Fax: 9194931304 E-mail: apprrtp@aol.com


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    Humor in Marketing - How BetaBrand's CEO Built His Company

    in Marketing

    Welcome to Jargonorrhea Live – A viral marketing show with serious tips and a sense of fun.

    I am Kathy Klotz-Guest, founder of Keeping it Human, coming to you live from San Jose, CA, in Silicon Valley. This show airs Thursdays at 3:30 PM PDT.  We help marketing executives and their teams tell their most important company, product and customer stories to the world.

    This podcast is all about making marketing communications and content more human, fun and effective. We are a jargon-monoxide-poisoning free zone. Leave a comment on the blog.

    Humor in Marketing - BetaBrand Style

    Betabrand CEO Chris Lindland built his company using funny memes on the Internet to sell pants! With humor and fun, he turned BetaBrand into an organization well known for being different, fresh and current with Internet-inspired themes. How did they do it? What tips can marketing organizations glean? Join me Thursday, Feb 26 for a conversation with BetaBrand CEO Chris Lindland.


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    Marketing Strategy: How Video Advertising Bolsters the Biggest Impact

    in Entrepreneur

    The #1 marketing advertising medium, when done right, is that of TV or video (in the case of YouTube and other digital video distribution channels). Video provides the viewer with an emotionally stimulating experience by way of storytelling using the components of sight and sound. Developing a business strategy that contains a well-crafted marketing plan which includes video advertising campaigning will help your brand (products/services) capture the awareness and recognition requisite toward increasing market share and elevating profitability. So, what are five things you must consider before rolling out your first or next video advertising campaign? That is our focus on this edition of, “The Strategist Radio LIVE."

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    How Do You Define Sales People At Your Company?

    in Business

    Take 5 minutes from your busy business day and listen to expert business advice to grow and improve your business with Howard Lewinter.

    In today's 5 Minute Business Strategy Howard talks about... How Do You Define Sales People At Your Company?

    CEOs, presidents, founders, business owners across America trust Howard Lewinter's business advice to solve business problems, increase business profits and live their entrepreneurial dreams of running a successful business with less stress.

    For more business tips, follow Howard on Twitter: @HowardLewinter - or connect with Howard on LinkedIn.

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