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    Getting to know you! Parents and Caregivers of Adults who have Down syndrome

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    We'll continue Saturday's conversation about what we're looking forward to learning from the National Down Syndrome Congress convention and what we need from our new community focused on caring for adults who have Down syndorme.  This is your turn to give us input on what features you'd like to see, topics you'd like to discuss, or resources you'd like us to try to get.  We'll also talk about all of the great guests we have lined up for the week leading up to the conference!

    We hope you'll join us !

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    New Community for Parents & Caregivers of Adults who have Down syndrome

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    Introducing The Road We’ve Shared for and by parents and caregivers of adults who have Down Syndrome.  Launching the first of regular radio programming by the new community under Gail Zahtz Productions’ family of communities and its new radio network.  The founding members Stephanie Holland, Karen Gregoire, and Mardra Sikora will discuss why they decided to create this community, individual goals for the group, and the topic of the month of guardianship. 

    The Road We've Shared is a place for sharing and support for the unique needs of parents/caregivers of adults who have Down syndrome. All points of view are respected and valued. We've all been on the same road together without a map. Now we have a place to talk about the journey so far and help each other with the twists and turns in the road ahead.

    Join us!  Website  Twitter  Facebook  Google+

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    We have a Contract with GOD - Revisiting the Personality number

    in Spirituality

    Peace and Blessings! Because we were unable to air last Tuesday, tonight's broadcast will again focus on the personality number.(page 52 in "It All Adds Up"). This number reveals how people view us AND what they expect from us. The personality is the "cover" to our "book" and it doesn't always reveal what is written on the pages of our heart. Want to discover your personality number? Tune in and tell a friend.

  • How Even Bad Things Can Have a Divine Purpose

    in Christianity

    Elder Ted Colbert leads us in a teaching from the book of Ruth on blessings. We learn that a famine hits Bethlehem.  Judah and Elimelech leave because of the famine and go to a heathen town called Moab. There, one of the sons married Ruth. A bond also forms between Ruth and Naomi. Ultimately Ruth married Boaz and they become ancestors of Christ!  Had the famine not hit,  Ruth would have never met Boaz. Sometimes things that look bad can have a divine purpose. Look for the purpose in your storm.

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    Have Faith On the Voice of Joy Bible Study

    in Spirituality

     Today we will let our guest speak to you on faith.  A familiar subject but seldom practiced in real situations where really needed.  Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen.  The evidence of faith is all around us everyday of our lives.  It is when it knocks on our door that we will not sign for the delivered package given to us through the Word of God.  Well let us hear again what it takes to have real faith that sticks to the bones.  Heals to the heart.  Delivers God's promise in our lives.  Ready?  OK   let us bein to hear again.  Have Faith in God

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    in Radio

    Johnnie Walker began her career as a country music radio personality. She later segued to Black radio holding numerous positions, and in 1989 she joined Def Jam Recordings as a regional marketing rep. Within one year Walker was promoted to National Director of Promotion. The Sr. National Director position soon followed and positioned Walker to be instrumental in launching the careers of Redman, Method Man, Onyx, Montell Jordan, Ashanti, Sisqo and Foxy Brown!
    Making the move to New York City in 1997, Walker was named Vice President of Promotion for Def Jam. A year later, after restructuring the company’s promotions department and its field staff, Walker was named Sr. Vice President. During her tenure, her team successfully marketed Def Comedy Jam, Phat Farm clothing, Russell Simmons' co-produced movies, "The Nutty Professor,” Jackie Chan’s “Rush Hour 1 and 2” plus several #1 Gold and Platinum albums from Jay-Z, Sisqo, Kelly Price, Ashanti, Ja Rule, DMX, LL Cool J, Musiq, Dru Hill and others.
    After 15 years of tenure at Def Jam Recordings, Walker resigned and moved to Los Angeles where she was named Head of Black Music for DreamWorks Records. Known affectionately as Ms Johnnie Walker ... in 2009 Walker assumed her current position with the City of Memphis.

  • Let's Have a Purpose Party!!!

    in Self Help

    Purpose is as purpose does!! The first half of the year is over and it's time to celebrate how far we've come and where we're going! Come and join me as I discuss some of the strides I've made this year, encourage you in your walk, and talk to guests about purpose and their journey. We're going to straight celebrate! Put the kids to bed and come join the party! 


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    Why people don't have time for love. There is no time for love!

    in Entertainment

    Broke people who have kids and stay broke waste time on love. There is not time for love is you want big money.

  • Music for Life Recovery

    in Self Help

    Welcome to Music 4 Life® Radio where we power your potential and build mental fitness with music to mediate the life of your senses with the life of your Spirit. Licensed music therapist Judith Pinkerton takes you on a journey during June's national Professional Wellness month, exploring music's capability of mitigating anxiety, anger, depression and grief, interviewing professionals across the country. Today she tackles how to recover your life, interviewing special guest David Marlon, President of Solutions Recovery, Inc. and Solutions Recovery Foundation where he helps people who live under the shadows of addiction.

    Today's music choices are explored to understand how we use music for life recovery - no matter the situation - and stay positively engaged in the game of life. Find our music recommendations and Judith's commentary at Music4LifeBLOG. 

    Learn how your personal music listening habits may reduce stress or build stress in Judith's TEDxTalk "Music Powers Potential: Building Mental Fitness."  Discover what your music says about your health and how to adjust listening habits to significantly reduce anxiety in prescriptive formulas choosing music from all styles in the downloadable 2-hour accredited course Music Medicine Boot Camp.

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    How To Have A Million Dollars By Your 65th Birthday

    in Education

    Dear friends,

    It is painful to tell our true story because we can see the results of this truth all around us.  Even in our own lives and families. Here are 8 mental obstacles we must stand, face and conquer to do more than just survive, so we can thrive. 

    Our community's money story is painful because:
    1. we do not plan for a prosperous future, we hope & pray
    2. we do not seriously implement a plan, we talk about it
    3. we are ignorant due to lack of knowledge
         (we reject the knowledge when offered)
    4. we are unwilling to change and grow to succeed
    5. we value the opinions of those who don't know or care
    6. we've been conditioned - unconsciously taught lack
    7. we let that conditioning cause us to make excuses
    8. we wait until it's too late, from the cradle to the grave

    Here’s an example of AMAZING: You can have $1 million in the bank on your 65th birthday, here’s what you would need to save each month depending on your age when you start.  Together we can create the cash flow to do this. These figures assume an interest rate of 10%.

    25 years old - $160/month
    35 years old - $440/month
    45 years old - $1,317/month
    55 years old - $4,822/month
    60 years old - $13,200/month

    Don't wait.  Let's get together to change this story one family at a time starting with you and those you know. Let's do  AMAZING prosperity!

    Best wishes for a prosperous & happy future,


  • It's A Smoke Screen People!!!

    in Lifestyle

    What is the deal on all the changes that have saturated our lives to the point that some people are begging for relief? "Please No More", we just can't swallow anymore of the changes that some people believe to be a "Smoke Screen" that will usher in the "Real Changes" uncontested. The host of Let's Talk Truth along with her guest, will examine the possibility that things are being overplayed in the media to take our focus from something that is bigger and more life altering. We don't need to fight what we don't believe in, just simply don't participate. Lack of participation will cause anything to die because it will have nothing to feed on. Join us tonight, Tuesday, June 30, 2015 at 7:30 pm (cst) by dialing 347-843-4945 as we discuss the meaning of a Smoke Screen and why we really need to stay focused.

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