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    Hall of Famer Willie Roaf NBA Finals

    in Sports

    We will be talking sports and having fun doing it! Expected to be joined by Hall of Fame OT Willie Roaf, who will give his take on Adrian Peterson adn Ray Mcdonald. Also, professional basketball player NBA/Europe Justin Dentmon will join us to discuss his season overseas, NBA Finals and more. Also, talking all thing NBA Finals. Who going to win it all?  Call 646-727-3070 to join the fun!

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    Noon Day School of Prayer

    in Radio

    Time 2 PUSH Prayer Line Ministries presents the BiblentheHood Noon Day School of Prayer with Nora Love & Vonita Brown

    Nora Love  is a seasoned Woman of God who takes us deep into the prayer closet as she shares biblical truth and spiritual insight about prayer, Holy living and the Work of the Holy Spirit.

    Vonita Brown is a Mighty Prayer Warrior and dynamic Prayer Strategist who takes command with prophetic prayers to encourage the Body of Christ

    The Noon Day School of Prayer is broadcast Monday through Wednesday from 12:30pm to 1:00pm (PST) Call in your prayer request...Get on the Call! 559-726-1200 Acess Code 523740

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    O legado de Noé - ADN do Reino de Deus - The legacy of Noah - God s Kingdom DNA

    in Christianity

    Estrangeiro e peregrino sou eu entre vós; dai-me o direito de um lugar de sepultura entre vós, para que eu sepulte o meu morto, removendo-o de diante da minha face.
    Responderam-lhe os filhos de Hete:
    Ouve-nos, senhor; príncipe de Deus és tu entre nós; enterra o teu morto na mais escolhida de nossas sepulturas; nenhum de nós te vedará a sua sepultura, para enterrares o teu morto. Gênesis 23:4-6
    Terça feira, 10 de Fevereiro, 1830h Portugal (14:30h Brasília)

    Stranger and a sojourner I am with you; give me the right of a burying-place with you, that I may bury my dead out the front of my face.
    They say unto him the children of Heth:
    Hear us, Lord; prince of God are you among us; bury your dead in the choicest of our graves; none of us shall withhold from thee his sepulcher for burying your dead. Genesis 23: 4-6
    Tuesday, February 10th, 1:30pm EST \12:30pm CST \ 11:30am MST \ 10:30am PST

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    in Romance

    Team Dirtyredz is back on the air each and every WEDNESDAY NIGHT 8-10 PM EST. We have the same cast of characters and we've added new ones. We have Cadilac Phil producing the show in studio.REV. Rob and SKEEKTER 'GOING TO HELL. AK., with the FROM THE SISTERS FILES  Da Professa, "OLD SKOOL"C APTAI CAVEMAN and SON and of coure You, the fans, are the ones that make the show what it is. Either chat live with us on the air or get the ultimate experience of calling in to the show @ 310-742-1853. We are coming at you each and every Wednesday Night from 8-10. Don't miss out

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    The Modern Gentleman - S01E01

    in Romance

    In the first episode of the new show, Ashley Shreve adn Chris Bale join forces to present this brand new radio show.  Everything from seduction, to dating, to sex, to lifestyle design and spiritual development.  Combined with eccentric humor in a way that only these 2 personalities could deliver.  Highly experienced dating coaches, turned inexperienced broadcasters.  The training wheels are off...let the show begin!

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    Live with Barrett: Simplifying Finances with Entrepreneur Dr. Majo Jacinto

    in Finance

    "Live with Barrett" is featuring Dr. Majo Jacinto as a special guest on Friday, May 1, 2015. Shis is a whiz at financial matters, especiallytaxes. She has taken her finance background adn turned it into an entrepreneurial venture.

    Dr. Jacinto’s academic involvement include publishing textbooks, training manuals and sponsoring NYSED approved curriculum for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits. As a CPA, Dr. Jacinto is an actively engaged accounting practitioner serving for profit and non-profit organizations on Long Island, NY.

    She is also actively sharing her knowledge through online learning courses.

    Join us on Friday at 12 PM EDT for an enlightening conversation!


    You're Hired! Bookkeeping Job Search Guide

    US Income Taxes - Income Tax Preparation Simplified For You

    Accounting 1 Simplified For You

    Accounting 2 Simplified For You


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    HIT:NBBA: Powernomics Ch2 - "The Keys to Empowerment"

    in Education

    In Chapter 1, Dr. Anderson shared his perspective on slavery generated racism, race based monopolies, adn vast wealth for Whites.

    In Ch 2, we look at "The Keys to Empowerment".

    Keys open doors. This is a door opening perspective and provides a framework for the work of the National Black Business Alliance.

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    ADN et nouvelle réalité

    in Spirituality

    Dans l'épisode d'aujourd'hui, Noor nous explique comment mettre fin à une grève générale des transports publics par le travail intérieur.
    Et nous continuons à partager avec vous les 30 Principes de Régénération Cellulaire !

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    How Identity Theft Affects Your Credit

    in Finance

    Gerri Detweiler, credit expert and journalist, will visit with us to talk about hacking, identity theft adn how it affects your credit.  What to do after something happens and what you can do before something happens to minimize your vulnerability.  You can see what Gerri's up to on various platforms by visiting her website at www.gerridetweiler.com.

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    That "fucking" show: A Show About A Close Encounter... of the sexual kind!

    in LGBT

    For some fucking is something that is done for fun and for others is it is something that is a dreaded. During this epidose we are going to discuss all things sexual! Whether you like to sleep in the top bunk, bottom bunk or maybe you like to romp around in both. What are some things that we like to do adn how do we like to do it? Does PrEP factor into the conversation about PrEP expecially when we put on our "Kinky Boots" or when someone is "showing us the ropes?"

    Mark S. King has been writing about living with HIV since testing positive in 1985, the week the HIV antibody test became publicly available. His blog, My Fabulous Disease, was a 2015 GLAAD Award nominee. Prior to becoming involved in AIDS work in the 1980's he owned and operated Telerotic, a phone sex company for gay men.

    During this week's episode we are going to talk about all things sexual, freaky, kinky and everything in between.

    You can follow Positive Radio Network on Twitter at @PRNTweets. 

    You can follow Aaron Laxton on Twitter at @aaronlaxton and by visiting his website www.aaronmlaxton.com

    You can follow Mathew Rodriguez on Twitter at @mathewrodriguez. and by visiting his website www.mathewkrodriguez.com


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    Spiritual Warriors (Overcoming the Lukewarm Spirit)

    in Religion

    We will discuss how to overcome the lukewarm Spirit. Join Pastor Diane Winbush as she provide tools,m empowerment, adn scripture regarding this topic. Mrs. Diane Winbush is the Senior pastor and prophetess of Saint Petersburg Global Ministries. We are a ministry which teach, preach, and ministers the infallible Word of God. For more information regarding us, go to www.saintpetersberg.com. You can find our books and resources also on Barnes & Noble, Amazon.com & Kindle Fire. Thanks for listening to the show.