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    2nd Chance for ex-offenders w/Vicki (Deferred Adjudications & Dismissals)-Pt 2

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    Vicki's radio broadcast provides an open forum discussing support services and real issues for individuals who have been arrested, convicted or incarcerated and trying to re-establish themselves in society with housing, career, family, community and church.

    Vicki Hallman-Bowman, a native Dallas Texan who retired from TDCJ Parole after working 32 years in case management and executive leadership, is now the Program manager for Oasis Center, a 5013C non-profit organization where she coordinates the collaboration and communication with partners who provide reentry supervision, programming, and treatment for the formerly incarcerated, the disenfranchised, and the vulnerable persons in Dallas county and surrounding areas. Her additional responsibilities also include the supervision of the case managers and the oversight of the case management process to include all facets of programming provided to the clients and their families.

    She served as Regional Director for the Parole Division in the North Texas area. Her tenure in this capacity allowed for her to manage the development, implementation, and planning of all parole related functions in this area.  She has been the instrumental force in developing programs for the 22,000 parolees that reported in her area.  Programs that were gender based, cognitive restructuring, cultural based life skills, anger management and other influential curriculums that have provided impact and as result has received many recognitions throughout the country

    In July of 2014, the History Makers proudly announced that her documentary has now been made a permanent part of the History Makers Collection at the Library of Congress. 

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    The Constitutional Grand Jury~ The Voice of the People w/Matthew J. Falkner

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    Join the Evolve Quest crew for another wild 2 hr. Law JamSesh with U.S. Special Prosecutor, Matthew J. Falkner. Matthew can be of assistance in particular legal matters such as holding government officials accountable to their Oath of Office and to the Law in general. He can also help guide and over-see a Constitutional Grand Jury Investigation and issue indictments to compel Gov't Officials to do their job and to inform the people of such negligence, abuse of constitutional power and dereliction of duty as a matter of National Security.

    In his own words: "I provide guidance on the legal processes citizens may use to enforce the proper administration of grand jury services."

     "The diffusion of information and the arraignment of all abuses at the bar of public reason is an essential principle of our government, consequently one of those which ought to shape its administration"; "I know no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education. This is the true corrective of abuses of constitutional power." -Thomas Jefferson 

    Topics to be discussed:
    ~Power of the Constitutional Grand Jury

    ~The Oath (not "Pledge") of Allegiance

    ~The Grand Jury Oath

    ~Issuing Indictments Against Corrupt Officials

    ~The Challenge of Enforcement

    ~Preventive Adjudication

    ~Jury Nullification

    Please Share this Link with your Friends:
    The Constitutional Grand Jury~ The Voice of the People w/Matthew J. Falkner


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    KONSCIOUS VIBES W/HOST RAHME'EL EL BEY PRESENTS RAMI SALAAM EL DISCUSSING HIS BOOK "MOORISH JEWELS".  Brutha Rami will be joining us to discuss his book, currently sold on Amazon, "Moorish Jewels".  In his book he give a great explanation of many questions posed by people coming into the Moorish Divine National Movement.  It also reveals some little known information to many who may have been apart of the movement for some time.  What is Islam?; Legendary Moors throughout the world;Moorish Science in film; et cetera will be some of the things we will be discussing.  


    We will also be picking up from where left off with last weeks discussion regarding "the first 3 issues at law".  Last week discussion ran overtime and was very lively and well questioned by the listeners. Please join us as we continue to breakdown "law" and how we must navigate within this society with it.  

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    Administrative Justice - GTEN - Global Trust Education Network founders

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    Administrative Justice

    Evidence of a Trust is evidence of an Estate

    Returning as guests are the venerable scholars of trusts and estates.  If you want to know the exact ins and outs of this complex web that ensnares all but a few on earth, you should listen in.  Because this is a web you can weave to sheild yourself.

    When controversies arise, the Trustees of GTEN contract privately to handle any and all such controversies commercially. 

    Establish disputed facts privately by administrative process
    Disqualify debt collectors (and make them go away)
    Void a driver's license or other State or Federal contract ab initio (as if it never existed)
    Void traffic tickets, cancel fines and cancel traffic court appearances
    Enforce any agreement

    The following tools are utilized by the Trustees of GTEN to settle any controversy:

    Administrative procedure
    Due process
    Service of process
    Administrative judgments
    Commercial liens
    Public notice
    The entry of private evidence into public court for summary judgment


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    Spiritual Tools & Technologies - Mission & Purpose

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    This SPECIAL EPISODE of "Spiritual Tools & Technologies" will be broadcasting LIVE from our Legacy Project Fund-raising EVENT.


    ML22 is a group of highly motivated individuals working together as a TEAM to co-create a Legacy Project -- We have chosen Highridge Family Center, WPB to be the recipeint of our Gifts of Time, Money, Creativity & Service. We are raising AWARENESS & Money to accomplish this.


    HighRidge Family Center, located on Australian near 45th Street in WPB, serves 60 children between the ages of 11 and 16. These young people come from at-risk homes and are referred to HighRidge by the courts (if they are pre-adjudication), their school counselors and the community. They live at Highridge 5 days/week for 3 months while receiving individual, group and family counseling.


    We are creating big renovations, gardens fresh veggies, fruit trees, beautification program, vertical farming, mural paintings to boost morals of these children, upgrade resource and learning center for their education center, (3) computers, adding living room fun, tv, some educational video games heres the website for more information http://www.pbcgov.com/publicsafety/youthaffairs/highridge/highridge.htm


    Saturday, Oct. 11--We will be there from 8am-5pm

    LEARN MORE ABOUT us and what we're up to by TUNING IN to this show!  TELL OTHERS!!!

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    Cliven Bundy Domestic Terrorist

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    Glenn Beck criticized Cliven Bundy’s comments on race on his radio program Thursday, saying the Nevada rancher is “unhinged from reality” and urging his supporters to “end your relationship” with him.
    "Those people who hold themselves out to be patriots are not. They're nothing more than domestic terrorists,"  Harry Reid

    Nevada Cattlemen's Association does not condone actions that are outside the law in which citizens take the law into their own hands … Nevada Cattlemen’s Association does not feel it is our place to interfere in the process of adjudication in this matter.
    Grazing fees are assessed per “animal unit month” or AUM, the amount of forage needed to sustain one cow and her calf, one horse, or five sheep or goats for a month. The grazing fee for 2014, based on market conditions, is $1.35 per AUM – the lowest it can be set under federal law.)


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    Family pet shot by neighbor, Kangaroo Court in Wilmington?

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    This Sunday on the Independent News Hour we discuss the fatal shooting of a family pet by a neighbor and the 'official' response.    We also discuss what appeared to be a Kangaroo Court at the Public Employee Relations Board at the adjudication of a complaint by Dr. Jahi Issa former of Delaware State University against his former union the AAUP for not representing him when he was fired apparently based on allegations without his day in court.  Tonight we are pleased to introduce Ricky Shehorn as our associate producer on the Independent News hour. 

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    Consequences of the Betrayal (Part 3)

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    In all their dealings with intelligent beings, God and his Sons are love dominated. The loving mercy extended to the rebels is a vindication of divine love, though it may work a temporary hardship upon the innocent. From the deep perspective of time, it is now reckoned that the good resulting from the rebellion is more than a thousand times the sum of all the evil.
    [NOTE: Archive page of symmetryofsoul.org includes numerous referenced ‘Sections’ previously studied in The Urantia Book. Broadcast begins each Tuesday at 9:00 PM Eastern Time (02:00 GMT). Check worldtimezone.com for local time.]

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    ADMISSION: The Book, the Movie, and Application Packaging

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    Application packaging, one of CollegePrepExpress’s THREE specialty areas, is arguably THE single most important criterion for college admissions. Join Dr. and special guest Jean Hanff Korelitz, author of Admission, the fabulous novel on which the recent Tina Fey and Paul Rudd movie is based.  Their discussion about her book, the movie, and her experience as an application reader for Princeton University will help you present yourself in the best possible light in your applications.
     Topics include:
    •   Given the primacy of grades and tests scores, how important are the applications themselves?
    •   What are the main components of the CommonApp and how do they work together?
    •   Tips for writings compelling personal essays
    •   How important are the supplement applications and what tips/tricks are there for those?
    •   Nightmares in applications adjudication
    •   How best to make application readers “fall in love” with you 

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    Collateral Consequences for Court Involved Youth

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    Children involved in juvenile court face collateral consequences from their delinquency adjudications which can prevent barriers to their future success and can cause harm to their well-being. Some of these stem from system exposure and others extend beyond the time spent under court supervision but are related to their prior court involvement and adjudication. For example, after successfully completing their dispositions, many youth face significant hardships enrolling back in school, finding employment, or accessing ongoing treatment or health care. This episode of Spotlight on Youth focuses on the intersection of collateral consequences for youth who are court involved. Guests join this episode to discuss what is being done on both policy and practice levels to reduce and eliminate the problem. Guests
    Elissa Johnson, Staff Attorney, Southern Poverty Law Center
    Dr. Ashley Nellis, Senior Research Analyst, The Sentencing Project
    Lisa H. Thurau, Founder and Executive Director, Strategies for Youth

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    PTS Treatment Worldwide Blog Talk Radio

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    Fuzzy Manning, CEO of PTS Treatment and host of “PTS Treatment Worldwide” Blog Talk Radio Show – interviews Jim Coletta a founding partner of the prestigious Pittsburg law firm of Schmitt & Coletta, PC, to talk about "Opening Veteran Claims – Old or New." Both Jim Schmitt and Jim Coletta are Army veterans. Their law firm provides representation to veterans all over the country. Veteran Administration Law is unique. It has its own internal appeal process. There are a myriad of statutes, regulations, adjudication manuals and case law to understand. In addition, a Veteran may appeal outside of the VA to the United States Court of Appeals for Veteran Claims. This Court is devoted exclusively to veterans and their benefits.
    Jim Coletta is a veteran disability lawyer and a disabled veteran. He’s a lawyer dedicated to representing military veterans and their families navigate the veteran administration complex appeals process. He specializes in denial of VA Compensation and unsatisfactory Disability Ratings. He helps injured veterans across the Nation fight for the benefits and compensation they and their families deserve. He is accredited by the Veterans Board of Appeals and admitted to practice before the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veteran Claims.
    We handle PTSD claims, Traumatic Brain Injury Claims, Military Sexual Trauma, Gulf War Syndrome as well as all physical injuries. These injuries need not be combat related. If an injury or disease occurred while on active duty please file a claim. Often an injury or disease may cause or lead to another injury or disease, like diabetes, and may qualify you for an increase in your disability rating.

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