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    Live Tonight@8pm w/Chuck Marquette, Cassie Hepler, Dana Prophet Aarron Terrell

    in Spirituality

    Angel Air is Live tonight with wonderful previous Angel Air TV Show Guest Chuck Marquette who overcame some very difficult addicitions late on in his life by embracing spirit, god, and the angels, and is now an inspiration to us all! Reminds us that no matter what age we are it is never to late to say enough is enough and step on to the path of purity xo Special Guest Dana Prophet (Awesome Pastry Chef) and Cassie Hepler (Photographer/Model/Writer) will be hoping on to spread some sugary love and light with the latest and greatest on our Project Sunshine Event this Month! I am also super excited to have the amazing talented Aarron Terrell who is a Producer/Director/Editor/Web Designer/Singer/Song Writer and spreads this love for Angel Air TV Show and so much more! Godbless him for all his has done!!! Love you Aarron Terrell!

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    DanaPspeaks Talk Live w/ Min. JC Brantley

    in Radio

    Time: 11:00 p.m. - 11:30 p.m. est
    CoHost: Min. JC Brantley
    Title: Addicitions
    Check out Min. JC Brantley interview guest and talk about ways you can overcome addiction.
    If you like to be a guest on the show call (888) 229-3267 x205

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    Emily Snow Nocturnal Addictions

    in Blogs

    Welcome To Fetish Doll Emily's Nocturnal Addicitions! 
    It's like a mix of Elriva meets Sex Talk Sue. 
    Call in with your Questions and Comments. 
    Tonight's Topic Freaky Fetishes.  & remember all calls are anonymous!

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    Implications of Digital Media in Social Media on The Show

    in Education

    Digital Media in Social Media makes for a delightful dilemma for parents and teachers.  Students are coming to schools with expectations of digital media interations.  This may influence their learning in many ways.
    The Social Media wrapper to Digital Media adds another rich dimension but may cause a challenge to knowing what is real and true.  Images of Super Storm Sandy that were fake were spreading through social media like crazy.  These kinds of immediate access to "info" has it's challenges.
    There are many concerns for those with "Process Addicitions" like habitual status updates and always being connected.  Enjoy this show as I explore and rant on several of these topics.
    "Teach" Jim and share your unique contribution that we may all learn a little more by learning from the lives we lead. Please request YOUR appearance on The Teach Jim Show, the place to teach, to learn, to grow by visiting teachjim.com

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    When do we draw the line on "SEX ADDICT" OR a "CHEATER"

    in Entertainment

    SUN. April 18, 2010 - 10PM ET. 8PM PT

    Tonight’s Topic: When do we draw the line on "SEX ADDICT" OR a "CHEATER" & what is really the difference if you are in a relationship/marriage?

    Join us "Live in the Vocal Booth" With The BKS1 Radio Team; Storm Norm “The General”, Trish aka "Super Woman", Chill Mr. Keep It Real, Smoov P, Steve The Promoter, Jeff aka Short Fuse & Fig “The Producer”

    BKS1 Sex addiction is a real illness, but have those in the public eye caught with their hands in the cookie jar seem to be using the sex addict label as a way to save face? If we place the label of sex addict on the offender does it change the ramifications of the infidelity? How come we never hear about single people that are sex addicts? Join us “Live In The Vocal Booth” as we discuss sex addictions, a legitimate disease or should we just STOP THE MADNESS!

    Don’t miss Special Guest Recording Artist Chanelle and R&B Recording Artist Slique .
    “Live In The Vocal Booth” Don’t Miss This weeks CD Review AT 10PM ET. TONIGHT THE BKS1 TEAM & YOU THE LISTENER BE THE JUDGE. TOGETHER WE REVIEW & RATE ON A SCALE FROM 1 to 5 Vivian Green's CD “ Beautiful” on E1 Entertainment

    Watch Us Now Live On WWW.BKS1RADIO.COM

    CALL IN & BE HEARD 646-929-1530



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