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    BLACK COMMUNITY: Don't Focus On Children!

    in Self Help

    "Black Community Shouldn't Focus On Children" Share your thoughts with the President of "100 Black Men" WALTER  KIRKLAND, CEO of The BOSS LADY Network", Dr. Tahisha Brooks, CEO & President of AdamsHouse Internationl Inc. Bill & Stacy Hall, President of "FAMILY IS", Reggie Wiliams, Author and Journaling Coach Alycia Johnson and world renown African Historian, and the Encyclo-negro-pedia, C.R. Gibbs.
        We are told and pushed and convinced to and reprimanded if we don't put our children as THE PRIORITY in our lives. What will happen if we ever put our resources into training the parents to nurture, love, protect, educate, discipline and guide their children into a productive lifestyle? Holding up males as leaders and role models places them in a position of respect in our communities. When we don't respect our own, those outside our communities won't respect our males or our community for not respecting our own.  The family unit is the first community and all other communities are larger manifestations of the family. We must strengthen the vision, fiber, character and financial intelligence of our families. To build strong communities which means a stronger nation. Why must we own businesses? Why must we own property? Why must we educate our own children? Why must we put demands on those in our community and what are those demands? 

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    3Rd Eye Open 4 Year Anniversary Show

    in Entertainment

    May 9, 2009 that's when we launched the 3rd EyE Open's Galactic Radio Mothership Since  you have supported our dedication to empower the Galaxy. We thank you for the continuous support of  our listeners. Call into the party just to shout out or drop a word. By the thousands each month you have checked in as we bring you the most timely topics to breakdown and examine: ObamaCare, Jena 6, mortgage fraud, Relationships, Red Tails, Jim Zorn, Iraq War, Bank bailouts, Ray Charles, Tea Baggers, raising children, Election 2012. Our mission has been to bring U those people on the ground doing what they're talking about, NOT those people talking about what someone else is not doing.(That wasn't 4 errybody, if U got it U got it) Guest Griots include Brian Heat  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZtm2VdEQGM . Joe Recca-Comedian BET, Showtime, Nakeesha Harris-Medical Missionary, Judge Ulyses Boykin (Deyroit), Fred Foster-Fmr Nat. Champ from "The U", Teleah Scott-Williams-Playwrite/Director,  Willbert Skipper-Mr. EmpowerMeant/Trainer, Gene McBride-Musician/Singer EWF Cover, Bill Hall-CEO Adamshouse International, Willie Brown-Vetriloquist/Entrepreneur, Rev. Val Love- Speaker/Life Coach, David Lewis-Partner Lewis & Mundy Law, Rueben Mundy-Partner Lewis & Mundy Law,Kimberly Hollingsworth-Sports Entrepreneur MLB,Tony Woods-Comedian Def Jam, BET... Phil Ward-Entrepreneur/Race Horse Owner, Janks Mortons-Prod/Dir "DEAR DADDY, Bubba Grimes-TV Host/Author, Tamara Wellons-Vocalist/Performer, Sillk Da Shocker-Rapper/Entrepreneur, Ersky Freeman-PinPoints/Medical Missionary... hosted by Visionary/Creator  "DaOne"  with NAISA producer/writer Co-Host, Featuring The Human "Encyclo-negro-pedia" C. R. GIBBS Connecting Dots - From Generation to Generation" & a special sports report from 3EO Sportsbeat Writer ANTHONY ADEWUSI

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    Why Does Marriage Get A Bad Rap?

    in Relationships

     3RD EYE OPEN (music-comedy-word) discusses "Why Does Marriage Get a Bad Rap?" This topic will be discussed with experience and insight from guest griots ; The Director of AdamsHouse International BILL HALL  also Peachies Marriage Nectar with Reggie & Peachie Williams http://blog.marriagenectar.com/peachies-marriage-nectar-status/  With host "DaOne", Enjoy "NAISA'S BEAT " with our Silky voiced Co-Host, Grammy Award winning producer, writer, musician, broadcaster NAISA Featuring World renown historian of the African Diaspora, author and humanities scholar, who is the author/co-author of six books and a frequent national and international lecturer on an array of historical information. We at 3EO affectionately call him "The Human Encyclo-negro-pedia" C. R. GIBBS also This week 3EO Sportsbeat Writer ANTHONY ADEWUSI discusses

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    in Family

      As we discuss
    (Putting a Square Peg In A Round Hole) What kind of relationships do you have? Are your relationships feeding you or draining you of your happiness? When you meet someone are you thinking about them as having a romantic relationship with them  from the jump? That's a problem! Do you expect the opposite sex to want to please you because you're good to them?  Every holiday my in-laws come and mess up the groove for everybody. Why doesn't she cook something for me instead of me always taking her out to eat? Should your brother or sister help you pay your bills every once and a while? Do you consider the people you work with as your friends? These are all relationship issues that many of us get wrong because of.....? With Married Griots DEE & MITCH
    & Father and family advocate Director of AdamsHouse International BILL HALL & Poet and Author of the book
    "Devotion"D.A. WILLIAMS Hosted by Husband father, national trainer, speaker & producer "DaOne",  with the 3RD EYE OPEN Crew of Griots Enjoy "NAISA's BEAT"  with Grammy award winning producer, musician, vocalist, writer, and song stylist 'NAISA'  and enter "The Playpen" with the 'Clown Prince of Reality' 'POOKIE' and "POOKIES QUOTES" &  Internationally noted lecturer, exhibitor of historic information and artifacts, Historian of African Presence world wide and author of  "African Inventors: From Africa to America"  and  "African Explorers: 2300 B.C. to Present"  C. R. GIBBS with the "GIBBS REPORT"


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    3EO: MENTORS, Who Do You Honor & Why?

    in Dads and Family

    Who Do You Honor & Why?
    with our guest griot
    CURTIS BINION who at an early age was mentored by one of the largest and shrewdest drug dealers in his hometown. Thru this mentorship he became successful in that trade and built a name for himself as a bad man. Listen as he looks back on those lessons he learned as a youth and how they effect the man he has become as he mentors to dozens of men and women each week.

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    "Are You Living a Purpose Driven Life?"

    in Spirituality

    Join guest griots
    CEO of  the
    Columbia School of Broadcasting
    Father, Husband, AdamsHouse facilitator, Mentor and Minister
    as we answer the question
    "Are You Living a Purpose Driven Life?"
    Are you waking up with a purpose each day other than to go to work, go to church, come home, watch TV, take a bath, go to sleep then repeat the whole process each day of your life over and over again and again? If you are or you know someone like this call in 646-595-3705 hosted by
    producer, director

    Grammy Award winning producer, writer, musician

    "The Clown Prince of Reality"

    World renown
    historian of the African Diaspora
    C. R. GIBBS


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    "Domestic Violence and Teen Dating""

    in Entertainment

    Join your host griot Jerome for another powerful and enlightening show motivated by the efforts of
    > the
    > Prince Georges County Dept. of Family Services
    > Jerome 'PtMan' Tucker and fellow facilitators Reginald and Peachie
    > Williams along with AdamsHouse Director William Hall will represent The
    > AdamsHouse
    > Program and participat e in a panel discussion on
    > Men's Responsibility to End Domestic Violence.
    > Join our discussion on
    > 'Why Women Abuse Men and their Children'
    > 'Why Men Abuse Women and Their Children'
    > and
    > 'They All Abuse for the Same Reason!'

    with our 3RD EyE OPEN Resident Griots; Music Director and Entertainment Insider
    "NAISA" also Keeper of the Proverbs "The Clown Prince of Reality" "POOKIE" also
    nationally recognized and celebrated African historian, Educator & Speaker C.R. Gibbs
    then Join our sports debate led by our resident All-Star sports investigator WUSA-TV 9 Sports Reporter DAVE OWENS