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    Was Adam Lanza An Undiagnosed Schizophrenic?

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    In light of the recent school shooting in Newtown Connecticut, I am doing a special broadcast that focuses exclusively on this topic.   In this special report, I’m going to take you through an analysis of Adam Lanza’s psyche in order to put together the pieces of this puzzle.   Prepare to be very surprised as you discover what I believe was a fatal misdiagnosis of his real condition. Had he been properly diagnosed, this tragedy may very well have been averted.   What is most alarming is the fact that many psychiatrists and mental health clinicians make this common diagnostic error! And, as we have seen, this error can be catastrophically fatal!   I will also be talking about how Adam Lanza, in his own twisted way, can be seen as a messenger who is ringing a five alarm fire bell for the world. Even those of us who are not mentally ill can can be taught a valuable lesson about the dangers of bottled and acted up our anger.   This show has a correspoding article that can also be found on my Psychology Today blog, as well as on AskDrLove.com

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    Dr James Coplan - Preventing the next Adam Lanza and Elliot Rogers

    in Current Events

    With host Marianne Russo 

    Dr. Coplan has attained recognition in all three medical specialties pertaining to child development: Pediatrics, Child, Neurodevelopmental Disabilities), and Child Psychiatry 

    Dr. Coplan’s book, Making Sense of Autistic Spectrum Disorders: Create the brightest future for your child with the best treatment options introduces a revolutionary three-dimensional model of ASD that simultaneously takes into account a child’s atypical features, level of general intelligence, and age. This 3D model provides a “roadmap” on which to chart a child’s progress over time, and a framework for making decisions about the best therapies at each stage of development. His book also addresses the many conflicting claims regarding causation of autistic spectrum disorder, proven and unproven interventions, and possible reasons for the so-called “explosion” of cases of ASD.

    In his article "Is one of my patients the next Adam Lanza" he discusses causes, identifying and preventing tragedies like those in Newtown and the recent killings in Santa Barbara. 


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    Adam Lanza

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    APOCALYPSE: Adam Lanza, What Caused His Asperger's Syndrome

    in Spirituality

    This probably will be my last show about the Sandy Hook School Shooter, Adam Lanza. My Psychic specialty is Reincarnation and Past Lives, and I will attempt to explain Adam's Autism/Asperger's--some would call a distinction without a difference--what caused it, and how it relates to who he was in a Past Life. Most importantly, I will offer a new explanation about what is causing so many children to be born these days with inexplicable mental disorders, and how we should be treating them. Christmas is the season and holiday celebrating children, and their welfare should be uppermost in all our minds. The explanation of Autism and similarly related Asperger's Syndrome, and how best to treat them, is a Gift, in a sense, from young Adam, and all the children he killed, to all those left behind. And this is the Apocalypse.

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    Spingola and Friends

    in Education

    Bring in the Clowns, Distractions and Deceptions: Deanna talks about Sandy Hook, offers a few health tips, and shares some background. About those death certificates that people are not able to find: Death Certificates are NOT Public Records; Deanna's Sandy Hook Research and Notes

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    The Black Adam Hour........or 2 (4)

    in Entertainment

    The Legion of Greatness Radio Network welcomes Wayne Osborne to the network with his show, The Black Adam Hour....or 2.

    The Black Adam Hour....or 2 is a seamless sports show, for the people! Basketball, Football, Baseball, Soccer, and Hockey will all be discussed here. The show will always cater to the fans. If you call in and don't want to discuss the current topic. ....GREAT. Black Adam encourages new topics. He'll stop the current discussion at hand and Shazam you onto the line. Black Adam welcomes homers, objective fans, purists, and every other kind of fan there is. Younger fans, teenagers, young adults, oldheads, history buffs, come one, come all!!!! The show will never be scripted, it's raw, uncut, and unfiltered. The segments will be sure to catch your ears as well. The number to call is " Who wants a shot at the throne?" 646-787-1879. SHAZAMMMMM

    Facebook: Wayne Kareem Elijah

    Twitter: Blackadam33 @wayneosborne18

    Email: wayneosborne18@rocketmail.com

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    Authentic Enlightenment Radio w/Guest Adam Kokesh

    in Entertainment

    Starts at 6:45pm EST

    On a special Saturday evening show, the Authentic Enlightenment team will be joined by Adam Kokesh.

    **This interview will be replayed on Thursday night's show

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    Girl Talk Live

    in Radio

    The topic of this week show will be an interviews with Charlene Tucker and Adam Keeler. Plus topics on  Florida Teens Say Street Harassment,Violence Against Women—Unfinished Business is Everywhere, Financial Freedom,  Interpersonal Relationships and Communication and women health.They will play music featuring music by Prince.

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    Thursday Night Thunder with Adam Sinclair

    in Sports

    Thursday Night Thunder with hosts Adam Sinclair (@faborplumbs) and Mykkal Mulalley welcomes Trans Am competitor Joey McColm (@JoeyMcColm) to talk about the Miami Sports Car Weekend at Homestead-Miami Speedway.

    We will also be discussing the upcoming IHRA Nitro Jam events in Bradenton and Palm Beach International Raceway, as well as this weekend's 13th Annual Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach.

    Dig out your wallet, and sharpen your bidding skills. It's going to be a show that is well worth the money you paid!


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    Isaiah chapter 45 from a Latterday Perspective.

    in Religion

    The Kingdom of God to roll forth in the last days is now being set up in its fullness. God has sent many witnesses to prepare the way. I am Sent to Ephraim and to Manassah, and they will gather Israel out from the four corners of the world to prepare the way for Zions Redemption and the return of our Father Adam and the Return of our Redeemer and Savior. Thank you for listening to the program. Any questions of Comments can be texted to 801-368-1490. Take care and May God bless your Journy. 

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    NBA Playoffs Preview & Indie Music - Powered by CreativeBeauty.TheNeriumLook.com

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    DTong will be going over the Round 1 matchups in the 2015 NBA Playoffs and playing some of the hottest independent music on the planet! Sports AND Music UNITE!

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