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    Kids want to rock and Tempt is the band they've been waiting for. Comprised of Zach Allen (vocals), Harrison Marcello (guitars, keyboards, vocals), Zak Gross (bass, vocals), and Jimmi Kane (drums), this New York City-based band is all about big hooks and big riffs. Tempt brings musicianship, style, performance, and an intense rock sound to a new generation.

    Tempt is an explosive new band built on a love for melodic rock. The band is fronted by two 19 year olds on vocals and guitar has taken the heritage of the Sunset Strip, New Jersey and the streets of their hometown New York City and made it their own to take rock into the 21st century.


    A modern rock band displaying monster riffs and powerful lyrical hooks. Featuring guitarist and vocalist Justin, guitarist Luke, bassist Johnathan and Alex on drums, Adage is engaging the music scene with full force. Recently signed with Pavement Entertainment and currently playing shows across the southeast, Adage is setting their sights to hit stages across the U.S.! Look for the EP "Defined" to drop August 2014 

    ad•age \'a-dij\ noun
    1. a traditional saying expressing a common experience or observation.
    2. an up and coming 4-piece Modern Rock Band from North Carolina that has fans filling the music scene for a chance to experience them live.

    Following their highly anticipated performance at Rocklahoma in Pryor, OK on May 25th, they plan to tour nationwide to promote the release of their debut album "Under My Skin". They have their sights set on making 2014 their year.

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    Artists Alvin Garrett and Luke of the group Adage on Conversations LIVE

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    At the top of the show Host Cyrus Webb welcomes recording artist Alvin Garrett to Conversations LIVE to introduce his single NEVER GONNA FIND. Then Luke of Adage stops by to introduce the group's single HOLD ON from their new project DEFINED.

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    New Music Inferno w/ Adage, Light 'Em Up & Rocket!!

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    Adage - Rock band from North Carolina...New Album "Defined" out now...New tour dates & more coming...Check out their music & more @ www.facebook.com/adageband1

    Light 'Em Up - Pop Punk/Ska band from Las Vegas...New Album "New Shoes" out now...Just headlined the "eNVy Showcase" at the House of Blues in Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay....Check out their music & more @ www.facebook.com/lightemupNV

    Rocket - Rock band from Los Angeles,Ca...New 2 song single "Hey Baby" & "Electrified Moon" out now...Check out their music & so much more @ www.facebook.com/thebandrocket

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    When Skeptics Set Up Psychics Like They Did With Chip Coffey +Psychic Questions

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    I will tell you what skeptics did to Chip Coffey during one of his shows in San Jose, CA.  These skeptics went in asking fake questions.  This is just as wrong as a charlatan.  Will a psychic get every question right?  Absolutely not and these skeptics will only focus on what is wrong and not the high percentage of readings that are accurate. 

    I feel they were wrong with what they did.  I will also talk about James Randi who is a skeptic and has offered any psychic to take his $1,000,000. test.  The late Sylvia Browne refused as well as others.  I'll discuss the test that he offered. 

    I will get clients personally who want exact timeframes and this isnnot possible. If I am reading for you in 2015 what I see is going to happen in 2015. However, people have free will.  I will explain a good example of what happened to one of my clients who called last night.  In the scenario I will tell you why it would change a time frame. 

    People do have to remember that psychics are not God.  I have a high accuracy rate and pick up very specific things in a reading that someone fake wouldn't be able to.  You can read this under my reviews on Kasamba. My name is just Mia0899cs if you search for me.  

    Also, because I  usually only charge $30.00/reading depending on the questions and cirumstance  and I offer free clarification after the reading I feel sometimes people who haven't read with me assume I am not as good as someone who charges more. It's the old adage, "You get what you pay for."  In my case this is not true.  I do many telephone readings and it pays significantly better. So, I give back by charging a lot less for my message readings. 

    I will also take your psychic questions on anything in this episode. 

    Love and Light, 




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    Are You a Thought Leader? Choosing your Territory to Explore and Conquer

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    To excel, the old adage was "Get a good education." Then, there was the call to a higher level of mastery and we were encouraged to become "experts in our field." But, in today's information overload, we need individuals who can synthesize, correlate, and formulate new fresh perspectives based on the vast amount of data available to us.  What information draws you in? What kind of data do you desire to understand? What one thing are driven to serve? Join Kimber and Nicole as they show you how to become a thought leader.  Hear their stories that illustrate their calling to lead the thinking in their sweet spot.  You'll come away inspired to be an inspiration to others.

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    Go Ahead! Tear the Wrapping Paper A Holiday Reminder of Possibilities

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    What do wrapping paper and possibilities have in common?  Well, it is something to consider.  With so much talk of enlightenment, self discovery, and dream building, some are asking, “How?”   Difficulties seem to be running rampant, and yet the spiritual adage says the universe is supportive in all ways.  How is that possible when people are losing their jobs and their homes?  How is it possible to follow one’s passion and make a living at the same time, and how are people overcoming illnesses and healing their own bodies?  Follow a holiday tradition - opening gifts by tearing the wrapping paper - and be inspired by the radical messages of spiritual teachers from the past and in this modern day.
    Tina Gibson is an international speaker, author, and teacher in the area of self-discovery.  She is also a life-coach and Spiritual Practitioner assisting others to better understand their personal power.  Having traveled extensively around the globe, Tina inspires many to live in and come from a place of love.  After spending years learning the true power of self-love, she shares her journey and the challenges she has experienced by her own limiting beliefs.  The mother of three successful sons, Tina continues to share her message of the gifts of self-love.  Tina resides in Albuquerque, NM.

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    KTL RADIO presents THE GOD NEWS ft Dr Gabriel Oyibo

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    Join us tonite for a SPECIAL BROADCAST featuring Dr. Gabriel Oyibo, the man responsible for conveying the God Almighty Grand Unified Theorem (GAGUT). This scientific equation is the sum total of all things in existence, Gij,j=0 and he attributes it to the sum total of all things in existence that exists in US. 

    When we realize that we are all in this together the revelation that we are all one will permeate throughout the hearts and minds of the masses. The past has always granted us the necessary foundation when honored with the proper respect. The now is an infinite gift which is called the present, is it not? Tomorrow is our future and for millennia it has been exploited and endangered by way of genocidal massacres, rape, and historical plagiarism.

    To ensure our future is to ensure our unity of existence. A unified field already exist awaiting our alignment attunement and acknowledgment of it, no matter the ideology, for science calls it the Big Bang, religion states god said... "Let there be light!" and ancient mystery systems proclaim the roaring waves of Nun. All producing the thought in particle form known as the atom of hydrogen (thought with mass). The universe is geometrical and time is a measurement of duration. With separatist views plaguing our community and integration taking us way out of context, a miracle equation for a solution is something we can all agree upon along with the old adage men lie women lie but numbers don't, in which Gij,j=0 and thats all we wrote.


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    Upcoming Events and Happenings at HEALing THrough Hurt i-Talk Radio

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    This is a special abbreviated show to let you know of our upcoming events virtual and face to face!

    The Purpose Project Women's Power Summit 2014

    Upcoming guest and special shows and more!

    Time to S-eek H-eal I-nspire N-urter *E-xperience a new YOU* 

    The year is coming to an end; time for us to make major change! as the old adage says "out with the old, in with the new"  Don't you think you deserve to be happy and put yourself first for a change?  Join me for this short informative session.  

    WE will END with a special POETIC reading and discussion

    by Ms. NIKKI DIXON!




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    Time 2 Love with Lydia Pellow

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    Time 2 Love with your host, Lydia. Lydia is your lighthouse of love, teaching, motivating and guiding you on your journey to loving......YOURSELF! (Who else?) Tune in to listen or be BRAVE and call with comments or questions. (347)-989-0124 

    My first show on Levitating Mindsets Network! I am so excited. If you've listened to my show before you know what it's about, if not I am going to be talking about loving YOURSELF. I will talk about my journey and will take calls with comments and questions. I am not 100% loving myself all the time. I AM working on it. I share what I know and I do believe in the adage, you teach what you most need to know. I know the time 2 love is now and it begins with ME!


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    Catching Up on The Latest News, The Mid Week in Review @Afronerd, Wed-7:30pm

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    Welcome to the latest episode of our Mid Week in Review show currently under the auspices of Afronerd Radio.  Don't forget to set your calendars and clocks for this Wednesday at 7:30pm when your hosts, Dburt and Captain Kirk unravel the following current event laden mysteries (no "Scooby snacks required): in the ultimate case of reefer madness- we attempt to compare the intelligence quotients of an Alaskan news reporter versus a UPS worker losing their jobs over their love for the Wacky Tobacky; British Afropunk/Urb-Alt artist, FKA Twigs receives racist tweets from "Twilighters" who dislike her dating actor, Robert Pattinson; an unquestionable case of police misconduct gets caught on dash cam and an officer goes to jail; more revelations relating to last week's breach in White House security; as if the NFL didn't need have enough PR woes, a new report from the Department of Veterans Affairs’ brain repository, 76 out of the 79 deceased NFL players examined were found to have suffered from CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) brain disease; Dburt notes that his casual obervance of the foibles of the millennial generation are proving to be truer and more quantifiable than ever; NYC's first lady, Chirlane McCray is in the middle of a PR nightmare because of her assistant's personal life and lastly, a podcast highlighting the Dr. John McWhorter penned New Yorker magazine piece on jazz great, Louis Armstrong reminds us of the immortal adage, "the more things change, the more things stay the same."  Call the show live at 646-915-9620.  

    I am more than amused by the prospect of a battle of wits ... though I fear that with you as an opponent... the struggle might well be brief-Victor Von Doom      

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    Speaking On Sports: Live Fantasy Football League Draft

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    We will be hosting our 3rd Annual Speaking On Sports Fantasy Football Draft and you can listen in live to the greatest collection of pro football experts ever assembled in one location. Our draft is powered by NFL.com so the action will be fast, furious, and fun. Compare the draft strategies employed by our panel to your own Fantasy Football plan or just have some fun while you listen in. Who will be the first players off the board? Will our panel follow the age old adage that you go running back early or will some maverick snap up Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, or Calvin Johnson early? Listen in to find out and hear some epic smack talk.

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