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    How To Activate Your Genius For Internet Marketing Succcess

    in Entrepreneur

    Activate your genius for having more success  in your internet maketing 

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    Breaking the Chains.....Activate Your Life

    in Motivation

    I have a dream...Celebrating 50 Years - It's our Jubilee!

    March 4th, is the only day that commands action - and in this call, we will share with you how to march forward and activate a vision for your life so that you can be a part of the Jubilee that we are bringing to families across this nation and the world. To do this, we bring you the Activator herself, Mrs. Lucinda Cross, an author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur, to discuss how we activate our lives to our highest level of excellence!!

    Our forefathers and mothers planted trees from which we gather fruit, and dug wells from which we quench our thirst. Cilvil Rights Activist marched for us, died for us and pleaded for our equality. So what are we leaving behind for our communities today? What are we fostering in the minds of our Black children? How will we strengthen our famillies and our communities?

    Fifty years ago, Dr. King's "I Have a Dream..." Speech debuted in Detroit and transformed a nation. Today, we Celebrate our Jubilee and join in that movement implementing his dream so we evolve in our beliefs, values and purpose for elevation of our consciousness into the greatness that lies in the Human Spirit.

    Our ancesters from Africa knew the power of connection to the Divine, and honoring the human-ness in each other. I invite you to remember the greatness of our people, and let's have conversations that inspires us all to take action to "Heal what's hurting our Black Community" and continue our ancestor's vision.

    We are powerful, and we rise!

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    KTL RADIO presents HOW TO ACTIVATE YOUR MELANIN... ft Lester Loving

    in News

    Join us tonite as we welcome back scientist/inventor Lester Loving to the program. 

    The brother will detail solution based applications to activate your melanin and keep it activated. 

    We will also discuss the information shared from this past weekend's "MELANIN CONFERENCE" 

    We've heard alot about what people THINK pertaining to melanin, but what can be proven? 

    What are the parameters to this science? 

    Is melanin activation to the solution that we've all been looking for? 

    Are we being hampered by lazy melanin activation and sloppy science?

    Tune in and bring your pad & pen...CLASS IS IN SESSION!! 

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    Activate Abundance in Your Life using Feng Shui

    in Self Help

    What is abundance, and how can using feng shui help to increase abundance in your life? Abundance is not just about monetary wealth. Discover how to target your goals and increase abundance in health, career, love, or any other area of your life that you want to enhance. You and your home mirror each other's energy. Focus on changing one or both to change your perspective and make changes in your life. Learn how to identify your abundance mindset, change a mindset of lack, and activate abundance energy in your home. 

    Join this episode's host, Felicia D'Haiti, to discover tips to increase abundance energy in your home and manifest all of your desires!

    About Felicia: Felicia D’Haiti is a Master Teacher of Interior Alignment, holding certification programs in the Washington, DC Metro area. She provides feng shui and space clearing services, both on-site and distance as well as workshops on topics including Feng Shui, Clutter Clearing for Clarity and Prosperity, and more. To connect with Felicia, visit her website: www.feliciadhaiti.com, or her Facebook page: www.facebook.com/SoulTransformations.

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    Activate Your Abundance Birthright

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to The Evolutionary Kingdom of Truth with Founder & Minister Alicia Waters

    This dynamic message sharing will assist you in activating your Divinely ordained abundance Now!!

    Message: "Activate Your Abundance Birthright"

    Key Scripture Reference: John 10:10

    This sharing will be followed by a rebroadcast of a message delivered by Minister Joseph L Jones JR entitled, "The Great I Am"

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    Live Energetic, Activate, and Discover yourself

    in Lifestyle

    Its time to live, energetic, activate, and discover yourself with Sharon Johnson.  The only way you can change your life is to change your mind.  Join Sharon Johnson on her upcoming book LEAD - Live Energetic, Activate and Discover yourself.  There is a time for evertything and the time to chnage your life is now.

    Get Motivated, inspired, Encouraged and Change the way you think!

    Email http://info@comtivate.com

    Call 954-228-4896

    Web  http://comtivate.com

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    How To Activate An Inactive Community?

    in Current Events

    Real Talk Live 216 will have an open dialogue & discussion with our listening  audience on How Do You Activate An Inactive Community?  Special Guest: Zack Reed Cleveland Ward 2 City Councilman &    Michael J. Houser Ohio House of Representative Candidate for District #11.

    We have always heard this saying that people will care will they know you care. When you are willing to change and become active you can make a change better for yourself and the community around you. What is the blueprint in taking an inactive person/community and making them become active?. Call in to speak with our hosts and guests by calling 646-929-0243 and join us in our chat room.

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    " ACTIVATE THE SEASON " with Lady Voncile Belcher & Apostle Natalie Young

    in Music

    Join Apostle Natalie Young activating the Christmas Season with LADY VONCILE BELCHER " The Voice that Rejuvenates Traditional Gospel Music" Born in the small town of Ozark, Alabama, she enjoyed singing for her family. She hails from a strong religious background; her father was a noted minister while her mother was a well-respected missionary. With deep gospel roots her yearning to sing thrived. Today, her love for Gospel has awarded her many opportunities to minister through music, and has led Lady Voncile Belcher to pursue her fourth solo project. Her opportunities have enabled her to perform with small, medium, and large ensembles, which have included professional choirs, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, the Battle of the Bands, along with Radio and Television shows. Now, under her own newly formed Glory Bound (GB) Records, and working with Producers Tim Fryar and Rodney Edge and New Me Productions, her single release of 'Alright' is playing on the radio in the U.S. and International markets. She will release her fourth and most anticipated solo project in early 2014 entitled 'Unstoppable" and her Christmas Single available NOW for all of your Holiday listening!
    Follow Voncile on Social Media
    Facebook: Voncile Belcher
    Twitter: @LadyVoncile 
    For Bookings Contact:
    A.C.T.S. Entertainment Management 
    Phone: 404.432.7648 or via EMAIL: ActsManagement@live.com 



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    Activate Positivity in Your Life

    in Self Help

    Positivity is an amazing tool you can use to enhance your success in life. Research in positive pscyhology has been proven in nearly 300 scientific studies on over 275,000 people to increase flourishing. So, what does that actually mean and how can you activate positivity and reap the many rewards? Listen in as Carmen Wyld, Personal Development Coach, Presenter and Author of the book "Get Jiggity with Positivity" shares why Positivity is the foundation of her life and business, and how you can improve your life.

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    Ignite Your Sacred Inner Gifts! Activate the Priestess Within with Lisa Michaels

    in Women

    Full Show Notes:  http://www.sacredearthpartners.com/featured/top-5-inner-gifts/

    Show Topic: Ignite Your Sacred Inner Gifts! Activate the Priestess Within

    Special Guest: Lisa Micheals

    I love connecting with my mentor Lisa Michaels.  In this interview we walk through what it is to be a Priestess and how you can use it in your daily life.  We talk about how you can use the elements, sacred dance and the natural rhythms of nature and the moon. And much more!


    Lisa Michaels is a creation coach, author, dancer. For 20 years, she has helped thousands of people improve their lives, deepen connection to the sacred and strengthen inner wisdom. In addition to presenting at her own numerous events, Lisa has spoken for the Creative Problem Solving Institute, International Alliance for Accelerated Learning, Wisdom of Women Foundation and more. Her books are Natural Rhythms , Nature’s Success System, Create a Dynamic Year, and Prosperous Priestess Handbook.  Programs include Conscious Dance, Sacred Dance of Money, Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle, Create a Financially Thriving Divine Feminine Business and many more. 

    Show Notes:

    Hashtag: #PassionDivaRadio

    Call in Number: (347) 637-3175

    If you want an easy way to show you love and appreciation for the show, you can check out http://www.sacredearthpartners.com/Love

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    Activate Your Destiny!

    in Relationships

    Do you ever feel like you're treading water, struggling until exhaustion just to stay afloat? Do you have a burning desire to have more, do more, be more? Join Dr. D for this electrifying episode of Conversations with Dr. D Ivan Young as he discusses activating your destiny through the effective use of meditation, prayer and positioning. 


    Learn secrets of how to manifest that which you desire, eliminate resistance and blockage while catalyzing your connection to God, Angels and The Holy Spirit. This is not about religion. It's about getting a firm grip on the science of using the Laws of Attraction as a "spiritual technology". 


    You may listen via internet or call in to #646-478-5610 to listen via phone. If you have a question for Dr. D press #1 to connect with the host live on air! 


    If you are ready to live the life you've always dreamed of, don't miss this show!


    To submit a show idea, comment, or be considered as a featured guest email julia@divanyoung.com.


    *All programs are archived for your listening convenience*

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