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    Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man: Myth or Truth?

    in Romance

    With this summer’s release of “Think Like a Man Too” with Kevin Hart and Steve Harvey’s recent bestseller, “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man,” should ladies rethink the way they act (in fact, to think more like men) when it comes to relationships? The popularity of this idea may lead some to believe they should, but what does it mean to do that, and does thinking like a man for a lady make a difference when it comes to love?

    Listen to this week’s podcast episode of The Sound Off as our hosts dive in to this topic.

    Sound off your thoughts by emailing info@soundoffradio.com, commenting at www.Facebook.com/thesoundoffrrr, or tweeting @soundoffradio!

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    Act Like a Lady but STOP TRYING to Think Like A Man

    in Women

    On this episode of the ::ANSWERS:: Show we discuss the book "Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man" and debunk the "dating rules" in the book. There is no one-size-fits-all to any situation and this book gives women a false set of rules that most men find ridiculous. Listen in as we break down these rules and unrealistic expectations and help you not set yourself up for failure.

    The fact of the matter is, ALL men know if you are trying to pull a trick out of this book. And they will most likely use it against you. 

    Call 347.215.6640 to Join the Conversation or log-in to www.blogtalkradio.com/theANSWERSshow to listen to previous shows.

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    in Self Help

    Last week we talked about "Think Like A Man"... tonight we're just saying - why not just... "THINK LIKE A LADY and ACT LIKE A LADY"
    Joining us tonight the ladies are answering the questions tonight. Kimberli Greene - host of  "The Next Level ATL" - Kimberli is making waves as a relationship expert.
    Founder of Portholiio (an Atlanta based firm specilizing in personalized brand management and development) Melinda Santiago.
    The normal cast Neicy G with What's Goin On and Our Sports Guy Keith Roberts.
    Join the conversation (347) 994-2063 or watch live at www.michaelmcfadden.com

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    Act like a lady; Think like a...with life coach Kelly Joyner

    in Women

    Should ladies act like a lady and think like a man? Are you single and looking for a man? Who is the 90 day rule for? 90 day rule to 900 day rule...will he still marry you? Will he respect you more if you don't have sex with him? Are you the Proverbs 31 woman?

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    Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man: Normalizing Rape Culture

    in Culture

    Tonight, we're talking about rape culture, laying it out for you and discussing where we see rape culture take place. We're going to explore rape culture in the Black community and how it manifests as violence against Black women.

    We'll also be discussing how rape culture is perpetuated in “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man,” an advice book on romance written by Steve Harvey, popular comedic entertainer and radio host in both mainstream and Black communities who's been married and divorced three times. The best-selling book and popular film offer advice about romance from the Black male perspective to a predominantly female audience. We'll be talking to a variety of Black women on how they feel about the book and film and what they think about rape culture and it's impact on the Black community.

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    Act Like A Lady & Think Like A Man & Other Hot Topics

    in Entertainment

    You've seen different forms of advertisements for MONTHS now and Today is the day. The movie "Act like a Lady, Think Like a Man" (based on book by Steve Harvey) is finally out. Have you seen it? Will you go see it? Did you read the book? Is it actually possible for a woman to THINK like a man? We are talking about it tonight?
    Other hot topics include
    *Trayvon Martin case update
    *Basketball Wives
    *ATL Housewives reunion show
    * Thirsty men & Women on social sites (what are the symptoms)
    and lots more 
    Tune in at 10 pm EST for iCandi Afterdark...... 

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    2chix1mic: Reviews Act like a Lady...Think like a Man

    in Current Events

    This week, 2chix dissects the hit movie "Think Like A Man" revolving around the bestselling book by talk radio host, comedian, and book author Steve Harvey entitled, "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man: What Men Really Think about Love, Relationships, Intimacy, and Commitment"
    Should women follow Harvey's advice, and "think like a man?"  And do men agree that this is the best approach to bridging the divide between the sexes?
    If you have strong opinions either in favor of his advice, or strong criticisms against this advice, please call in during the show: (818) 572 4950!!! 

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    ACT Like a Lady, THINK Like a Man - Thoughts from Listeners

    in Romance

    Upfront & Straightforward Host Alan Roger Currie leads another one of his "Open Forum Discussion" topics, this one revolving around the bestselling book by talk radio host, comedian, and book author Steve Harvey entitled, "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man: What Men Really Think about Love, Relationships, Intimacy, and Commitment"

    Should women follow Harvey's advice, and "think like a man?"  If you have strong opinions either in favor of his advice, or strong criticisms against this advice, please call in!! (646) 478-5710

    Get the Audiobook version of Alan Roger Currie's 'Mode One'' book for FREE!

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    Sports In Depth-The Boxing Way With Lady/Happy Birthday Eddie/*TRUST*IN**GOD**

    in Sports

    It's time for that fan favorite segmen,'The boxing Way With Lady A'

    'Sports In Depth'
    With,Dr.M.Lee''Doc'' Stanley Sr.,and his sports posse, is an in depth informative educational and historical look at the world of sports,on his renowned and legendary award winning,radio show,'Sports In Depth'. Di-versing from both a daily and historical perspective,bringing also both an in depth look and perspective not only on the sports of our times, but too,of the players and performers of the said events, both now and of yesteryear.
    'Sports In Depth',AKA SID, also brings us the unique strategies of sports from an intellectual prospective.
    Not just athletics because as it takes raw talent and conditioning it too takes a mind fueled with passion, determination,interlect and a belief of competing and accomplishing too.
    And with the in depth knowledge and diverse intellect, of Doc's iconic posse,'Sports In Depth' is too,''the world in Depth''. 
    Thanks for joining us once again,where we always,''rope the Rumors,hog tie the Issues and brand the Truth.''



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    Social Media Tuesday

    in Fun

    Wait just a Leap-Second . . . One day for Social Media? Doesn't social media go on 24/7/365? Maybe it has something to do with Einstiens theory of Special Relativity. Naw, seems like more of an economic issue. Let's ask Dr. Thomas Sowell, PhD. He should know.

    And if you want to find out, listen to today's show!

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    The Harshnesses and Upsides of Depression, Part Two

    in Motivation

    The Harshnesses and Upsides of Depression, Part Two

    We all seem to know what depression is and what it does. Maybe even why we are depressed. That time that we are in depression is truly a very special time in so many ways. The rawness of depression and the results of depression set the pace for the next part of your life, yet why do we feel so so horrible during that process? What is going on in our heads and why the defeated feelings that make us feel like we are not able to get up, sleep, eat none at all or eat too much and feel like we have no plans, goals, things to look forward to and a life that has meaning? What happens after the depression? We tend to trench ourselves so deeply in depression that the way out is something we cannot see. Tune in and Join in on the Conversation Monday Morning at 5:30 AM, PST!

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