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    Act Like A Lady/Think Like A Gentleman (Extended Families) with Reba

    in Relationships

    Tonight we are introducing a brand new program: "Act Like A Lady/Think Like A Gentlemen" with Reba La Maestra..

    Reba's first topic will be "Extended Families".

    The Brady Bunch was a "blended family" and it seems like everything worked out (in less than one hour of tv time weekly).....however what about the world of "Extended Families" ????

    Get in on the conversation with Reba and give us your question, comments, or suggestions on this topic.

    Call (347) 855-8802

    Thank U for listining to Reba and PLEASE remember to tell all of your friends and extended family to do so too.

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    Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Lady-New Singles Release For Women AND Men

    in Spirituality

    Looking for love in all the wrong places? Tired of people coming in and out of your life through a revolving door? Single, and don't know how to date? Should Christians date? What about sex? It's all discussed in my new book...and much, much more!

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    The 90-Day Rule...Does It Help or Hurt

    in Relationships

    Welcome welcome welcome everyone to The ChickS.H.Y.T. & Real Talk Radio Show where this chick'll Surely Have You Talkin...

    Does the 90-day Rule really work? Is it just another way for a woman to exert control over the situation? What happens when the 90 days are up?

    I've read Steve Harvey's book, Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man and I've seen the movie. Loved them both...but men seemed to be up-in-arms at the release of both because it was said that Steve had given away man secrets. Really? Hmmmm....

    One rule imparticular that men seemed to have an issue with was THE 90-DAY RULE...

    We've all heard about the 90-Day wait rule when it comes to sex. TONIGHT, The Diva and her Dudes wanna talk about whether this rule really works and who it works for. Join us TONIGHT (347) 857-4326 and press 1 to talk LIVE. We wanna know what YOU think...cause the gloves are comin OFF tonight.

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    Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man

    in Romance

    I have changed my show from Peace and Consciousness to Enlightened Love...which my blog is named ENLIGHTENEDLOVE.WORDPRESS.COM
    So to kick it off, I will be talking about Steve Harvey's "ACT LIKE A LADY THINK LIKE A MAN" and how I think this is NOT the best approach for women to have...

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    in Self Help

    Last week we talked about "Think Like A Man"... tonight we're just saying - why not just... "THINK LIKE A LADY and ACT LIKE A LADY"
    Joining us tonight the ladies are answering the questions tonight. Kimberli Greene - host of  "The Next Level ATL" - Kimberli is making waves as a relationship expert.
    Founder of Portholiio (an Atlanta based firm specilizing in personalized brand management and development) Melinda Santiago.
    The normal cast Neicy G with What's Goin On and Our Sports Guy Keith Roberts.
    Join the conversation (347) 994-2063 or watch live at www.michaelmcfadden.com

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    Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man: Myth or Truth?

    in Romance

    With this summer’s release of “Think Like a Man Too” with Kevin Hart and Steve Harvey’s recent bestseller, “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man,” should ladies rethink the way they act (in fact, to think more like men) when it comes to relationships? The popularity of this idea may lead some to believe they should, but what does it mean to do that, and does thinking like a man for a lady make a difference when it comes to love?

    Listen to this week’s podcast episode of The Sound Off as our hosts dive in to this topic.

    Sound off your thoughts by emailing info@soundoffradio.com, commenting at www.Facebook.com/thesoundoffrrr, or tweeting @soundoffradio!

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    Act Like a Lady but STOP TRYING to Think Like A Man

    in Women

    On this episode of the ::ANSWERS:: Show we discuss the book "Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man" and debunk the "dating rules" in the book. There is no one-size-fits-all to any situation and this book gives women a false set of rules that most men find ridiculous. Listen in as we break down these rules and unrealistic expectations and help you not set yourself up for failure.

    The fact of the matter is, ALL men know if you are trying to pull a trick out of this book. And they will most likely use it against you. 

    Call 347.215.6640 to Join the Conversation or log-in to www.blogtalkradio.com/theANSWERSshow to listen to previous shows.

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    Act like a lady; Think like a...with life coach Kelly Joyner

    in Women

    Should ladies act like a lady and think like a man? Are you single and looking for a man? Who is the 90 day rule for? 90 day rule to 900 day rule...will he still marry you? Will he respect you more if you don't have sex with him? Are you the Proverbs 31 woman?

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    Ephesians 6. Are we in a battle? And prayer in troubled times.

    in Radio

    In this episode I will read from Ephesians chapter 6 and discuss what it means to ready for the spiritual battle. I will discuss the reality of how prayer can prepare our minds and how when we least think about it, sin is creeping at our door. I will read from a public domain about trouble and prayer and show how we need to pray even when we don't feel like it.

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    Taboo Talk Focuses on Black History Month with Professor Griff

    in Spirituality

    Taboo Talk, a Christian talk show featuring Lady Charmaine Day (www.ladycharmaineday.com). On this exciting episode of Taboo Talk, guest star Professor Griff shares his insight and wisdom on issues relevant to Black History Month. This is a show you don't want to miss if hearing an enlightened perspective on Black History Month is important to YOU!!!

    About Professor Griff:

    Professor Griff is an internationally renowned educator, writer, producer, musician, platinum recording/spoken word artist, lecturer and founding member of the pioneering and revolutionary hip hop group Public Enemy. Author of the popular music business guide: Musick Bizness R.I.P. (Resource Information Publication), Griff stands as a highly acclaimed, seasoned entertainment industry veteran and sought-after resource on all aspects of the music business. An activist within both the conscious and hip hop communities, Griff currently stands as a permanent fixture on the international lecture circuit with his riveting and powerful discourse/book, the Psychological Covert War on Hip Hop. Professor Griff speaks on Tamir Rice Verdict, Lebron James, and the responsibility of Black Entertainers.

    Professor Is The Truth He Quick on the Draw when Answering Questions, He Keeps It Authentic, Blacks, Whites & All Races Can learn from This Wise Man Professor Griff He Is The Silent Assassin, Once You Hear Griff's Sharp Truth, you Realize He's a FORCE to Be Reckon With!!! For more information please visit www.pgriff.info  or www.professorgriff.me


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    The Universal Law of Equipoise What You Need To Know

    in Spirituality

    There is always movement in the Universe, irrespective of what it might look like or feel like and or sound like, nothing is ever still. When you are asleep, or in a deep meditative stance you are always moving.  Energy is either moving into form, that’s into creation or moving out of form which is decreation.  But, whatever energy is doing it’s doing it with a balanced purpose.   The only way that creation and decreation or better yet, the manifestation of what you are wanting to come into your life can take place, is if you uphold the tenants of the Universal Law of Equipoise.   Equal energy is applied to both the creation and the decreation of things.  This Universal Law speaks to us about maintaining a balance.  We need to maintain balance for our manifestations to take place.  i.e. You can’t expect to not run into bad drivers, if you're always cussing and fussing about how incompetent people are when they get behind the wheel of their cars.  Understanding how this Law works can be the difference between you getting what you want for your life and never quite hitting your mark.

    Join me, Dr. Wendy Dearborne choice expert and life coach along with Olivia Lashley expression coach and artist as we look at the Universal Law of Equipoise and how it supports you in using the Universal Laws of Attraction more efficiently.