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    Oprah Winfrey on Nelson Mandela and How Bi-Racial America Deals with Racism

    in Lifestyle

    Highlights and fun stories from the 45th Annual NAACP Image Awards today on "Sundays with Rolonda," including an interview with Oprah Winfrey about her personal times with Nelson Mandela.

    Plus, "Being Bi-Racial in America: Dealing with Racism and the Stand Your Ground Law."

    I need some callers on this topic today so please join me -- 602-753-1779.....www.sundayswithrolonda.com

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    Afreekan Descendents,Trauma & Traumatic Stress S.S.S. A.S.

    in Self Help

    with The Traumatized Traumatologist: SiS. Abena A FREE KA!
    Understanding Trauma and Traumatic Stress, what it is and how it works, ESPECIALLY in the LIves of AFREEKAN DESCENTDANTS, Sis Abena has developed a REVOLUTIONARY PROGRAM to support our Healing and Recovering from what she notes as, both National and Cultural Trauma.  "MAAFA" is the term Dr. Ani applies to this experience of living through Traumatic Stress of the "***HUMAN INTENTIONAL TYPE"****
    Sis Abena also applies her REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES to break down and de-mystify the process of using "mental health" supports to address the "Mentalcide"  and Cultural Genocide.
    Sis Abena is a Social Worker and Family Therapist and holds an Associate Degree (AS) in General Studies, Bachelors Degree in Mental Health Technology, (BS) Masters Degree (MSS) in Clinical Social and is ABD (all but dissertation) in Couple and Family Therapy. She has worked with Famlies of Afreekan Descent and those Surviving in Poverty for over twenty-five (25) yrs. 
    Not only does SiS Abena bring a strong Educational and Practice Experience with our people for Healing from mental and emotional trauma, she herself has GOINE TROUGH THE PROCESS TO HEAL.  She has recovered from addiction to crack cocaine, overcome major depressive disorder, has also been diagnosised with PTSD based on growing up in "da hood" making her a TRUE EXPERT in understanding and what is needed to HEAL.
    Join Us as we work to break the cycle of "LEGACIES OF LOSS"* and begin to DEPROGRAM AND RE-PROGRAM our Minds!

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    EXAMINING THE CODE (The Blackprint for Liberation) The BOOTY Call Show episode 101

    in Self Help

    On this episode S-Dot is joined by CREE SEVEN, a Counter-Racism Evolving Engineer dedicated to replacing the system of racism/white supremacy (RWS) with justice and they discuss the empowering work of Master Teacher Neely Fuller Jr. and Compensatory Code’s impact on the liberation of oppressed people of color.

    This will be a solution-oriented dialogue to aid and assist those who are ready to confront and combat this global system which has devastating local implications. We’ll revisit “The Code” and examine its suggestions for transforming our “thoughts, speech and actions” constructively to get to the next-level of Black-on-Black Love.

    Join us, grab your copy of THE UNITED INDEPENDENT COMPENSATORY CODE/SYSTEM/CONCEPT and let’s discuss it Thursday, December 2, 2010 @ 10 pm – midnight (EST) call-in 347.308.8527. ((( Peep It On the Download )))

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    21 QUESTIONS FOR S-DOT (The Interview) The BOOTY Call Show episode 103

    in Relationships

    (((Now Hear This))) On this episode S-Dot is interviewed by his 10-year daughter aspiring author, kidpreneur LadyBug who asks him 21 Questions on the system of Racism White Supremacy and Escapism Black Inferiority and about his forthcoming empowerment manual Keeping It 100: Being Your Authentic Self which debuts in 2011; also hear an exclusive excerpt from Message to the Trapped Generation a liberating audio essay that will be released for F-R-E-E (yes, F-R-E-E). Hear it 1st!!!

    Join us Saturday, December 4, 2010 @ 7:30-9:00 pm (EST) call-in 347.308.8527. ((( Peep It On the Download )))

  • You Love Your Denomination--Don't You?

    in Christianity

    In this segment I will be talking about how Denominations have caused more harm than good in the church. If being in a specific denomination defines what you believe, that could be a good thing. But, the enemy has used it in such a way that we the church are divided on almost all issues and that can be a breeding ground for hatred and division. God is allowing the church to lose its foothold on America and even the world. Because we have majored on the minors and not love. All believers may not portray the fruit of the spirit the way Galatians 5:22-23, but we must strive to so. Racism should not exist in the church and gossip should never be the norm. But because of sin it exists. When will we learn the message of Jesus's word to "love God with all our hearts,our souls,our minds and our strength and to love our neighbors as ourselves." It is not an option, but a command. Tune In! God Bless!