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    Furthering Fathering speaks on "Accountability", building a safety net.

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    Karmic Accountability

    in Spirituality

    Join us for another fascinating discussion exploring the nature of consciousness.

    Authentic Power

    ‘All that is required for evil to flourish is that good men (and women) stand by and do nothing’

    Planetary Consciousness
    A Spiritual Template


    Energy Alignment
    Global Focus Meditation

    The Emerald Alignment
    A practical Self Help approach to Energy Field Alignment, Healing, Sealing and Protecting the auric field. 

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    P.A.U.S.E.--Whose Your Keeper? Accountability at Its Best

    in Self Help

    Have you ever set goals to fall short of them? Why do you think this is?  The trend pulsating amongst religious organizations, Fortune 500s and social groups is the "Accountability Factor".  Cyndrell Parker, Founder of P.A.U.S.E., an Accountability Group uses proven strategies in order to catapult individuals to their highest potential.  In essence, P.A.U.S.E. has become the KEEPER of those that want MORE out of Life!  If you want more tune in and get ready to be driven to a life of Purpose.

    JOIN US Live!  Wednesday, November 12,  2014 at 10pm EST.

    by phone (347) 838-8992 or Online at www.blogtalkradio.com/TalksWithSheba

    Be Accountable!

    Let's Talk!


    Learn more about P.A.U.S.E.:

    Cyndrell Parker, Founder

    (301) 655-3029  or email pausepath@gmail.com

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    Culture Without Accountability - WTF?

    in Management

    Culture Without Accountability – WTF?  What’s The Fix? has been named a Winner in the 2014 Small Business Book Awards in the category of Management.

    Don't let the title fool you. "Culture Without Accountability - WTF - What's the Fix" is a serious book about being who you say that you are being and doing what you said that you would do. Integrity seems to be in short supply these days and this book has a lot of tips to get you moving in the right direction.

    This book has a step-by-step process that will keep you on the road of accountability and is full of real life stories of what accountability looks like, and what can go wrong in its absence.

    Join special guests Julie Miller and Brian Bedford on July 7, 2014 at 11:30 am CST

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    Accountability vs. Responsibility

    in Management

    Gordon Tredgold of GordonTredgold.com presents "Accountability vs. Responsibility". Let me explain how I see the difference between accountability and responsibility.

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    FBGlive Special (military accountability?)

    in Culture


    There is a push for police being held accountable for their actions. Why are the military immune, are they not responsible for their actions?

    Join the FBGlive crew and Rick Rynearson Curently serving Air Force command pilot and founder of VAPA dabate the differences and similarities of the two groups. It will be a conversation you don't wanna miss. As always brought to from deep in the occupied terroitory of the republic of Texas. Live out of studio 8. Your hosts Frankie (FNthe3rd) and Steve aka the Rabbit. Covering all the things no one cares about.

    To learn more about VAPA


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    Whats Your Accountability

    in Lifestyle

    What is your accountability in your problems? Tonight on Talking2Terri & The prophet Hour we visit the topic of accountability and how that can be the reason God is not moving in your prayers. Call tonight 10 pm central time 646 595 3069 and listen to the men and women of God speak about your accountability in your problems. Prophet Simeon Coates will be here to pray for and with you and also give you a powerful word from God. Come join us and watch the move of God.

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    Developing Law Leaders through Personal Accountability

    in Legal

    What the heck is QBQ! and what does it do? Tune into this podcast to discover how to practice personal accountability by asking the often ignored QBQ!: Question Behind the Question. Accountability, ownership and latent leadership skills are put into action when we ask better questions such as, "How can I adapt to the changing world?" "What can I do to contribute?" When we think like this, we use our talent, skills and time to solve problems, enhance relationships, and accomplish team and personal objectives. 

    About Kristin Lindeen

    Kristin Lindeen is the daughter of author John Miller who wrote, QBQ! The Question Behind the Question. So growing up, Kristin was steeped in the QBQ! message of personal accountability. With this background, she is uniquely equipped to share it with others. Her clients include corporations, associations, schools, churches, and nonprofits.

    Kristin holds an M.A. in Curriculum, Instruction and Corporate Education from Colorado Christian University, and enjoys delivering practical content to groups with a style that is energetic and fun. She is also certified to administer and facilitate the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator and enjoys doing this with individuals and teams.

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    How Does Internet Accountability Aid in SA Recovery w/ Carol the Coach

    in Self Help

    You want to know what tools are available to combat internet ography... Luke Gilkerson is going to be talking about Covenant Eyes which is one of the leaders in internet accountability software programs for your phone, tablet and computer. If you have wondered how to use Internet accountability software, you will get alot of information about this kind of service and how it can be an accountability tool for you to abstain from internet and increase your recovery from sexual addiction.  I recommend Covenant Eyes because it is one of the best accountability software programs out there!

    Sexual Addiction is a disorder that requires strategies to assist you in maintaining recovery. This show is to help you access the books, the experts and the people who are managing recovery with The 12 Step Program and Patrick Carnes Recovery Task Model that reinforces the steps you need to take to manage your recovery and take your life through the journey so that you not only conquer the "Addict" but develop into the person you were meant to be!

    Carol Juergensen Sheets aka Carol the Coach is a Certified Sexual Addictions Therapist who is ready to take you on the journey of sexual addiction recovery and expose you to the experts who will guide you through the steps.

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    SUAT - Accountability & Personnel Location Devices On The Fireground

    in Training

    Tune in LIVE Tuesday, August 5th for some Accountability chit-chat.  Get in the "know-how" and figure out the "what-nots" with some different accountability systems in the fire service. Let us help you relate to what your dept. is doing.  Also being discussed, is the integration towards technologically advanced locating systems that include advancements made by Scott, MSA, and ISI. 

    Feel free to let us know how we're doing, and offer input to the topic! Help us make it feel like a firehouse, as we encourage our round table discussion and talk it out like Brothers/Sisters do! 

    Guest Speaker:

    Rob Blasetti

    "Early" Retired Battallion Chief - City of Cape Coral, Florida - 13 Years of Service

    Firefighter/Paramedic - Fairfax County, Virginia - Engine 440 - 3 Years of Service

    Call In:  347-850-8800



    Email: shutupandtrainfire2013@gmail.com

    NOTE: SUAT does not intend to belittle, judge, or criticize any department's tactics, procedures, or guidelines.  We're not here to bang on each other, just to learn and make ourselves better firefighters. 

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    Talk with Tenney: Judicial Accountability and The Jury Trial

    in Current Events

    Guest: Katherine Hine is an advocate for the rights of psychiatric patients and is currently involved in the forced drugging/involuntary confinement case of John Rohrer pending in the Ohio Supreme Court:  [www.supremecourt.ohio.gov/Clerk/ecms/resultsbycasenumber.asp?type=3&year=2014&number=0268&myPage=searchbycasenumber.asp+]

    She is an inactive attorney who does not practice law. From 1977 until 2009 she practiced law in Ohio and Oklahoma representing battered women, parents of children abused by the other parent in custody cases, foster parents, citizens charged with petty crime, citizen groups seeking to bring accountability to local government, and others. She had a solo practice representing clients in criminal, juvenile, municipal, trial, and appellate courts. She maintains a particular interest in federal and state constitutional law and how those principles, can be used to combat the growing loss of freedoms Americans are suffering today. She has been involved with the Ross County Network for Children, as a board member since 1996, and as its Executive Director since 2005. [http://networkforchildren.wordpress.com/be-a-volunteer/]

    In 1999, Hine authored the article: Retaliation Against ProfesionalsWho Report  Child Abuse, a chapter in the anthology titled “Expose: the Failure of Family Courts to Protect Children from Abuse in Custody Disputes”.  In 1994 she was a candidate for district court judge in a five county race in the 15th Judicial District of Oklahoma.  The same year she organized the Oklahoma organization, Stop Child Abuse Now. Her law degree is from the University of Toledo in 1976, and she has studied and taught in the law school of Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand. 


    Aubrey Ellen Shomo:

    (details to follow)

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