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    In Touch Interviews with Access Consciousness

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    In Touch Interviews with Access Consciousness! They will be joining us to discuss their classes, forms of healing, what they can do for you, Access Bars and more topics! Call in to listen  646-378-0378. www.bodymindspiritradio.com

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    Akashic Record and Access Consciousness

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    Would you like to know more about your path and clear away the negative - we discuss Akashic Records and Access Consciousness with Lisa Barnett and Helen Gitlevich

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    "Access Consciousness": Empowering Awareness Technique for Deeper Healing

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    Consciousness & Oneness includes everything and judges nothing. It’s the ability to be present in your life in every moment without judgment of you or anyone else. It’s the ability to receive everything, to judge nothing, and to allow the entire Universe to be what it is.


    Access Consciousness offers pragmatic tools to change things in your life that you haven’t been able to change until now. Everything in Access Consciousness is about empowering you with the awareness of the fact that you can perceive, know, be and receive everything infinitely.

    Join me as I talk with the creator of Access Consciousness, Gary Douglas and we discuss: 

    What is Access Consciousness all about and what does it feel like to have a session?
    How is Access Consiousness different from other energy work such as Reiki, Healing Codes, Psych K etc.?
    What should people expect with a series of healing sessions?


    To learn more visit: http://www.accessconsciousness.com/

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    More Amazing Access Consciousness Clearing by Bettina Madini

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    Bettina Madini is an internationally known artist, she is a singer and a dynamic and transformational speaker. She is brilliant at inspiring others to a different possibility for their lives. As Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator, Bettina guides by asking questions and clearing out whatever limitations and judgments you are willing to release. If you could create anything what would you choose to create? What if you started choosing for you, being you and creating for your future?

    Join her on an amazing journey filled with tools that you can use in your daily life to unlock YOU and create the future that YOU desire. Is the time now?



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    "More Access Consciousness Clearing with Barbara McIntyre, Certified Facilitator

    in Health

    What if everything in your life is exactly what you’ve invited in to give you all of you? 

    And what if everything you see now as a difficultly, you invited in to transform not only your life and future, but also to offer the possibility of transformation to others as well? 

    Barbara McIntyre MS, L.Ac. is an acupuncturist, coach, speaker and facilitator. She has practiced Chinese Medicine for 18 years and enjoys blending Eastern and Western traditions. She has studied Five Element and Eight Principle Acupuncture with some of the premier teachers of our time. She has a particular passion for sound healing and hands on Energy Work. Most recently Barbara has become a Certified Facilitator for Access Consciousness which blends many of her talents and previous experience.

    Acupuncture has the potential to be a subtle and very powerful means to awaken the body and soul, bringing people “home”. Barbara uses the tools of Access Consciousness to help make this ancient system immediately accessible to everyone. In this way you become your own practitioner.

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    InTouch with Access Consciousness

    in Health

    Access Consciousness - what is it? Who can use it? What are some of the basic everyday tools that we use? Today, Dave and Gail Miller join the program to keep un InTouch with this wonderful way to get a handle on our health and maintain not the only the good health we have already but the better health we will create using the techniques taught in Access Consciousness. Because after all, everyone wants to REMOVE the effects of aging from the entire body, right? So tune in and get the latest information from this husband and wife team who want to put the POWER of your health into YOUR consciousness! www.consciousmindjournal.com

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    Using Access Consciousness To Create Healthy Living with Heather Smith

    in Spirituality

    Do you struggle with your health? Are you confused about how to get clarity on what is really healthy for you? Are you avoiding the changes you know you should make? What if making new choices could become easier? Access Consciousness empowers you to be able to change anything, including your health. Join in the conversation and learn how you can begin creating the healthy living you desire and have not yet achieved with Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator Heather Smith, CFMW. 

    If you have tried to make other people’s answers, methods and techniques work for you and always seem to fail to achieve …this is for you. This call will be a conversation and tools of awareness to expand how to know what is true for you and to be able to choose what would actually work for you. 

    For the last 20+ years  Heather has studied and used energetic modalities for change and transformation. An Access Certified Facilitator for many years she believes nothing is easier and more fun to change anything than Access consciousness. www.heathersmith.accessconsciousness.com


     LORDIEL is a Spiritual Practitioner for the Mind, Body & Soul celestial-energies.com

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    Barbra Gilman, Access Consciousness Facilitator taking your calls.

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    This Hump Day show we have Barbra Gilman, Access Consciousness Facilitor taking your calls, doing live clearing and Access processes that will get you way over the hump.  

    Barbra Gilman: Success Strategies For Life   Author of "The Unofficial Guide for Living Successfully on Planet Earth" and contributing author of  “An Indigo Celebration” and “The Indigo Children Ten Years Later.” Transformational Specialist Barbra Gilman has over thirty-five years experience as a therapist/coach.  She is the founder of Success Strategies For Life, a Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator who developed  “Conscious Parenting for a New Paradigm.”  Barbra served as the Director of Family Education for Neale Donald Walsch’s Heartlight Education and the Center for Spiritual Awareness. She has hosted her own radio show, “Conscious Choices.” 

    For more about this amazing women see: BarbraGilman.com



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    Creating Success With Access Consciousness

    in Self Help

    Join us on a very special call when we discuss how the tools of Access Consciousness can be used to create success in your life beyond your wildest dreams. 
    Learn the pragmatic tools of Access Consciousness & experience a nurturing hands on body process known as The Bars.
    Call In Live With Your Questions!
    Come Play With Us!
    What Else Is Possible?
    In Ease, Joy, & Glory!
    Meryl Brinin & Rob Gegner

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    Creating Success With Access Consciousness

    in Self Help

    Join us on a very special call when we discuss how the tools of Access Consciousness can be used to create success in your life beyond your wildest dreams.    Learn the pragmatic tools of Access Consciousness & experience a nurturing hands on body process known as The Bars.   Call In Live With Your Questions!   Come Play With Us!   What Else Is Possible?   In Ease, Joy, & Glory! Meryl Brinin & Rob Gegner  

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    How does it get even better that this? Access Consciousness with Anjana Barot!

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    Time to be all you be and get out of your way.  You are an infinite being and only you are powerful enough to stop you from the amazing life, you came here to have. 

    How does it get even better than this?  Now we have four different Certified Access Consciousness Facilitators coming on every two weeks for the next month and a half.  

    Anjana Barot is the founder of Anaantaa- Centre for Holistic Therapy  

    In our everyday life, with all the humdrum of life, there are times when we all feel very overwhelmed, anxious,stuck or not able to think what to do next. In those moments we look for solutions which can help us move ahead in life.

    Anjana offers one-to-one sessions which can help them choose different avenues for themselves by empowering them. She also facilitates classes for Access Bars,Foundation,Level 1,Right Voice for You Taster,Body Processes,Energetic Facelift,classes on money,relationships,bodies,magic,kids,parenting,etc....

    This show is on Wednesday afternoon or evening, for people in the US and Canada.

    If you are in Hawaii it will be 4:30 PM
    For people in Alaska 6:30 PM
    or people in California it will be 7:30 PM
    For mountain time it will be 8:30 PM
    For central time it will be 9:30 PM
    For the people on the East Coast US this call will be at 10:30 PM

    In Europe some time in the middle of the night.

    In South Africa it is 4:30 AM on Thursday Morning.
    In Asia it is also Thursday Morning.
    If you are in India the call should be at 8 AM?
    If you are in Japan like myself, it will be at 11:30 AM!
    If you are in Australia it will be 1:30 PM. 
    If you are in New Zealand it will be at 3:30 PM.

    We are looking forward to your call!

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