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    Host, Joe discusses the topic, "Acceptance" with co-host, Gerry and John - a channeled perspective.

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    ~Freedom and Happiness Through Acceptance~

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    For many of us, the season of winter, the time of rebirth through going deep within, is coming closer.  During this time of the year, concepts like love, peace, and harmony are ever more important.  Living in and from these states are freeing and create an everlasting feeling of happiness, inward and outward.  

    As we enter the month of December and prepare for the winter season that can be felt softly in the distance, this week's episode will help to shine a light on our journey within.  It will focus on the powerful idea on how true freedom and happiness can be found through acceptance.  The words freedom, happiness, and acceptance, as well as their meanings, will be looked at through spiritual pillars like, self-love, hope, and patience.  This beautiful and real-life idea will also be connected to the special Long Night FullMoon of the 6th and all the Earth and Cosmic vibrations that are happening in our time right now.  

    If you are ready to move your being into a space of true freedom and happiness, as we prepare deeply for the season of barren trees and cold and quite nights within, then join me for this special episode.

    Seeing you Thursday the 4th!
    Love, Peace, and Harmony, siempre~
    <3 <3 <3

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    Daily Focus- Acceptance

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    Accepting where you are in your life journey is the fastest way to get to where you want to be.


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    "Acceptance" is a theme or concept that you hear a lot about in Eastern philosophies, and it's frequently a very hard pill to swallow to us Westerners! Here in the States, the land of making-things-happen and "Don't step on me!", we are raised to respond strongly, maybe even aggressively, to problems and roadblocks. We're told to take charge and make our goals happen. Yet when we become burned out and stressed out from all of this achieving, the ancients tell us in their writings to accept our circumstances in order to experience peace of mind and to move ahead. What is this acceptance business all about? Are we supposed to be shrinking violets, patsies or doormats for the world at large? The good news is that is NOT what acceptance is asking of you.

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    Acceptance, Tolerance, and Accommodation

    in Christianity

    Join us this evening at 6 pm as we talk about acceptance, tolerance, and accomodation in our modern society and what they mean for us as Christians. It's a discussion ripped from today's headlines tonight on FMGLive!

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    This week's show is inspired by a young man from my home state of Michigan. His name is Colin and he's 10 years old and he has a form of autism/aspergers. His mom asked him what he wanted for his birthday. And his response broke his mother's heart, as well as my own. He told his mom not to worry because he didn't have any friends. Now his mom is doing all she can to show her son, that there ae people who care.

    We judge people too harshly in this world. And with social media, it makes it that much easier for people to share their opinions. And it's not just people like Colin. It's a lot of us who have difference. Why can't we live in a world that is more accepting of others? Why do people feel the need to make others feel badly or not wanted? Acceptance, This week. "On-Air". 

    If you'd like to send Colin a note and wish him a happy birthday. The following is the link to the Facebook page that his mother set up for his birthday. https://www.facebook.com/Coliniseleven 

    Please "Like" the page. And send Colin a note for his birthday. 



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    Acceptance in the Body of Christ

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    Personal Peace=Self Acceptance

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    Looking for self-acceptance and happiness outside of oneself is so frustrating and ultimately disappointing. My desire for this show is to share the information and tools I have learned through my study of EFT  and other processes, in hopes that my research and quest these last few years can help those of you who are struggling and who would like to be living a more peaceful and enjoyable life. My hope is that these tools will help you find your peace, and the happiness available within your own being, even in the face of life's challenges-or should I say especially in the face of life’s challenges. I believe that the ultimate tool to personal peace is Self-Acceptance. If you think self-acceptance is not an issue for you-do this simple exercise: What happens if you close your eyes and say: “I accept myself” and really think about the words. Say it a few times. See what comes up when you say: “I accept myself, but…” Can you discover what the “but” is? What thoughts came up? What would happen if you really, really accepted yourself – right now? Then try: “I accept myself when…” If nothing comes to mind, just guess what you would get. If the word accept doesn’t work for you try “I love myself”, I love myself, but… If you can answer these questions without a but –GREAT-I encourage you to skip this show unless you need a refresher. We provide simple, soul-delicious ideas, techniques, and solutions that will awaken your life,guide and resource your path to transformation, have you unstuck, resistance free, moving forward in the creation of your best life now. Visit or call Call TransformativeLifeSolutions today for your free Personal Peace Guide. 888.848.7406.

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    Acceptance and Forgiveness

    in Spirituality

    Join your hosts Clairvoyant Life Coach Bernadette Dickinson and Psychic Medium Mark Troy for an interesting hour of discussion on Acceptance and Forgiveness. In order for our lives to be peaceful, loving and in alignment, we must master this. Join the discussion live via phone or chat.

    Hidden Wisdom Radio offers a refreshing spiritual perspective on life issues, relationships, spiritual growth and everything in between. Each week we discuss different topics affecting our ability to connect to God/Source energy. Tuesdays 5pm Pac/8pm ET with live calls and live chat. 347-324-3891

    Check out Bernadette's website including videos, blog and more  www.bernadettesvision.com

    Check out Mark's website including videos, blogs www.marktroymedium.com

    To sign up for Bernadette's newsletter and your chance to win a free 30 minute session ENTER



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    Meditation Hour (Self Acceptance)

    in Spirituality

    Join Lee-Anne for this hour program where we will meditate. The meditation focus is on Self Acceptance.

    Helping you accept who you are.

    Includes Healing Time, allow yourself to receive and join us in sending love and healing out around our beautiful planet.

    CHAT ROOM at www.templeofbalance.ning.com

    Learn more about Lee-Anne and Temple of Balance at www.templeofbalance.com

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