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    The First Episode of Wrestling Rage!!!

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    The First Episode of Wrestling Rage!!! What is Wrestling Rage you may ask? Wrestling Rage is a show on Blog Talk Radio where Backyard Wrestler Sick Rick Rode sits down weekly, and plain and simple talks about Wrestling

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    Wrestling Spoilers Daily

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    We are back for the latest wrestling news! We will look at the current WWE Fast Lane PPV match odds. Plus, what went wrong with Samoa Joe in TNA and where does he go next? Plus, Jim Ross reports Brock Lesnar is leaning towards staying with WWE. We will discuss what Lesnar's best options for the next year.

    WWE Fast Lane Post-Show LIVE (Sun 2/22 at 11pmET/8pmPT) on Wrestling Spoilers BlogTalkRadio with @EthanTheBat and @AnthonyRAlford.

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    Pro Wrestling- What If??????

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    This is a special episode of Inside Wrestling talking about the biggest what if stories ever. Feel free to call in.

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    Wrestling Unwrapped: Off The Shelf- Debut Episode

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    It's the first episode of Wrestling Unwrapped: Off The Shelf! The show for DVD enthusiasts hosted by DVD enthsiasts.

    Join hosts Harry Broadhurst and Patrick Ketza as they explore Pro Wrestling DVDs inside and out, from their personal collections. Exploring the main points, bonus features, easter eggs, shows, and everything each set has to offer, and letting you know if the DVD is worth your buy. 

    This week, join Patrick and Harry as they explore two DVDs very near and dear to them. The first DVD will be the very first ever SHIMMER DVD, Volume 1, where they will talk about all match and bonus features (including some really goofy trailers on Patrick's version), and talk a bit about how SHIMMER has evolved, as they head for their 10th Anniversary.

    The second DVD set they'll talk about is the first (and only) entry into the WWE Greatest Rivalries Series, Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart. The sit down discussion with JR, along with every match featured on the set (which lacks one BIG one) will be discussed and talked about by our wonderful hosts.


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    TMPT of Wrestling: Kenny Cassanova

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    The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling is joined by the author of "Kamala Speaks", Kenny Cassanova. As told via www.kamalaspeaks.com - “The Ugandan Giant” Kamala is a former WWE superstar wrestler who never spoke once during his 30 year wrestling career. Having wrestled the likes of Hulk Hogan, Andre The Giant, The Undertaker, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, and The Ultimate Warrior, readers from around the world will take interest in this book. It is a tell-all story of life, bouts with blatant racism, overcoming obstacles and the gritty underbelly of professional wrestling 

    For more information on Kamala Speaks and to purchase an autographed copy of the book visit http://www.kamalaspeaks.com or http://www.facebook.com/kennycassanova

    For more on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling checkout our website, http://tmptofwrestling.com and on Twitter @TwoManPowerTrip and @therasslinpal

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    Wrestling Unwrapped- Ep. 2: Shawn vs. Bret

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    After a successful first show (editor's note: define "successful"), our hosts decide to finally cover the the second DVD from the first show... just one week later...

    For week two, join Patrick and Harry as they discuss the WWE half of their first set of shows, WWE Greatest Rivalries: Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart. 

    After Patrick screwed Patrick by messing with the rating system, he and Harry will debut their totally clean show to the world for all to hear (hopefully).

    All three discs will be covered during this show, from the over 2 hour sit down interview with Shawn and Bret, hosted by Jim Ross, to all 7 matches on Disc 2, to the legendary Iron Man match on Disc 3, along with Shawn and Bret's inductions into the Vince McMahon Likes You Club... I mean the WWE Hall of Fame. 

    Also, be sure to listen in on Patrick and Harry's several discussions about this rivalry, what they remember from it, along with this set as a whole, and the amazing one set series, and should there be more "Greatest Rivalry" sets?

    Of course, don't miss Cash and Trash, where Patrick and Harry talk about their favorite aspets of the set, be it a match, or a part of the interview, along with their worst part of the set. This is surely to be a more argumentative episode than week one (some of us think Shawn is right).

    Make sure you don't screw yourself and miss this episode, as our humble hosts continue t give their take on the best and worst of Wrestling DVDs.

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    The Wrestling Pulsecast 2.9.15 - Top 3 Wrestling Couples

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    The Pulsecast celebrates Valentine's Day! Join Matt and Justin as they discuss who stands out as the top couples in pro-wrestling history.

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    Teen PipeBomb Pro Wrestling Podcast

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    I talk about all things pro wrestling. From ROH, WWE, TNA, Japan, Lucha, etc. All that you wanna hear about the world of pro wrestling is right here at your doorstep! #pipebomb

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    NWA Wrestling Revolution presents Battle Talk Episode 72

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    Tonight we bring you the latest of NWA Wrestling Revolution's event "Gates of Glory"! Plus we have all the updates regarding the upcoming NWA Wrestling Revolution "Arabian Assault" event! We also have the results of NWA Branded Outlaw Wrestling's "Extreme Anniversary III" event! Lets not forget the results of last weekend's Anarchy Championship Wrestling's "Abscence of Law" event! Also the Laredo Wrestling Alliance has got themselves an event "A Night with Onyx" coming up this Saturday! Plus we got Lucas to discuss last Sunday's WWE "Fast Lane" PPV and more! 

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    Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling: Ricky Morton

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    The legendary Ricky Morton joins the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling to promote his current GoFundMe campaign. The purpose of the funding is geared toward helping his wrestling school obtain a new ring for his trainees. In the interview Morton stresses that his style of teaching is a far cry from what other wrestling schools are offering and that his 40 years in the business having both extremely great memories partnered with very dark periods give his students a very unique experience when training at the School of Morton.

    You can find all the information on the School of Morton by visiting: facebook.com/schoolofmorton and access the GoFundMe Campaign directly @ http://www.gofundme.com/lgkp9k


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    Wrestling + 1 Fastlane Post show

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    Call us 347 857 2361

    Join the group https://www.facebook.com/groups/953389498020997/

    Buck and Shady C discuss the results of fastlane

    Cesaro and Tyson kid are the new tagteam champs
    The dusts fall out
    Randy ortan returns
    CENA LOST !!!!


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