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    Mike Geary Truth About Abs?

    in Fitness

    Mike Geary Truth About Abs?
    So you want to have a six pack? In our first show we will take a look at Certified Nutrition Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer Mike Geary and his Truth About Abs product. Mike says he has the secret to getting those coveted sexy abs without fads, pills or gimmicks.

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    The 90-Day Six Pack Abs Challenge

    in Business

    Today on the BeachLifestyle Radio Show, Host Neil Haley The Total Tutor will talk about Successful Entrepreneurs GJ Reynolds & Bryan Vignery's newest 90-Day Challenge!

    GJ Reynolds is a successful Entrepreneur, who is always looking for ways to help transform lives of others, both physically & financially!

    GJ & Bryan Vignery have decided to challenge each other to a 90-Day six pack abs challenge! Over the next 90 days they will go head to head to see who can get the best Six-Pack!

    Follow their progress at: www.simplyg.com

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    Get it Right, Keep it Tight! Fitness 101 w/ The Guru of Abs

    in Romance

    Get it Right, Keep it Tight! Fitness 101 w/ The Guru of Abs Our featured guest is DaShaun Johnson, The Guru of Abs! He'll share a fitness tips for the single wives and give us tools to survive the holidays with our waist in tact! Don't miss 60 Sexonds of Seduction at 6:45!          

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    President Charles Clarke of Consulting firm ABS, The Art of Making Business

    in Technology

    The President joins Technology Expresso to share his insight, successes, and lessons learned during his journey to the presidency and his companys successes as they navigate the federal and corporate consulting environment delivering IBM rational tools, consulting and training, just to name a few of their successful specialties. Listen in or have your queries ready. Our chat room will also be open. Visit thier website at http://www.abs-consulting.com/_home/home.shtml

    Sit back and get ready to Listen, Learn, Leverage, Launch..

  • Episode 260: Best of Offshore Balancing the Indian Ocean

    in Military

    What is real, and what is a mirage? Can something be a cost effective strategic option, or a fool's errand?
    As outlined by our guests U.S. Naval War College Associate Professors James R. Holmes and Toshi Yoshihara in their latest work in the periodical Asian Security: An Ocean Too Far: Offshore Balancing in the Indian Ocean; the United States is beset by war weariness after over a decade of war and a half century plus of global commitments.

    It is seductive to think of retiring from continental Eurasia, but if history calls us back - returning in times of systemic conflict would be problematic – even in the relatively accessible rimlands of Western Europe and East Asia.

    In a part of the world with the planet's largest democracy - offshore balancing is close to impossible in the Indian Ocean.
    As it turns out, offshore balancing in the Indian Ocean may be no balancing at all.

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    Killing those Abs

    in Fitness

    Ab Exercise for all levels and the diet to go with them.

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    Interview With Fitness Authority and Six Pack Shortcuts Creator MIKE CHANG -#320

    in Fitness

    If you think all that fitness expert MIKE CHANG can teach you is how to get a ripped six pack set of abs, you'll be absolutely blown away by all of the empowering life lessons he dishes out during this podcast. In this interview with Skip La Cour, Mike explains why you must build a successful and profitable business if you really want to help the most people with your message. The YouTube sensation reveals how he built his massive following and the importance of being able to sell your thoughts and ideas to others. Chang also shares his personal story of being excluded by other children because his family didn't have much and how that drove him to become successful. Other topics he discusses are the difference between being cocky and being confident, risk-taking, fear, advice for up-and-coming fitness experts, and much more. Mike concludes the interview by revealing his ambitious plans to enrich the lives of people around the world in a way that will go far beyond helping them get "six pack abs."

    Six-time national champion bodybuilder, one-on-one peak performance coaching specialist, Mass Machine Nutrition supplement company owner, and speaker, Skip La Cour, offers his expert advice on training, nutrition, and motivation that will help you take your efforts to the next level. He also interviews the most interesting and passionate people in the bodybuilding and fitness world so you can learn from their knowledge and success too.

    This podcast is brought to you in part by Skip La Cour Coaching. Exclusive, next level, one-on-one life coaching that will give you the control and direction you need to succeed at the highest level.

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    Under the Mat with Paloma with Pete Gas & Joey Abs

    in Sports

    Tonight these Two Gentlemen will be joining us on Under the Mat with Paloma how exciting is this.... Pete Gas & Joey Abs on the First hour of Under the Mat with Paloma. Two Members of WWF's Mean Street Posse remember to come join us call in make those questions or just say Hello. Then on the Second hour of the show we have the Voice himself to give us the latest news of NWA-BOW's upcoming May 18th show.    Number to call in to listen or chat is 805-830-8338

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    How to Have Flat Abs (with Monte Mulligan)

    in Self Help

    People with flat abs are less like to have heart trouble due to obesity. Listen in as Monte Mulligan an expert trainer shares ideas that work. Monte will be accompanied by one of the members of his team, Daniel Lott who will also be sharing some of his expertise. Learn what foods to eat and the right techniques for trimming down your mid-section. This will give you a healthier heart. This show is a repeat and has timely and beneficial information.

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    Get Fit,Stay Fit -Tips On Slimming Down Hips, Butts, and Abs

    in Weight Loss

    Learn how to loose pounds and inches! Forget adding that winter coat and get some tips from Fitness Expert and owner of Optimum Body Sculpting, Carol Dunlop.  Join us and start that journey to getting fit and staying fit. 
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    The Joan Henry Radio Show

    in Entrepreneur

    The Joan Henry radio show is a fun forum for individuals who are interested in becoming an entrepreneur to connect with like-minded individuals, as well as entrepreneurs who are looking to take their business to another level to learn from other successful entrepreneurs in their respective fields. The show features guests who spoke on a variety of business related topics such as: goal setting, recognize opportunities, Mindset, creative thinking, problem solving, planning and organizing, financial literacy, taxes, branding, marketing, etc. The show also features guests from multi-level marketing, franchising, and other marketing concepts

    Margaret Harris is the proud owner of the company We Workout Too.  The mission of her company is to provide products and services that help individuals achieve a level of fitness that allows them to achieve a level of fitness that matches their personal goals.  Not everyone wants to be a runner or athlete or live in a gym.  As a Beachbody coach, she provides individual solutions for fitness which includes such nationally know products as T25, 21 Day Fix, Insanity, P90X and Hip Hop Abs.  However, she also has workouts for people who managing diabetes, or gain muscle mass and weight.  Her product offerings also include a full meal replacement product Shakeology as well as other nutritional supplements.  She has been a customer of Beachbody since 2006 and a coach since 2013.

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