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    Put Some Respeck On It!!!!

    in Current Events

    You're following fools. Abort that mission and join us in this Evolution! 

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    The RECAP of what satan DOESN'T WANT you to know about The 5-Fold Ministry

    in Religion

    "The 5-Fold Ministry. Often Misunderstood by everyone except satan.he KNOWS that where God SENDS The 5-Fold Ministry,that it's NOT going to be a good day for him,the enemy of God. The Apostle establishes people,the Prophet and Prophetess speaks over the Ground,The Evangelist GETS the souls and convinces them to give their lives to JESUS CHRIST,The Pastors watch OVER and tend the sheep,The Teacher spoon feeds The Word of God to those that are HUNGRY.When Jesus walked this earth,HE operated in ALL 5 of  those Offices.Each Office was a demonstration of HIS Anointing.The Book of Acts shows MANY Adventures and Exploits that God used the 5-Fold Ministry to do.When you see a Ministry that is in trouble,then God sends OUT HIS Elite Solders.If they LET God move,then they will recover,but if they DON'T,then God will uproot that Ministry.As long as you're working as The Lord hath called you to,then the devil CAN'T TOUCH you.But,if you quit,turn back or give up,then you're fair game for demonic attack. the devil and his demons wait for someone from The 5-Fold Ministry to abort their life long mission of fighting AGAINST his kingdom.God will never say "April fool"  when He calles you to Serve in the 5-Fold.When He calls you,The Gifts AND The Calling are without repentance.That means that they can never be withdrawn. This is The RECAP of what satan DOESN'T WANT you to know about The 5-Fold Ministry".

    This is PART 8 and the FINALE,of The Teaching Series of 'GOD'S AVENGERS: THE ADVENTURES OF THE 5-FOLD MINISTRY:The Office of The RECAP'

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    Psalm 119: 25-32 Thank You Lord, I Understand My Process

    in Religion

    Too often we get caught in the flow of our daily busy lives that we loose track of the plan for our life, or we abort the process because we lack understanding on how God is working out his purpose in our life. As we saw in the past few weeks the importance of obeying God's word, allowing our soul to be cleansed by God's word, to appreciate the fact that God's word allows us to see with spiritual eyes.

    This week we put what we have learned to this point the into the practice of moving through our process so we can live out the purpose and plan God has for our life.

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    Learning To Wait on Change: Applying One Day At A Time

    in The Bible

    One of the most difficult things for us to do is to stay in a hard situation, and wait for that hard situation to change. Even after we pray we still look for a way out because we think God is moving too slow. This is where we abort God's plan to get us into a better place. We abort His plan because He already has it figured out and is waiting on the best time to move on our behalf. We should pray for the capacity to stay in a difficult situation and strength to wait. Instead of trying to push God's hand to be delivered. God's timing is always best. On Todays Word, we will talk about HOW to wait on God's intervention in our most difficult circumstances.


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    Critical Discourse: NOW “We” Have to Stop Hillary?

    in Islam


    At least, this is what I was told by a friend, the other day.

    Incredulously, I reminded the person, as I do all who share strong support of Obama, that she was chosen by HIM, and she represents HIS ideals; flip-sides of the same, dirty coin.

    Her selection of Secretary of State, despite the nasty campaign she’d mounted against Obama in 2008, was in essence, a rubber-stamp as a co-president, and a coronation of sorts, to the White House, in 2016.

    Make no mistake, her positions, ideology, disposition and lust for power, makes her at best, a dangerous woman, and strangely enough, it’s refreshing to see Bernie Saunders getting under her skin, despite the fact that she’s leading in the number of delegates, necessary to become the DEM nominee’

    Some of you have expressed that you will not support Mrs. Clinton for the presidency, preferring the more “progressive” Bernie Saunders (did you see her rant, yesterday?)

    “Progressive”?  Really?

    I’d love to understand the basis for that position.

    In the meantime, Donald Trump continues to weather the bitter storm of liberal and “establishment” talking head, determined to bring him down.

    Apparently, he annoyed many, by stating his support of “punishing” women who abort/murder their babies, should abortion be illegal.

    And, they’ve been seizing the moment!
     Just in case you “cared”, there have been no arrests from the brutal murder of 6 people in Wilkinsburg.

    Hmm. Maybe if the killers were white, then Black Lives Would Matter?

    Tune in to Critical Discourse, Saturday, April 2, 2016.

    Tell your friends, family and neighbor

    Tina Shelton, Jerry Shelton, CHanetta Powell, Brittanny Powell, Shada Mahone, “Paradise-Bound” (my name for the baby, murdered, while in the womb).

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    Real Talk Real Politics

    in Entertainment

    Will the Trump plan backfire? Why do republicans support assisted suicide and end of life for the terminally I'll but not a women's choice to abort a fetus? What makes sense?

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    Primary Results, Survivor the White House Ed., & Abortion on demand

    in Politics

    Hr 1: Bringing reaction on the massive primary trouncing that Donald Trump just laid on the rest of the Republican field... and Marco Rubio's abrupt departure. WITH... Mad black man from Baltimore, Corey Prez Duncan.

    Hr 2: MRC TV asks abortion protesters "at what point in a woman's pregnancy should it be illegal to abort?" AND... Kimberly Morin, the Conservative Independent, recaps tonite's primary results and Donald Trump's reality TV voters.

    Hr 3: Swedish women can't go out at night alone anymore, thanks to an epidemic of Muslim refugee rapists. AND... PolitiChick Ann-Marie Murrell says she hopes she's wrong about Donald Trump. And... a lightning round of crazy stories! AND...Rage Against the Media founder, Karen Seigemund says we have a frontrunner who sees this campaign as "Survivor, the White House edition" starring Donald Trump who probably doesn't realize the REAL work begins after the season ends.

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?


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    Unforgiveness is a Destructive Sin: Abort it & Forgive with Dr. Barbara -

    in Religion

    FAITH RESTORATION MINISTRIES INT'L with Dr. Barbara Stuart www.frministry.org

    Do you have a problem? Do you need someone to talk with? Do you need Prayer?

    Dr. Barbara holds Weekly Talks & Seminars on BTR on various topics pertaining to  Marriage, Family, and Singleness. The aim is to help individuals cope with painful situations.


    WEDNESDAYS 9:00 am  www.livestream.com/irieatl  
    FRIDAYS @ 9:00 am  Blogtalk Radio

    TUESDAYS 9:00 am @ http://www.livestream.com/irieatl
    TUESDAYS 09:00 am  on Blogtalk Radio
    For Weekly Programs and Archives go to the Blog @ www.frministry.org/blog 
    For Contact Dial 678 964-4096.
    Leave name, number and a brief message. Calls are returned within 24 hours.

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    Honoring and Celebrating Those Who Stand for the Truth in Love

    in Politics Conservative

    Well, I've decided overall we're going to make it a mostly positive weekend.  Reading some stories today and still feeling good about yesterday's show and the topic of it, today's show is mostly going to be a positive one.  I have to rant a little. Or at least hopefully point out the ridiculously flawed thinking in the writer of a piece for Elle.  But mostly, it's going to be a pro life show.  It's going to focus on women who were faced with the "easy choice" being to abort their child.  Instead they made the tough choice and chose to give their child a chance to live.  These stories I found, a couple of them are literally the hardest situations you could maybe think of.  Raped at age 11 by your older brother when your life from the age of 8 has been pretty much a story of innocence gone.  Being told that the child in your womb and in your wife's womb has two of the rarest, most incurable diseases on earth and being advised that aborting him is the best option.  I think it's clear what the "easy" choice is in those situations.  These people made the life affirming hard choices, and haven't regretted doing so at all.  There's some other stories as well, including if there is time or maybe I'll make time for a Muslim woman who once she read the Koran said, "I can't be a Muslim."  What she became... well, you can maybe fill in the blank.  But that's the show today at 4:30 Eastern time live, and archived afterward.

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    Hard Starboard Radio: GOP Immigration Civil War

    in Politics Conservative

    Hillary Clinton calls for the U.S. to sue For peace with ISIS; Why are we talking about whether or not to abort Adolph Hitler?; U.S. armed forces' morale is at its lowest point ever; Russians "accidentally" confirm existence of secret nuclear submarine drone; Paul Ryan is cleaning house in the House, as promised; #BlackLivesMatter is above the law in Oregon; Is FBI Emailgate investigation expanding into Hillary Clinton's materially false statements?; and Ben Carson ignites an internecine GOP illegal immigration civil war.

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    John Carver Show - Fear Induced Retreat

    in Self Help

    This is a sermon I shared on Sunday December 20, 2015

    "Fear Induced Retreat"
    Throughout my life I have had, what Bill Hybels calls, “Fear-Induced Abortions.”
    So many people forfeit/abort an amazing life because of Fear.
    “Our doubts are traitors, 
    and make us lose the good we oft might win, 
    by fearing to attempt.” 
    ? William Shakespeare, Measure for Measure
    I chose NOT to take certain steps forward which, by default, killed what could have been achieved (born).
    I’ve chosen NOT to speak up because I was afraid of being laughed at…
    I’ve chosen NOT to take on a big task because I thought I would fail doing it.
    Fear and doubt impact your “preborn potential!”

    Genesis 15 (The Message)

    The temptation to WHINE before you reach the goal is HUMUNGEOUS!

    After 40 days…80% of the men came back and said it was impossible.  20% of the men came back and said it’s a great place to live.

    Scott Dinsmore - Everything changed the moment I started hanging around people who were doing the things I thought were impossible. They created a new “normal” and got me operating on a totally different level.

    One of the first words that leave our lips when, what seems to be impossible, is tossed into our lap.