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  • 03:12

    Is Cam Newton Preparing to "Come Out" the Closet During the SuperBowl?

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    Abibifahodie (Black Liberation),

    If you're anything like the Brothers of WOH, you've been getting excited to see the 2nd "Real Black Man" win a SuperBowl this year.  Cam Newton is one of the most exciting and remarkable talents to hit sports in the last decade.  He is poised to become one of the greatest professional football quarterbacks in NFL history. 

    However, over the past few weeks, his effemine dress has become extreme.  He is not only wearing fairy dresses, but he is clearly making a noticeable effort to wear the most flamboyant, female attire money can pay for.  He has done everything but come out in a dress. 

    We've seen the ridiculous homosexual clothing styles sported by Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant.  But Cam Newton's half-leopard, half-zebra stlyed Versace tight pants may take the cake.

    Those of us who are Afrikancentered Brothers have tried to give Newton a pass with the excuse that maybe he's being targeted by the gay fashion designers to wear these outfits without understanding that he is promoting the "Effeminization of the Black Male."  But this new outfit makes it clear that he is consciously wearing these styles.

    The question on the table is, "Is Cam Newton a Random Victim of the Homosexual Agenda or Is Cam Newton Preparing To Drop a Sissy Bomb on Our Community?"  And if he gets the MVP in the SuperBowl and comes out the closet, what impact will that have on the Black community?





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    SBPM Continuous Learning Online Classes - Good or Bad Idea?

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    Abibifahodie (Black Liberation),

    How would you like the idea of paying a fee to have access to Baba Mwalimu Baruti, Ashra & Merira Kwesi, Dr. Claude Anderson, Umar Johnson, Irritated Genie, as well as professional Black doctors, lawyers, construction company owners, home builders, jewelry makers, politicians and various other skilled Black men, women, and/or children online? 

    Can you imagine taking an online course on the Effeminization of Afrikan males with Baba Baruti?  Or how about a course on Ancient Kemetic Spirituality with the Master Teacher - Ashra Kwesi?  Or how about a weekly course on breaking down media with the Irritated Genie of Soufeese?  Imagine tuning into a big time Black executive at a major corporation and getting his advice for submitting an application for a job or how to conduct the perfect interview.  Or even better, imagine a retired Black multi-millionaire giving a class on how to raise capital and run a successful business.  Imagine learning to become a professional tailor with interactive dialog from an online resource.

    These things could all be possible if there is enough interest.  We have access to some of the most prolific Black educators around the world.  We also have access to many successful Black people who would love nothing more than an opportunity to share their wisdom and experience with our people. 

    We will run the idea by our audience and see what our people come back to us with.  If you like the idea and WOULD BE WILLING TO PAY FOR IT TO COME TO REALITY, then we will work to make it a reality.

    Tune in on Monday night for an exciting program that you are bound to enjoy.



  • 03:58

    EJ Jones: Ex-NFL Football Player Speaks on white Females & Black Athletes

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    Abibifahodie (Black Liberation),

    Remeber the days when Black athletes were men.  Well, our Brother EJ Jones (Nu Afrikan) is stepping stepping up to bring those days back.   

    Brief bio:

    Born Feb 1, 1962 in Chicago, IL (south side)

    High School (Chicago Vocational 80')
    College (University of Kansas 84') Jayhawks -w- B.A. Communication -w- a Minor in History

    Professional Football Career:
    Kansas City Chiefs 84, Kansas City Chiefs 85, Chicago Bears 86 (injured reserve), Dallas Cowboys 87

    Work History:
    1988 Blinder Robinson investment Banker Series 7 series 63 Licensed Stock Broker
    1993 Self Employed at Advantage Document Litigation Services
    2004 Aurora University Assistant Coach
    2006 Detroit Lions Intern Coach (under the minority fellowship program)
    2007 EFT Combine Sports training facility Advisor to College/NFL Athletes
    2011 Transportation SalesConsultant / Motivational Speaker
    2015 Distubtror for RBG Gear Shoe Line/ Activist/Public Speaker

    Horses, Hunting, Dogs

    Interest of Study:
    Haitian Revolution, Dynamic of Sports and Its Influence on Black Culture, Ancient African Studies

    Public Speaking, Strategic Planning

    NFL Player Alumni Asso., Federal Judo Asso., Dogo Argentino Asso, Black Cowboy Asso.

    Special Interests:
    Straight Black Pride Movement (SBPM), Amen Ra Squad, RBG, Black Wives Matter Campaign

    Other Things To Know:
    EJ holds a Second Degree black belt in Judo and was extended an invitation to the 1980 Judo Olympic Team tryouts


  • 02:58

    Legalization of Pedophilia - The Sexual War Against Black Children

    in Politics

    Abibifahodie (Black Liberation),

    The white-sex war is on.  The smallhats (white so-called jews) and their Protocols to the Learned Elders of Zion are here.  The international push to sexualize children is now becoming a matter of open public discussion.  The whites are pushing this on our people all across the globe; and in amerikkka, they are working day and night to make it a matter of legal, public policy. 


    It is past time for all of us to take action.  We need a Straight Black Pride Movement (SBPM) chapter in every corner of the Earth to protect Afrikan culture, people, and especially children.

    Tune into our program tonight and discuss this topic.




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    Dr. Frances Cress Welsing: Our Shining Afrikan Queen

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    Abibifahodie (Black Liberation),

    One of the mighty 'Daughters of Amen' has returned home to Amen.  Our beloved Dr. Welsing has left us; but before she returned home, she left us with a body of work that may make the difference between Black survival and Black extinction.  The "Isis Papers," was her crowning intellectual achievement and reigns as one of the most popular pieces of Afrikan Nationalist literature ever written.  

    Dr. Welsing is a Goddess to our Black empowerment movement and we will honor her on this night.


    War on the Horizon (WOH)

  • 03:10

    Dawa YisRael Banned from Canada for Speaking Against Homosexual Agenda

    in Politics

    Abibifahodie (Black Liberation),

    Our Brother Dawa YisRael was detained before entering Canada.  He is best known for his consistent work against the homosexual agenda being pushed on Afrikan (Black) people worldwide.  His materials (books and DVD's) were confiscated (some would say 'stolen') by the Canadian Border Patrol Agents.  He was mistreated and denied access to the country; even though he was on his way to a lecture engagement.  He was detained for 9 hours and incarcerated (held in a cell). 

    He sufferred all of the harassment we can expect from a racist white supremacist, homosexual-friendly nation.  He was told that his material was "hate speech" and that he could not enter the country. 

    This is the 2nd recent example of a Black person from the US being banned by white authorities for going into other nations and speaking on behalf of the Black world community.  Irritated Genie of Soufeese was recently sent a letter "investigating" whether or not he engaged in a human rights violation when he told the Black Bermudian audience that Black men should exclusively date, marry, and have children with Black women.  According to the white Bermudian authorities, a white citizen feels that this violates his human rights and they need to investigate this claim. 

    This is a program that you have to hear.  Our Brother Dawah and the Canadian Black family will talk to us and give us their insight to this issue and we will discuss what the next steps in this war against homosexual tyranny will be. 


    War on the Horizon (WOH)


  • 01:14

    Little Khanya and Kihura Teach Us About Straight Black Pride (SBPM)

    in Politics

    Abibifahodie (Black Liberation),

    Tune in on Monday night @ 7:00pm EST to hear Baby Kihura and his big Sister Khanya share their life experiences with us.  Khanya is 3 years old and Kihura is 2 years old.  They are learning their Afrikan countries and they have a wealth of knowledge to share with us about what's going on in the world. 

    This is a program that you will truly enjoy.  You can listen online or by phone and even ask them a question or 2 directly if you so choose. 


    War on the Horizon (WOH)


  • 02:54

    Culture Freedom Radio presents....ALLBLACKEVERYTHING

    in Culture

     ALLBLACKEVERYTHING tonight will be dedicated to Sis. Tiffany James and all the other sisters who have lost their lives to the constant and relentless assault on the black woman.


    On tonight's episode we will take a long hard look at the global assault on the Afrikan woman. Why is it she goes unprotected throughout the world. What does this mean for the future of our people ? What are some solutions? 


    Also tonight ABE will launch its BOB ( Black Owned Business) spotlight !!! Tonight we will be joined by bro. Andre Lovelace founder and owner of The Nubian Experience, a clothing line celebrating our culture for our people. He will share with us his vision and give some advice for those of us looking to do it for ourselves.


    Join Sista Tria and Bro. Kuji along with the entire Culture Freedom Family as we talk about the issues that matter to us. The time 9 pm est. The call in number is 347-850-8030. Call in this is our discussion our time Our voice ...We All We Got . Abibifahodie!!!

  • 02:41

    Why Do Black Women Support Black Male "Homosexuals"?

    in Politics

    Abibifahodie (Black Liberation),

    There is a question that has been brewing in the Black community for a few years now.  Why are Black women the #1 supporters in the Black community for "homosexuality?"  Every time Black people, in particular Black men, make criticisms about effeminine Black male misbehavior, there is a Black woman who comes to the defense of the "homosexuals."  

    How do Black women expect for their daughters to get married to Black men when they support the most negligent Black male disfunction ever created?  More importantly, on this radio program, we will examine the question,

    "Why Do Black Women Support the Very Behavior That Ensures They Will Never Get Married and That the Black Community Will Be Exterminated?"


  • 02:59

    North Carolina Central University Invites Transvestite To Addess Black Students

    in Politics

    Abibifahodie (Black Liberation),

    Another HBCU joins the effort to push the Obama administration's "Homosexual Agenda" on Black Youth.  In 2013, War on the Horizon (WOH) covered Lincoln University's promotion of "homosexuality" and transvestitism to Black Youth.  View the (3) part series here:

    Lincoln University Promotes "Homosexual Agenda" - 2013:  Part 1 of 3

    Lincoln University Promotes "Homosexual Agenda" - 2013:  Part 2 of 3

    Lincoln University Promotes "Homosexual Agenda" - 2013:  Part 3 of 3


    Now NCCU is promoting the celebrated transvestite, Lavern Cox, as a legitimate socio-political figure and invited him/her to speak before the Black student body.  Black parents are paying the HBCU known as North Carolina Central University to promote tranvestitism to their/our children.  Now, part of the tuition to attend HBCU's includes teaching Black children to accept "homosexuality" and genocide. 

    Tonight we discuss the premise of waging a campaign against this madness.  Can we successfully do this?  Call in and be heard.


  • Culture Freedom Radio Presents. ......ALLBLACKEVERYTHING

    in Radio

    On tonight's episode of ALLBLACKEVERYTHING we will examine the origins of this odd holiday called labor day. Also we will tackle the very blacktaboo subject REPARATIONS!!! Bum bum buuuuum!!!...Many many people who have been maimed and/or destroyed by the Europeans conquest and reign of terror on the civilized world have received reparations . Yet after the most egregious holocaust known to man the idea is never entertained by this country or any other European country. Why is that? Can the debt be repaid? Is it solely a monetary one? Are the Europeans the only perpetrators? Sista Tria and Bro. Kuji will discuss all this and much more tonight. The call in number is 347-850-8030 you can listen or chime in. Also listen online at blog talk. As always this is a build that requires you the people. We all we got. Abibifahodie! !