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    Why Do Black Women Support Black Male "Homosexuals"?

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    Abibifahodie (Black Liberation),

    There is a question that has been brewing in the Black community for a few years now.  Why are Black women the #1 supporters in the Black community for "homosexuality?"  Every time Black people, in particular Black men, make criticisms about effeminine Black male misbehavior, there is a Black woman who comes to the defense of the "homosexuals."  

    How do Black women expect for their daughters to get married to Black men when they support the most negligent Black male disfunction ever created?  More importantly, on this radio program, we will examine the question,

    "Why Do Black Women Support the Very Behavior That Ensures They Will Never Get Married and That the Black Community Will Be Exterminated?"


  • 02:59

    North Carolina Central University Invites Transvestite To Addess Black Students

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    Abibifahodie (Black Liberation),

    Another HBCU joins the effort to push the Obama administration's "Homosexual Agenda" on Black Youth.  In 2013, War on the Horizon (WOH) covered Lincoln University's promotion of "homosexuality" and transvestitism to Black Youth.  View the (3) part series here:

    Lincoln University Promotes "Homosexual Agenda" - 2013:  Part 1 of 3

    Lincoln University Promotes "Homosexual Agenda" - 2013:  Part 2 of 3

    Lincoln University Promotes "Homosexual Agenda" - 2013:  Part 3 of 3


    Now NCCU is promoting the celebrated transvestite, Lavern Cox, as a legitimate socio-political figure and invited him/her to speak before the Black student body.  Black parents are paying the HBCU known as North Carolina Central University to promote tranvestitism to their/our children.  Now, part of the tuition to attend HBCU's includes teaching Black children to accept "homosexuality" and genocide. 

    Tonight we discuss the premise of waging a campaign against this madness.  Can we successfully do this?  Call in and be heard.


  • Culture Freedom Radio Presents. ......ALLBLACKEVERYTHING

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    On tonight's episode of ALLBLACKEVERYTHING we will examine the origins of this odd holiday called labor day. Also we will tackle the very blacktaboo subject REPARATIONS!!! Bum bum buuuuum!!!...Many many people who have been maimed and/or destroyed by the Europeans conquest and reign of terror on the civilized world have received reparations . Yet after the most egregious holocaust known to man the idea is never entertained by this country or any other European country. Why is that? Can the debt be repaid? Is it solely a monetary one? Are the Europeans the only perpetrators? Sista Tria and Bro. Kuji will discuss all this and much more tonight. The call in number is 347-850-8030 you can listen or chime in. Also listen online at blog talk. As always this is a build that requires you the people. We all we got. Abibifahodie! !

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    Zimbabwe, Soros, Black Lives Matter, & Malcolm X Grassroots Movement

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    Abibifahodie (Black Liberation),

    The wicked agenda to undermine the progress of Afrikan people worldwide and ultimately commit genocide against our Race is becoming more and more public every day.  No single european better exemplifies the demonsim of the white spirit than that of the notorious smallhat George Soros.

    Not only has he been intentionally funding efforts to overthrow the Government of Zimbabwe and the Lion of Afrika, President Robert Mugabe; but he has also been undermining the development of the Afrikan continent for some time now. 


    Transcript of the report "Zimbabwe: Election Scenarios" that was compiled by the International Crisis Group, funded by George Soros. 


    Proof that Soros is funding this effort and is on the board of Directors or Trustees:



    Not only is Soros working to undermine the Afrikan continent and destabilize Afrikan nations, but he is funding psuedo-Black, pro-homosexual organizations, like "Black Lives Matter," "Malcolm X Grassroots Movement", and many others.  Now, they are fighting to undermine the "Straight Black Pride Movement (SBPM)." 

    Tune in on Monday night to enjoy this program and help to organize and fight Soros' attempts to undermine Zimbabwe's government and push "homosexuality" on the Black community.

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    Culture Freedom Radio presents. . . ALLBLACKEVERYTHING

    in Culture

    Join us Monday for another episode of OUR blog talk show ALLBLACKEVERYTHING .

    We will be discussing being a "Blue Collar revolutionary."  We will go over tips and ways we all can make a difference in our everyday lives to promote and bring about Afrikan liberation. Abibifahodie is the goal and WE are the key. No leaders, No prophets, No buffer class...Remember  Afrikans Harriet Tubman, Nat Turner and countless others were all slaves until they weren't and the plans for liberation happened while the physical chains were still visible. So join Sista Tria and Bro. Kuji and the entire Culture freedom family as we discuss the meanings and the means for the everyday fight  . ABIBIFAHODIE! !!

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    2015-06-08 Police Terrorism on Black Youth - Are We Men?

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    Abibifahodie (Black Liberation),

    If you've seen the video below, then you know that the police in this country are pushing Black people to the point of responding to violence and terrorism.  In this video, young Black children were leaving a party and attacked and terrorized by police officers.  One officer pulled out his gun on a young man who was bracing to protect a young Sister who was slammed on the ground by the officer. 



    Tonight we're going to discuss the real necessity for Black men to organize a way to bring an end to police terrorism without unleashing King Alfred on our people.  It's a sticky situation and one that we need to deal with successfully.  And the million dollar question on the table is, "Where are the Black men?"

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    2015-04-27 Crips & Bloods Declare War on B-more Police: True or Propaganda

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    We are all aware of the cold-blooded murder of Freddie Gray by white officers on the Baltimore police force.  They separated our Brother's neck from his spine in what is one of the most police brutal murders in a few weeks.

    Now, reports are emerging saying that CRIPS and BLOODS in the Baltimore area have unified and organized to declare war on the police department.  Some of us want to get excited at the premise that our Brothers would come together to defend our community.  And if it is true, they are going to need as much support from the Black community as possible.  And of course, we are here to support our field warriors as best we can in their battle to prevent terrorism from continuing in the Black community.

    Or are the police and the rest of the european white racist infrastructure using our people's anger against white aggression and murder of our people as a justification to prepare to commit genocide against Baltimore's youth?

    Tune in tonight while we discuss what's happening in the streets of Baltimore and discuss how we can be of assistance to any resistance fractions that may actually exist there who are trying to protect the lives in the Black community.

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    ALLBLACKEVERYTHING...Thank you for letting me be myself....again!!!

    in Culture

    On this week's episode of ALLBLACKEVERYTHING we want to thank you to the Afrikan guardian angels.

    With the recent transition of our beloved Dr. Ben Jochannan, we will take a brief look into the life and work of some of our master teachers(Jenoch) that have transitioned. We also open up the phone lines to our Afrikan family to call in tell us what the master teachers mean to them and how they have effected their journey. 

    We must honor those who gave it all to give us light.

    The call in number as always is 850-347-8050. Come join your hosts SistTria and Bro. Kuji and the entire Culture freedom family...Abibifahodie!!!

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    ALLBLACKEVERYTHING...Warriors or wannabes?

    in Culture

    Ontonight's episode of ALLBLACKEVERYTHING We will separate the Warriors from the wannabes.

    In this WAR, and make no mistake Afrikans we are at war, on white supremacy and imperialism, it is imperative we are equipped for warfare. That first starts by understanding our position. What a warrior is and isn't. Once again we will give grassroots wisdom and tailored battle strategy as I, Sista Tria and my co-host, "the bully with the books" Bro. Aleous Kujichagulia. Go hard and give the option to those ain't ready to go home!!! Shout out to all my real AFRIKANS! !! See yall at 9 p.m est. Call in number is 347-850-8030. Abibifahodie! !!

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    2015-03-30 Navigating the System (Child Support, Post-Incarceration, Job Search)

    in Politics

    Abibifahodie (Black Liberation),

    This program will be a very special War on the Horizon (WOH) program.   We will be interviewing a young Brother who has spent years assisting Black people navigate the system of Racism white supremacy by helping them navigate the system.  Whether a Brother is being beat up with child support, joblessness, post-incarceration can't-get-a-gig-syndrome, or a general lack of direction, Brother Ricardo Washington is here to help.  Whether a Sister is trying to land a job while transitioning from a homeless shelter or she's trying to return to the workforce after conquering spousel abuse, Brother Ricardo Washington is here to help. 

    The Institute for Workplace Development (IWD) @ http://www.instituteworkforce.org/  is a place that Brothers and Sisters in the Washington Metropolitan area can go to get a healthy start.  Whether it's skills development, job placement, etc . . . Brother Ricardo Washington is the expert who can help you find your way. 

    And even for those who are not living in this immediate area, he can provide general guidance for how we can navigate the day-to-day job-related life issues that Black people face throughout amerikkka. 

    If you are a Sister trying to get back into the workforce and/or a Brother who is being bludgeoned by child support, this is a program that you cannot afford to miss. 


    We'll See You on the Battlefield!