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    James Clear: Intermittent Fasting, Carb Cycling,

    in Health

    James Clear: Intermittent Fasting, Carb Cycling, and 


    Behavior Change


    We cover:


    How you can build muscle and lose fat using intermittent fasting

    The importance of environment design in habit formation

    How carb-cycling and calorie-cycling enhances body composition

    How you can teach yourself to actually floss every day

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    The Wild Diet with Abel James

    in Weight Loss

    Abel James, author of The Wild Diet and host of the popular Fat Burning Man Show, stops by UW Radio this week to share his take on fat loss. Sean and Abel will discuss the importance of visualizing goals, incorporating a wild diet, and the difference between men and women when it comes to fat loss. 
    Learn more about Abel at www.fatburningman.com
    Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness

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    Abel James on Paleo Living - Jun 03,2013

    in Entrepreneur

    A modern-day Renaissance man, Abel James is a #1 bestselling author, award-winning talk show host, keynote speaker, professional musician, and entrepreneur. Abel's work has been featured in WIRED Magazine, Paleo Living, and hundreds of publications in business, technology, psychology, and health. Abel's Fat-Burning Man Show hit #1 in Health on iTunes in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and other countries across the world with over a million listens in its first year. As a professional musician and singer-songwriter, Abel James has toured North America and Europe as the bandleader of several award-winning musical groups. Abel James completed high school and college in a total of just six years. Distinguished as Valedictorian at New Hampton School, Abel graduated as a Senior Fellow with Honors at Dartmouth College with a concentration in Psychological and Brain Sciences. Abel has advised Fortune 500 and federal government clients including Microsoft, Oracle, State Street Global Advisors, Lockheed Martin, the Department of Education, the Department of Labor, and the Library of Congress. Hailing from the frosty backwoods of New Hampshire, Abel James lives with his rambunctious yellow lab, Bailey, in Austin, Texas. FatBurningMan.com www.abeljames.com

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    Dave Asprey: Bulletproof Diet, Smart Drugs, and Guacamole

    in Health

    Dave Asprey: Bulletproof Diet, Smart Drugs, and Guacamole
    In today’s show, Dave and I cover:
    How you can improve your mental performance with smart drugs (nootropics) The surprising foods Abel’s immune system does not tolerate according to the Mediator Release Test Why Bulletproof Coffee is brain food How the Bulletproof Diet reduces exposure to inflammatory toxins And why eating sushi – with the rice – dipped in a big tub of guacamole and covered in salt is a great idea  

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    Steve Kamb: Nerd Fitness, the Gamification of Life,

    in Health

    Steve Kamb: Nerd Fitness, the Gamification of Life, and How to Live Like James Bond


    So on today’s show with Steve we talk about:


    How you can make your fitness and life as fun as a video game

    How to get kids to level up in real life instead of “World of Warcraft”

    And what it’s like to live like James Bond in Monte Carlo

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    Erwan Le Corre: MovNat, the Dangers of Inefficient Practice, and Wisdom from Bruce Lee

    in Health

    Today’s show is with a highly-requested guest, Mr. Erwan Le Corre. Erwan is the founder of MovNat, the physical education and fitness system that’s taking the Paleo world by storm. This is a deep show. Plenty of nuggets of wisdom for you truth seekers out there. (As a bonus, Erwan has the coolest accent ever.) 

    On today’s show we chat about:

    How practicing inefficiently makes you worse

    How you can dodge cultural disempowerment

    The real reason Abel started Fat-Burning Man (hint: it’s not fat loss)

    Why Bruce Lee says a punch is not a punch

    And tons more…

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    Chris “The Kiwi” Ashenden: Loss in a Sentence, the Pros/Cons

    in Health

    Chris “The Kiwi” Ashenden: Loss in a Sentence, the Pros/Cons of Supplements, and How to be Happy


    You’ll learn underground tips and tricks like:


    Our own special secret recipes and twists on “fatty” coffee…

    What kind of “smart drugs” Abel and I use…

    How we supercharge fat loss before we even start exercising…

    The top 3 ways we fall asleep as quickly as possible…

    Over a dozen of the top foods we use every day to keep our bodies in fat-burning mode…

    Why my house is cleaner than Ben’s…

    And much more…

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    Stacy & Matt, The Paleo Parents: Beyond Bacon

    in Health

    Today on the show we have Matt & Stacy, The Paleo Parents, who just released their masterpiece “Beyond Bacon: Paleo Recipes that Respect the Whole Hog.”  When I say it’s one of the weirdest cookbooks I’ve ever seen, I mean it as the ultimate compliment. Take a listen to the show to hear why.

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    Melissa Joulwan: Well-Fed, That Pesky Thyroid, and Colossal

    in Health

    Melissa Joulwan: Well-Fed, That Pesky Thyroid, and Colossal Kitchen Fails   In today’s show we cover:   Why Melissa has a no treats policy in her books What it’s like to do a Whole30 Why soy oil is not, in fact, healthy What not to eat if you have thyroid issues Colossal fails in the kitchen And tons more…

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    Mat Lalonde: Nutrient Density,Paleo Fails,& Being the Kraken

    in Health

    Mat Lalonde on Nutrient Density, Paleo Fails, and Being the Kraken


    In today’s show, Matt and I cover:


    How the sausage is made to create Matt’s nutrient density framework

    How Matt earned the epic (and fitting) nickname, “the Kraken“

    The most invalid arguments made by paleofolk

    And tons more.

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    Craig Ballantyne: Turbulence Training, Why Willpower Fails

    in Health

    Craig Ballantyne: Turbulence Training, Why Willpower Fails, and How to be Your Own Science Experiment

    On the show, Craig and I cover:

    How to get lean in just a few minutes of exercise a week

    Why willpower crumbles

    Why you should consider getting a dog

    Equipment-free bodyweight exercises for beginners

    Why you experience better results when you enjoy your workouts

    The 12 rules Craig uses to lead a healthy, successful life

    How going gluten and dairy free helped Craig fix swelling in his hands

    How to be your own science experiment

    And tons more…