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    Revised Reality Radio,welcomes Byron Lacy, Alien Abductee

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     Alien Abduction? Revised Reality Radio Introduces Byron Lacy,what follows is an account of strange events which have occurred in his life since 1955. These events may have been occurring since his birth in 1950. Are you an Abductee, how would you know? What are the telling signs? Join me, Geraldine Bouse Tuesday, June 2 nd at 7 pm est and you may find out.

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    Alien Abduction Support Round Table

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    Alien Abductee Authors Elizabeth Anglin and Byron Lacy and friends answer questions about potential alien abduction experiences and discuss strategies for coping with on-going abduction experiences.

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    James Bartley: Spiritual Knowledge From An Abductee With Military Knowledge

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    On the September 4, 2015 edition of "Nature Of Reality Radio" I welcome James Bartley who has investigated Alien Abductions and particularly Reptilian Abductions and Military Abductions (Milabs) for over twenty five years. James is a protégé of legendary Alien Abduction researcher Barbara Bartholic.  James is an Independent Historian with an emphasis on Intelligence/Counterintelligence and Special Operations.  He is a student of Military History (from antiquity to modern times) and has made an in-depth study of the military-industrial-financial-security complex which developed after World War 2. James formerly worked in an Intelligence related activity for U.S. Naval Air Forces.

    James has lectured at a number of locations including the legendary “UFO Friendship Campouts” in Rachel Nevada. James has lived for many years in an area rife with UFO and Deep Black Military Activity: The Southwestern Desert of America and in particular Southern California. James personally investigated numerous reptilian abduction cases and military abduction cases in the High Desert of Southern California. The High Desert of Southern California is where the deep black aerospace industry is located as well as military installations which figure prominently in UFO and Milab research such as Edwards Air Force Base and Naval Weapons Center China Lake. He is familiar with much of the UFO-Military underground and undersea base activity in Southern California, Northern California, Arizona and Nevada.

    James's site: http://www.theuniversalseduction.com/bartley/

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    Denise Stoner ALIEN ABDUCTEE Live in the Studio!

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    Join us today LIVE in the Studio as we talk to Denise Stone, an aliean abductee and now Co-Author of the book "The Alien Abduction Files".  It's the MOST startling cases of Human Alien contact and interactions EVER reported!
    You can purchase the book Here: http://denisemstoner.com/book---events---archives.html
    It'll come signed by the author!!!!
    Ever wonder what the inside of an alien ship looks like?  Denise knows and she will try to describe it for you!
    Denise believes she has been abducted multiple times and even has a strange implant in her arm, and no one knows what it is.  We'll take a close look today.  We've got magnets!  It's AMAZING WHAT WE FIND OUT!
    We also discuss Alien .  Really.  Listen to hear...
    All this and MORE on this exciting EP!SODE of SpookHuntersRAD!OOOooOOOoooOoOooo!

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    Nov. 6, 2015, 10pm (PST) - Monthly ET Talk w/ Expert Experiencer, Keith Andrews

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    R Keith Andrews is a monthly contributor to Spaced Out Radio. His vast knowledge and experiences with extraterrestrial races has his popularity growing exponentially, especially after coming in contract with three 'pleiadians' at an experiencers conference in Portland, Maine this past September.
    Keith is not only an alien contactee, who's been in touch with more than 25 alien species, he's also a very talented intuitive psychic/medium, a near death experiencer, as well as a visionary and healer. He's someone who has experienced so much in his life, it's hard to put a finger on what he hasn't seen or dealt with supernaturally.
    Keith joins Spaced Out Radio on the first Friday of every month. His show is very interactive, where host, Dave Scott, rarely asks a question. The Spaced Out Radio chatroom is flooded with experiencers and the curious alike, where Keith brings his unique conversation to those who pose questions inside the chatroom where he's following from.
    If you are an ET contactee/abductee and want to find out the answers to your questions, this is the show you don't want to miss. Join us for the show, and live in the chat room and ask Keith about the questions you have regarding your experiences. His answers are out of this world.

  • "CONTACT with Lesley Mitchell-Clarke"

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    Please join us for this 'LIVE' episode of "CONTACT", as we welcome back to the programme KARL DOREY - Experiencer/Abductee and participant in the Black/Ops parallel space programme.  This show will be al the way 'LIVE', so be sure to phone in with your questions/comments, or join the "CONTACT CHAT ROOM", which will be open throughout the programme.

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    Paul Hamden - Alien Contactee and Spirit Medium

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    Host Elizabeth Anglin and Paul Hamden discuss alien contacts, alien messages, and the history and activities of the Zetan (grey alien) Race.  More information about Paul Hamden and his work with mediumship and alien contact can be found at his blog at http://paulham33.blogspot.com/.

    More information about host Elizabeth Anglin can be found at http://www.elizabethanglin.com


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    William Hopp, Abductee Filmmaker

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    William Hopp is the founder of Collective Minds Media and has had a lifelong interest in the Paranormal, especially alien abduction. He suffers from sleep paralysis and can attest to the feelings of a strange presence hiding in the room and the disorientation caused by sleep paralysis. However, he also can draw the distinction between what people report as alien abductions and what he experiences during sleep paralysis. His interest in the alien abduction phenomenon has inspired him to make a movie about what people really experience, unlike the Hollywood versions that we have seen thus far that often change the facts to suit what they believe the audience wants to see.

    The movie's website explains, "Abductee is a chilling found footage film set in the outskirts of Portland, Oregon. Terrifying in a way that few other horror films are, Abductee explores the bizarre and misunderstood world of alien abduction. Through a first person account, we come to know the fear and mental anguish that befalls a man as he attempts to unravel the mystery of what happens to him when he is alone in the middle of the night."

    For more information about the movie, visit: www.abducteefilm.com.

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    Mojave Incident - A True Alien Abduction Story by Ron Felber

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    "They wanted everything we had…our minds…bodies, our souls. I thought we were going to die, or had already died and we were being tortured in Hell." —Elise Gifford, abductee

    Award-winning author Ron Felber was visiting Southern California in 1990 when a friend told him about an interesting UFO case.  Little did he know he had uncovered one of the most frightening and well-documented UFO/alien encounters in the history of ufology.

    For the Gifford's it all began on the night of October 21, 1989 when nine glowing objects appeared over an empty stretch of the Mojave desert—and turned the couple’s quiet weekend into an unearthly nightmare of terror. Elise and Tom Gifford say they were held captive in their camper by nonhuman creatures—and through love and prayer were able to live through psychological torment as their captors manipulated their minds with telepathic power.

    The Watchers hovered over them for a day and a night, they say, stealing their thoughts and emotions, making them relive their most painful and intimate memories, bringing them to the brink of madness. Hours later they were alone again—alive but the visits continued and the nightmare wasn’t over.

    Called "The most frightening UFO book ever written", The Mojave Incident, touches the subconscious fears deep in all of us. The Mojave Incident will be available September 7, 2015 on Amazon.

    Website: www.RonFelber.com 

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    Byron Lacy and a Lifetime of Alein Abductions

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    Byron has spent his life as an alien abductee, he tells his story, what this has taught him, how it has made him see the world around him, and what he feels is the reason for abductions, also we talk about his upo coming book. Join us live Sept 30 th 2015

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    Cosmic Awakening Show- How To Recognize And Neutralize Implants With Louisa Love

    in Spirituality

    Join host Michelle Walling as she interviews Louisa Love about how to recognize and netralize ET implants.

    Louisa is a fully qualified T.A.S.K. Kinesiologist, Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner, EFT Practitioner and Bush Flower Remedy and Reiki Practitioner. But what makes things even more interesting is that Louisa in a Gray alien abductee and has learned all about the implants she was given and how to neutralize them.

    Louisa has two articles published on Howtoexitthematrix.com correlating with this show:

    20 Signs of Implantation

    32 Ways of Neutralizing Implants (publish date 9-29-15

    You can find more about Louisa on her website: http:www.enlightenyourself.co