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    It's just Dan and I

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    It's fantasy Monday on Sports Time Radio as Dan the Man and the Big Jack cover the goings on in fantasy sports. With the end of the hockey abd basketball fantasy regular seasons right around the corner; how is your team doing? Is there still time to make a late season trade for some playoff run help? The baseball fantasy season will be here before you know it; what are you doing with that #1 pick? Would you go Mike Trout or Clayton Kershaw? Let the group at Sports Time Radio kead you in the right direction. Remember that any sport at any time and anywhere = Sports Time Radio. Follow everyone on Twitter @Sportstimeradio @Danzeeeman @Burketime & @Mrfanofsports

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    The DuCross Bros: The Sports Warriors EP 19

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    On 2.18.15 show, The Sports Warriors will be discussing the fallouts of UFC FN 60 abd Bellator 133 from over the weekend that had some impressive stoppages and much more to discuss what's next to come.  

    More bad news continues to come down the pipe on Anderson Silva as we have the latest news on what's going on with that issue and Joe Rogan uses his podcast to basically put all of the MMA fighters on notice. 

    UFC FN 61 is this weekend in Brazil and Gina Carano's new has popped back up, but it's not for what the fans are hoping for. Stay tuned. 

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    The Resilient Brain, The Latest on The Brain

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    Noon Saturdays, "The Resilient Brain," host Kathy Kitts

    Having recently become certified as a UDO public speaker, I am bringing new information to you today.  UDO stands for Upside Down Organization, a part of The Children's Guild which has been around a long time.  The Children's Guild has 7 campuses, including 2 in PG County, MD, 1 opening soon in DC, and a couple in the Baltimore city and suburban areas.  Additionally, The Children's Guild has a Charter School on the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico!  Be sure to check out more info on The Children's Guild and The Upside-Down Organization.  Diane Paul will answer any questions if you call UDO, and Frank Kros can guide you about the various trainings they offer, including ones with Social Work continuing education credits.

    Today we'll touch on the various topics I learned about over a 6 day period of training.  It'll be exciting to hear the latest!  Please tune in abd follow along!

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    The History of the House of Saud: The Royal Saudi Family since 1902.

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    Before the modern day reign of the Saudi Royal family which declared its throne in 1932, a young prince  at age 20 wanted to eliminate the Ottoman empire and restore rule of Al Saud who once dominated the region from the Red Sea to the Persian Gulf.  He didn’t second guess his rightful birthright in the area.  His name was Abd al-Azia ibn Saud.  He crossed the desert with sixty brothers and cousins to reclaim the land.  He enlisted nomadic Bedouins, local warriors named the Ikhwan who also wanted their own version of a puritan Wahhabi Islamic state.  After the victory in 1902, Abd al-Aziz ibn Saud wanted to kill 1/3 of the army that helped him win, the Ikhwan.  He consulted the religious elite, the ulama, and got approval.  He killed the coalition that enabled him to win.   Since 1932, there has been no royal monarchy but the House of Saud and each subsequent ruler was a brother.  A few turns of betrayal or alliance have tipped the kingdom momentarily but only cost one real life 80 plus years.  Dirty deals with the U.S. have kept them in an interfacing East-West loyalty that may switch up generation to generation.


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    Human Trafficking with Mike Pozesny

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    Mike Pozesny began in the Criminal Investigations Division of the US Army during the Vietnam era and worked in narcotics. He left the military and went into Executive Protection for five years in Florida then becoming Chairman of a Task Force on Child Abuse. He then relocated to Georgia and joined the State of GA Department of Corrections. There he worked close/maximum-security Mental Health and the Special Management Unit for about two years before becoming a state law enforcement instructor traveling the state. For roughly five years he trained police officers, sheriff’s deputies, correctional staff, and  jailers statewide. His specialty instructor certifications were in Spontaneous Knife Defense, Defensive Tactics, Fire Safety, Emergency Medicine, Hazardous Materials, Tactical Munitions, and all classes of firearms. He also deciphered encrypted gang writing and toured the state as a member of the Metro Atlanta Gang Intelligence Network (MAGIN) into areas heavy in gang involvement to do intelligence work, served in the Emergency Operations Center during the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, and created emergency management training that was delivered to over 35,000 employees. Afterwards he worked for a probation company and held the jobs of Probation Manager, Regional Probation Director, Quality Assurance Director, and State Probation Training Director. He left that job to become the Vice-President of Program Development for a counseling and residential treatment facility company conducting group therapy sessions for criminal violators. He currently teaches college classes in violence subjects such as Domestic Violence, Juvenile Deviance, etc. and is the National Training Director responsible for building a law enforcement learning community for public safety in-service training.

    Mike has Masters in Criminal Justice, a Graduate Certificate in Substance Abuse, and is ABD on a PhD in Public Safety Leadership where he researches Domestic Violence.

  • Mid-Day Supplication- Intercessory Prayer

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    Happy New Year! Join us on the broadcast for Intercessory prayer abd a word from the Lord. Tune in and be blessed.

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    Torah Treaures- Vayishlach "And He Sent"

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    Join Rabbi Hilrant as we return to our Torah Treasures series.  This episode will cover the Jacob wrestling an angel, the reconciliation of Jacob abd Esua, the rape of Dinah and the attack of the sons of Israel. It ends very sadly with the death of Rachel while giving birth to Benjamin...

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    Out of the Pocket: On Top of the World

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    Your Green Bay Packers are atop the Power Rankings after besting the New England Patriots, and now the conversation isn't about whether or not they can win the division, but if they can get home field advantage throughout! It's been an amazing turn of events for the Green abd Gold, and no one is better equipped to talk you through it than the Pocketeers. Listen in!

    Join Out of the Pocket as they take their show on the road and bring you a weekly dissection of the Green Bay Packers as only they know how. All are longtime Packer fans who bring their infinite wisdom, passion and snark to the Packers Talk Radio Network. Follow them on Twitter at @WhatRUTinkin , @Ceallaigh_k , @missannielynn, and @jys_h.

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         You and I are witnessing the rapid increase of hunger and thirst for rightousness in the world as humanity sinks deeper and deeper into darkness. The enemy of our souls throw scraps of material and people hasten to consume it as a "black" Friday or "cyber" Monday feast. The picture is that of someone throwing out scraps of bread to the pigeons as they flock competitively to consume and satisfy their hunger. Therefore, people are classified simply as consumers and exist exclusively for the benefit of the producers. Only Jesus can satisfy hunger abd thirst in the soul. 

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    Change your life

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    Hello everyone, join me Lya K.Luck as we discuss changing ur life abd where u should start. So please listen in for thst is truly where the change begins

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