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    Alien Cosmos Expos by AMI Bruce Cunningham, TJ Morris, Katrina Hutchins

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    Bruce Cunningham is Founder and Director of Ancient Mysteries International. He is Indiana Bruce as a real Indiana Jones and shares the Pyramid Finds and Sacred Sites in his life with others. We share people, places, and artifacts. Bruce shares Ancient Astronauts Clues & Views with us on Facebook. Theresa J Morris is Founder Director of ACO - Alien Contact Org. Ascension Center is at the Core of the Cosmos and ET beings come and go. Ancient Mysteries International and Alien Contact Organization share the Education Research Association Community Online People of Cyberspace Culture to invoke the awakening of the Ascension Age. We share the past,present, future we have as clues and views to the reality that we call the critical mass mind in the universe much like the Internet we now share.Katrina Hutchins and Diana McClintic Join for a Gathering of Synchronicity.What Ancient Astronaut Clues and Views were left for us to find in order for us to progress slowly over time much like those who came prior to us were allowed to do. We are discovering that we are on a neurological journey that leads us on a treasure hunt not only inside our minds but outside of us in the world. Come with us on this 2 hour journey of discovery among those who share interests in phenomenology and artifacts. We share the mysteries we find in our lives in social media and in these recorded archives. dia groups. Bruce and TJ share as Administrators of Ancient Astronauts Clues & Views Group on Facebook.Both Bruce and TJ Ae publishers for others. 

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    CRN Radio With Special Guests Steve Cunningham, Bobby Gunn & Wilkins Santiago

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    On this edition of The Cornermen Radio welcomes three special guests onto the show. The first guest is former world champion Steve Cunningham also coming onto the show is Bobby Gunn, as well as undefeated Wilkins Santiago. With three top guests alongside The Cornermen discussing all the top news on the most unprofessional boxing radio show, it's sure to be a great show.

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    Ancient Mysteries Sacred Sites w/Bruce Cunningham and TJ Morris

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    Bruce Cunningham, Author and Founding Director of Ancient Mysteries Int.'l Org Network will join us on Sundays 8E/7C. Ancient Publishing/Shanti-Hawaii.  Our Mission here at TJ Morris ET C osmos Radio is to share in spiritual and educational awareness with those interested in self-help learning by providing ancient wisdom and new thought teachings and philosophies. Cosmos Radio Org has expanded Ascension Centers to include Alien Contact Org. Efriends in our groups interested in our hobbies and education as entertainment with Era Cop Association, Education Research Association Explores and Ancient Mysteries International.  We share promoting  people, places, structures, and ancient sacred cites  in this world.TJ Morris Media Publishing News is a publicist, radio host for ACIR. Era Cop .com. Theresa is a friend to those interested in her work in parapsychology, intuitive psychic phenomena readings, and Ascension. TJ has the ACO Club for authors. We share mysteries of life i n body-mind-spirit. Host of TJ Morris ET Cosmos Radio Organization, Theresa J Morris is Host for ACO/ACE Clubs. We will discuss ancient sacred sites with Bruce Cunningham who is an author living in Indiana and the Phillippines and serves as a Sacred Sites Tour Organizer. Bruce has organizer Pacific Rim. Bruce and TJ share as administrators in social media on Facebook. Join Theresa Morris and Bruce Cunningham on Facebook and on the Websites, Era Cop, Alien Contact Org Ascension Center Org,, TJMorrisRadio Magazine, TheresaJMorris, and Ancient Mysteries International for more news.  

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    MWR Life's Tom Cunningham interviews Julienne Burleson on Surviving Camp Inca

    in Self Help

    MWR Life's Inspiration Ambassador & Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructor, Tom Cunningham (too tall) interviews Julienne Burleson.

    Julienne is a registered reflexologist and owner of Holistic Sole Reflexology. She began her career in the healing arts after graduating from the Tennessee School of Beauty, working at Belezza Day Spa and the world-renowned Chateau Elan in Braselton, Georgia, as a therapist for many years. She is also an inspirational speaker for women’s groups, weekend retreats, and conferences across the country.

    When she was in her twenties, she was tricked into bringing back cocaine-filled artwork from Ecuador and wound up with a ten-year prison sentence there. “Camp Inca” was the main prison where she was incarcerated. In 1997, while in the Guayaquil prison, she was interviewed by the late Mike Wallace of the show 60 Minutes for the episode “Innocence Abroad.”



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    MWR Life's Tom Cunningham interviews Former FBI Agent LaRae Quy

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    MWR Life Inspiration Ambassador & Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructor, Tom Cunningham (too tall) interviews former FBI Agent LaRae Quy.

    LaRae Quy was an undercover and counterintelligence FBI agent for 24 years. She exposed foreign spies and recruited them to work for the U.S. Government. As an FBI agent, she developed the mental toughness to survive in environments of risk, uncertainty, and deception. 

    LaRae spent the last four years of her FBI career as the spokesperson for the FBI in Northern California. 

    As a former FBI agent, she speaks and writes about other can develop the mental toughness to move through the roadblocks and adversity they face in both business and life. She is passionate about sharing no-nonsense FBI practices to help others develop strengths and qualities such as tenacity, persistence, willpower, determination, and positive thinking.

    Her clients are diverse but they share the same desire to empower themselves to  build the mental strength needed to keep moving toward their goals and calling in life. Their shared belief is that they have the power within themselves to achieve greater personal accomplishments. 

    LaRae is the author of Secrets of A Strong Mind and Mental Toughness For Women Leaders. She has formed her own company and is Director of the Mental Toughness Center.

    She has also completed graduate studies at San Francisco Theological Seminary.



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    Steve "USS" Cunningham joins Team LeftJab Boxing Radio for the first time to discuss his last fight with Antonio Tarver & the issue of bad judes in boxing.Cunningham breaks down why he felt he won the Tarver fight and how that decision and the one before against Glazkov has prevented him from getting a shot at a World title.We get in detail with Steve on what he feels needs to be done to stop the bad decisions in boxing that has drieven fans away for years and has hurt many boxers careers.We also get Cunningham's thoughts on Deontay Wilder,Shannon Briggs,Tyson Fury vs Wladimir Klitschko & a prediction for this weekends fight in Las Vegas...Floyd Mayweather vs Andre Berto.

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    Rachel Hirsch, Dana Fulenwider, Abby Kojola, Jay Winner

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    Rachel Hirsch is an attorney at the Washington, D.C.-based law firm of Ifrah PLLC.  Ms. Hirsch focuses her practice on Internet Advertising and Marketing and i-Gaming.  She advises e-commerce merchants and online marketers on compliance with FTC and state consumer regulations. Ms. Hirsch graduated with honors from the University of Maryland School of Law and practiced at Venable LLP prior to joining Ifrah Law

    Dana Fulenwider self-proclaimed life mixologist. She have a Masters in Business Administration and worked in real estate development before traveling the world, studying, and redefining her career in coaching and leadership development. Dana is a Leadership Coach and Director of Corporate Client Solutions for The Coaches Training Institute, CTI

    Abby Kojola spreads the KojolaPower love from San Rafael, CA by offering web design, social media, email marketing and many other ways to support you in fully loving your business & your life

    Jay Winner, M.D. founder and director of the Stress Management Program for Sansum Clinic, one of California’s largest medical clinics. Dr. Winner has spoken on the topic of stress management to corporations, physician groups, counselors,  and government employees. He has written articles for both medical and counseling journals, and is quoted often as a stress expert in a wide variety of national print and electronic media

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     .tonight's topic: Mysteries of Sedona ,Church of Mabus and Unravelling the Mysteries.

    Claudia has appeared on George Noory's Coast to Coast AM with Timothy Green Beckley. She has also appeared on some shows with noted UFO investigators Brad Steiger and Alan Greenfield.  Some other shows include  the Paracast, the Clyde Lewis show, and Darkness Radio. She has been written about in several books by Timothy Green Beckley and international paranormal expert Nick Redfern. Claudia's most recent adventures are featured in Redfern's new book,  Men in Black: Personal Stories & Eerie Adventures  recently released.

    Her life story is a study in paranormal happenings including UFO sightings, poltergeist activity and witnessing a full body apparition in Albany's notorious Ten Broeck Mansion in 1967. She is a native of the Albany, NY area and a student of all things paranormal.  


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    MWR Life's Tom Cunningham interviews Life is Good Founder John Jacobs

    in Entrepreneur

    MWR Life Inspiration Ambassador & Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructor, Tom Cunningham (too tall), interviews Life is Good Co-Founder John Jacobs.

    In 1994, John Jacobs and his brother Bert with a combined sum of just $78 in the bank, John and his brother, Bert, o?cially launched Life is Good. Today, Life is Good is a $100 million dollar clothing company with one simple, unifying mission: to spread the power of optimism.

    Life is good focuses on forging meaningful, emotional connections, and relies heavily on its community of optimists to build its brand. Because Life is Good considers kids its ultimate source for inspiration, the company is committed to helping kids overcome poverty, violence, and severe medical challenges, through its nonpro?t foundation, The Life is Good Playmakers. A minimum of ten percent of annual net pro?ts is donated to the Founda3on, which has raised over $11 million to date and positively impacts the lives of more than 100,000 children a day. Bert, John, and Life is Good are living proof that "Optimism can take you anywhere.”

    John is the youngest of six siblings from Needham, MA. His credits his mother with teaching his brother and him to face life’s bumps in the road with a smile. The Jacobs brothers see simplicity, humility and a sense of humour, as the three keys to Life is Good's continued success.


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    MWR Life's Tom Cunningham interviews Rabbi Daniel Lapin

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    MWR Life Inspiration AMbassador & Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructor, Tom Cunningham (too tall) interviews Rabbi Daniel Lapin.

    Rabbi Lapin, the President of the American Alliance of Jews and Christians, is a noted rabbinic scholar and Jewish leader, author of America’s Real War and Thou Shall Prosper and other best-sellers.  A frequent guest on Fox News, Wallbuilders Radio, and Glenn Beck TV, he hosts his own popular radio and podcast programs with international audiences. With his wife, Susan, he hosts the daily television show Ancient Jewish Wisdom with Rabbi Daniel Lapin on the TCT Television Network. 

    He is best known for condensing millennia of ancient Jewish wisdom into practical and entertaining books, audio and video resources accessible to people of every background.  He has taught Hebrew wisdom from the Bible in more than 500 churches in North America and the United Kingdom and counts many Christian leaders among his closest friends.  Lapin has been widely credited with inspiring countless Jews and Christians to return to active involvement in their respective faiths.  After his studies in Bible, Physics and Economics, he immigrated to the United States and soon after, cofounded the Pacific Jewish Center in Los Angeles with media personality Michael Medved.