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    Richard Abbot on Kosmic Koffee with Kooch...

    in Spirituality

    RainbowPsychics.com/Facebook On Today's Show: ...Richard Abbot, tarot & numerology consultant from the United Kindgom, on Kosmic Koffee With Kooch. Our topic: "Tarot & Numerology are Harmonius Friends".  He’s been developing a unique way to work with tarot and numbers and he’ll be sharing insights.
    ....Join your Host, author Kooch Daniels, each Wednesday, as she explores topics of spirituality, metaphysics & divination, in a relaxed atmosphere, over a cup of Koffee (or Tea) - with guest experts and authors!
    Life Questions? Insight & Clarity a Click Away: RainbowPsychics.com

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    Writer\Producer Owen Ratliff talks about his comic book-based film "Black Salt"

    in Entertainment

    The King of DC Media, William Powell, welcomes Writer\Producer Owen Ratliff, who will talk about his martial arts film Black Salt, which is based on a critically acclaimed comic book franchise.

    Log Line: With time winding down towards world-ending devastation, the fate of mankind rests in the hands of Interpol agent Samuel Tharpe.

    Synopsis: With only four days left the clock ticks down towards a new world holocaust. The only thing standing in its path is Interpol’s deadliest black-ops agent, Samuel Tharpe. Sam hunts down the path of a game-changing weapon of mass destruction called the Exterminatus. He follows hot on its trail deep into the ancient land of China where he must seek aid from the Abbot at the Shaolin Temple.

    Black Salt is an action film project based on the critically acclaimed comic book franchise. The story is an epic thriller merging the world of modern-day espionage and political intrigue with the ancient world of martial arts. The mini-feature is a precursor to the Black Salt feature film and TV series. This project was made possible by our fans through our Indigogo campaign.

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    Irate, Tireless Minority - Guest Host DR of The Maritime Sentry

    in Politics Conservative

    Due to a recommendation of complete vocal rest for at least four weeks, I am finding out how blessed I am to have friends who can serve as guest hosts. Today's guest host is DR, a fellow blogger who blogs at The Maritime Sentry and also puts out an informative "paper" called "The Sentry" on twitter. 

    Today's show will include:

     -A Discussion on the Muslim and Arab assaults in Germany, Finland and Norway over the New Year holiday and why Western governments are attempting to cover it up

    -A brief discussion on the presidential primary -Discuss Texas Gov. Abbott's call for a Constitutional Convention and why it is a bad idea

    -Wrap up with a discussion on the importance of educating the children in your life with original documents and not someone else's opinions on those documents


    Doing my best to help the Lord set the brushfires of freedom in the hearts of men and to restore America, God willing, to the beacon of freedom she was meant to be.

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    New Year's Eve Laughs and Memories with Old Time Radio Greats & Mystic Moon Cafe

    in Paranormal

    Laugh along with New Year's Old Time Radio skits from Abbot & Costello, Al Jolson, Fibber McGee, Jack Benny, and more!  Maybe a little music from the Andrews Sisters too..

    Put on your comfy jammies, or dress up! Cuddle up, put your feet up, have a hot cocoa - lace it with a shot of Baileys...  But please join us for a bit of 'stay at home' New Years Eve of yesteryear fun!

    Abbott & Costello New Years Eve 1947  . Original Air Date Was 12/31/1947. 

    Fibber McGee & Molly New Years 1935  Fibber McGee & Molly Episode Titled New Year's Celebration. Original Air Date Was 12/30/1935. Now don’t ever worry bout wrinkles in your pants, cause anyway you look at it, they’re better than ants…

    Jack Benny New Years 1939  Titled Goodbye 1938. Original Air Date Was 01/01/1939.

    Jack Benny New Years Fantasy 1950. Original Air Date Was 12/31/1950.

    Al Jolson New Years 1948  Kraft Music Hall With Al Jolson & Guest Madeleine Carroll From New Years. Original Air Date Was 01/01/1948.

    Chat will be up and runnung - hopefully...
    If you have trouble listening on the Internet, you can always call in to listen at 646-716-6207
    Contact us on Facebook: Mystic Moon Cafe
    Email: MysticLands@kc.rr.com

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    in Military

    Jason Cooper is the Director of Special Medical Programs for Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. He is a certified Physician Assistant and a licensed paramedic. He is also the chief clinical officer for MedicOne Response and advises over 400 system EMTs and paramedics across 4 southern states. In 2013 he was appointed by governor Rick Perry to the Texas PA board and in October of 2015 he was selected by Governor Greg Abbot as the presiding officer of the PA board. Mr.Cooper graduated with a Master of Science degree from Texas Tech University Health Science Center. He is an Eagle Scout and remains active as a Cub Scout leader with the Boy Scouts of America. Mr.Cooper has had numerous professional roles in Emergency Medicine in both the pre-hospital 911 environments and in the Emergency Department as a PA. He is a former flight paramedic on several helicopter platforms.

    Ricky Bedient
    I was born on the naval base in Beuford, South Carolina.
    I come from a military family. I was unable to serve due to medical issues.
    This is important because it has played a huge role in what i do.

    I am a animal rescuer and dog trainer.
    I love animals and always have. I also have a great respect for our veterans.

    I have been able to combine these 2 passions and train rescued dogs to be service dogs for our veterans. This is a fairly new program I have only been doing this for a few years. This service is free but Im a one man show so im limited on what I can do.

    In my job I deal with everything from basic training all the way to dervice dogs.
    I am also a student instructor for animal behavior college. This means I teach people proper training techniques.

    I am truely blessed. I get to do what I love and I the process I get to bless others. I have made alot of great friends and met some amazing people. I hear some crazy stories and get to see some dogs do some amazing things.

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    RSD and You Show with Victoria Abbot Fleming on WIRN Internet Radio

    in Health

    Please join us for this great show on WIRN Internet Radio.... 

    RSD and You show is show about everything RSD/CRPS.... Treatments, experiences, professional knowledge on this pain condition

    This show we will talk to RSDer Victoria Abbot Fleming about her RSD experience and treatments she is trying for RSD CRPS... also about her many venture to get the word out about RSD... Happy to have her from the UK...

    Please call in at 310-982-4253 or join us in chatroom

    Invite youre friends to this great show !!!

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    Richard Abbot on Kosmic Koffee with Kooch... - Oct 02,2013

    in Spirituality

    RainbowPsychics.com/Facebook On Today's Show: ...Richard Abbot, tarot & numerology consultant from the United Kindgom, on Kosmic Koffee With Kooch. Our topic: "Tarot & Numerology are Harmonius Friends". He's been developing a unique way to work with tarot and numbers and he'll be sharing insights. ....Join your Host, author Kooch Daniels, each Wednesday, as she explores topics of spirituality, metaphysics & divination, in a relaxed atmosphere, over a cup of Koffee (or Tea) - with guest experts and authors! Life Questions? Insight & Clarity a Click Away: RainbowPsychics.com

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    Shannon Baker Discusses BROKEN TRUST, The Latest Nora Abbot Mystery

    in Books

    Author Shannon Baker joins Murders, Mysteries and Mayhem host Stephen Campbell to discuss her new book, BROKEN TRUST, the second novel in her Nora Abbot mystery series.

    When not writing the Nora Abbott mysteries, which involves murder, the environment, and Hopi Indians, Shannon can often be found backpacking, skiing, kayaking, cycling, or just playing lizard in the desert. 

    From the Colorado Rockies to the Nebraska Sandhills, the peaks of Flagstaff and the deserts of Tucson, landscapes play an important role in her books. Tainted Mountain, the first in her Nora Abbott Mystery Series, is set in Flagstaff, AZ, where she lived for several years and worked for The Grand Canyon Trust, a hotbed of environmentalists who, usually, don’t resort to murder. When Shannon moved to Boulder, CO, Nora followed her and Broken Trust is set in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains. 

    In this interview, we'll discuss the Nora Abbot books, the use of the American West as a setting for a mystery series, how writing conferences have played a part her in career, and Shannon's habit of writing about the area in which she's currently living.

    You can learn more about Shannon at www.shannon-baker.com

    You can learn more about your host at www.stephenrcampbell.com

    Murders, Mysteries and Mayhem is part of the Authors on the Air Radio Network.




    This is a copyrighted podcast owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network, LLC and produced by Pam Stack

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    Shep Hyken: Customer Service Expert

    in Lifestyle

    Shep is a customer service expert, professional speaker and bestselling author who works with companies and organizations who want to build loyal relationships with their customers and employees. His articles have been read in hundreds of publications, and he is the author of Moments of Magic, The Loyal Customer and the Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestsellers, The Cult of the Customer and The Amazement Revolution, which was also recognized as a New York Times bestseller. He is also the creator of The Customer Focus program which helps clients develop a customer service culture and loyalty mindset.

    In 1983 Shep founded Shepard Presentations and since then he has worked with hundreds of clients ranging from Fortune 100 size organizations to companies with less than 50 employees. Some of his clients include American Airlines, AAA, Anheuser-Busch, AT&T, AETNA, Abbot Laboratories, American Express.

    Shep Hyken’s most requested programs focus on customer service, customer loyalty, internal service, customer relations and a motivational program titled “You Are The Magic!” 

    For more details, you can visit Shep’s website at Hyken.com

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    in Politics Conservative

    Many were surprised at the lack of enthusiasm that Obama showed in the no bile of the Eric Garner case. Greg Abbot announces that 16 states will sue to block the immigration amnesty. Obviously neither the Senate nor Congress will help with any of it as they are gutless wonders. Way to go Greg! Many were surprised at the lack of enthusiasm that Obama showed in the no bill of the Eric Garner case. Hello! He doesn't care about it because the cops were arresting a guy selling loose cigarettes and evading NYC tobacco taxes. What do you think will happen if you do the same thing on your Obamacare fine/tax? You'll be in a headlock from the IRS so fast your head will be swimming. We had some technical issues last week so this is try number two.


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    UNM Lobos Hockey vs Northern Arizona Game 2

    in Sports

    Good evening ABQ Sports Crew Nation! Thanks for joining us on this Saturday evening. Tonight we have game 2 of the UNM vs Northern Arizona hockey series. Last night the Lobos cruised to a 6-3 victory. Tonight they will look to sweep the series spite losing Captain Brad Harris and Nick Abbot due to disqualification penalties. Join Josh and Adam as they bring you all the live coverage at 8pm with the ABQ Sports Crew Postgame show. See you then.