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    The Dr. Pat Show-Talk Radio to Thrive By!

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    Sheer Alchemy! - with Co-host Leslie Fonteyne: Stepping into our Abundance Alone-Fear of Abandonment. Often we stop ourselves from stepping into a great idea, a new dream, or our heart's desire, because we are afraid no one we love will come with us. Find out how to step through this fearful place so that you can discover the joy of experiencing your dream.

    The Dr. Pat Show: England's Stone Circles with Psychic World's John G. Sutton. England is an island kingdom where, thousands of years ago, neolithic man built stone monuments to the gods they worshiped. Stonehenge is believed to have been created as a form of astrological observatory enabling the ancient Britons to plot the seasons through measuring the movement of the Earth against the stars, the sun and the moon. Neolithic man is believed to have worshiped the sun as the bringer of life and as each season changed, such as with the Winter equinox, pagan ceremonies were conducted to ensure, so they believed, the return of Spring and fruitfulness to the land. There are numerous stone circles around the UK and John G. Sutton has been visiting some of these tuning in to the sites using their paranormal power for psychic visions of what has been and is to be. Listen to this show to discover what mysteries were unveiled as John stood within these ancient stone monuments of historic England.

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    trusting Jesus through forgiveness

    in Self Help

    When your family members, so called ministers friends, and so called friends rejected and abandoned you, You have 

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    He (God) Gathers Up The Abandoned Ones

    in Spirituality

    This episode of Pneumatikos will explore God's loving out reach to those who know the pain of rejection and abandonment. Please tune in to our next show.

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    BeSimply...LoveSelf {Sacral Healing}

    in Self Help

    Join 'She' for 54 minutes to work on the inner self.
    During this segment: We will connect with the Sacral Region of the Body. 'She' will address how to heal wounds of abandoment, sexual trauma, mother issues, addictions, eating disorders, creative blocks and low self worth. 'She' will discuss the magic and the mystery that gives us access to another perspective of self and others.
    Parables shared...Walk through a guided release experience/meditation. This will assist you in BEing...YOU!  
    Please send in your questions to s@suzannetoro.com.
    Music by Random Rab For My Corpse
    Loving for Within with Anne Heaton
    Suzanne Sterling Jai Ma Connect with
    Suzanne Toro
    Bare Naked Bliss

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    Overcoming the Effects of Abandoment

    in Lifestyle

    Do you struggle with rejection? Do you struggle with feelings of abandonment? Are you afraid of being alone? Are you afraid of embrassing new relationships for fear of being left? Have your relationships been destroyed because you feel rejected or abandonment? Tune in to get answers.
    Special guest, Marc Mays from N.C.

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    Fatherless child? Lets Break the cycle

    in Social Networking

    This show is a one that is heart felt. The relationship between a  father and their children is so important. Lets talk about it, why are  fathers missing in the home and from the their children lives and  what can we do about this.

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    Don't abandon your Purpose

    in Religion

    No matter what you may face in your walk with God. He has placed purpose in you. Have you fulfilled or abandoned what God has called you to do? Lets have the Spirit of Joseph

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    What happen to your praise?

    in Religion

    Some believers only Praise God when things are going well. But we lose our focus and praise when trials come. Praising God is not an option. Praise has a powerful effect on the believer, the devil and on God. So why did you stop giving God that Praise?

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    Chapter 4 Unwanted Heart

    in Books

    Discover the after effects of my molestation. See how this tragic event blinded me to the real tragedy I would uncover.

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    Our Show Let'sTALK w/DrLillie, will be dealing with various Subjects, as it related to our lives, Healing Spiritually, Emotionally and Mentally. With a "Christian" prospective, the hurt and pain, experiences, Testimonies, Guests, Special Segments, Sharing Music and the Word of God, in a relaxed atmostphere, open to all. The Bible says: "Come now, and let us reason together, saith Jehovah: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. Isa. 1:18 God Jesus, generational intergenerational, Our Will, Internet Radio, Our Will, Internet Radio, victory. WE WILL BE TALKING ALSO ON THE SUBJECT OF "REJECTION" AS IT PERTAINS TO ABANDOMENT

  • MBKI's Kingdom Encounter

    in Spirituality

    Many people have been told many things about themselvs and it has taken them out of there true idenity.through abandoment and rejection many are seeking to please people rather then the Lord. Sexual abuse and verbal abuse also has many people thinking that they can't accomplish the visions and dreams that come to them, as well as love. many feel that they aren't loveable and always seem to have relations with hard core people. Come join us for a powerful message " Very Importent Person" you will see through the bible that you aren't what you been through your a VIP.You won't want to miss it 

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