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    E282: Crosby Lane, Sarantos, Jessica Atkins, Ashley Bean

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    E282: Crosby Lane,  Sarantos,  Jessica Atkins,  Ashley Bean

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    DIABESITY - The 21st Century Epidemic – With author Keith Berkowitz, MD

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    Nearly 60% of the population has a genetic predisposition for the development of diabetes and/or obesity. The predisposition is accelerated with poor diet and leads to chronic illnesses

    Join us as we speak with Keith Wayne Berkowitz, M.D., is the Founder and Medical Director of the Center for Balanced Health and author of The Stubborn Fat Fix: Eat Right to Lose Weight and Cure Metabolic Burnout without Hunger or Exercise. He combines expertise in both traditional and complementary medicine. Prior to starting the Center for Balanced Health, he was the Medical Director and Business Director of The Atkins Center for Complementary Medicine. He was an associate of Dr. Robert C. Atkins since 1999.

    He has been interviewed by Newsweek, New York Magazine, Newsday, The Sunday London Times, Associated Press, CNN, INC Magazine, amNY, Wins 1010 online and The New York Post. Additionally, he has been featured on ABC News, WOR Radio, WCBS Radio and RAI TV.

    Meet top integrative, wellness oriented healers, authors and companies at the next NAVEL wellness expo.


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    Myth Busting: Getting The Body You Want With Half The Effort!

    in Fitness

    Seriously. It does not take as much effort as you think to lose weight or to gain strength-or near as much money!! Do you need to work out 6 days a week to lose weight? Do you need to workout 2 hours a day to get big? How do you know if the weight you are at is healthy? Are bikini models heathy? What do I really need to know to lose weight? What about Atkins or the Beverly Hills diet? Are those any good? Should you expect to lose weight every week if you work hard and eat great all the time? Are diets healthy? We are going to do some real myth busting todaoy!! All so you get get what you want and when you want it! I will show you how some of the stuff you know about diet and exercise is really holding you back-and possibly costing you a lot of money!! If you are interested in learning more head over to my website: www.deathofdiets.com 

    Enjoy the show!!

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    Style with Trysh ~ Sonja Atkins

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    We have her TODAY and we are so VERY glad - None other than Lady Sonja Atkins also known as The Thrift Shopping Queen. She reigns out of Birmingham, Alabama. Sonja prides her organization provides convenient ways to consult consumers on how to save money by buying new, used and recyclable items at a discounted price. They educate shoppers on how and where to shop for bargains. 

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    Are you ready Chapter Two by Sheila Piper

    in Christianity

    Greetings to all God's people I pray a blessing over each of you and your families. Thank you once again for tuning in to another Anointing broadcast From Insanity to Sane. My special guest tonight is the one and only Mrs.Sheila Piper. Christian Soul Artist-

    Shelia Moore Piper returns with her new album Entitled "Are You Ready Chapter 2" from the Bdm/Ugroove Music label.It is comprised of 12 new powerful   anointed tracks, with popular songs like "Get Excited" (the hit single)which debuted in the top 50 Independent and Adult Contemporary Charts, "It's Time" "Clap It Up" produced by award winning producer Dre 'Drathoven' Atkins and the title track "Are You Ready" featuring vocalist 'Erin Stevenson', Bringing listeners 47 mins worth of excellent listening. In addition to Shelia Moore Piper's own gorgeous, sparkling vocals, "Are You Ready Chapter 2" also features towering talents of Tachina Danielle, Monica Williams, Derrick Leon and Gene Moore Jr. Shelia's music is spiritually inspired, and every song on her album is her most spectacular work to date, has it's heart and soul in unwavering faith and praise of her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


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    Fight Fat with Fat - Interview with author John Salerno, DO

    in Health

    You need fat—and a whole lot more. Stop denying your body what you need for a healthy life. Start feeding it properly, and your body will glow with vitality. Mentored by Dr. Atkins, Dr. John Salerno adapted the well-known low-carb diet for today’s lifestyle with astounding results. In Fight Fat with Fat, he explains in simple terms what your body needs—and should avoid—and why.

    An international pioneer in the field of anti-aging, Dr. John P. Salerno is a leader in the practice of complementary medicine. Best known for his weight-loss treatments, bio-identical hormone replacement, vitamin IV suites, and chelation therapy, a process that removes heavy metals from the body, Dr. Salerno lists dozens of celebrities among his patients. In his Salerno Center for Complementary Medicine in New York City, he combines the teachings of traditional medicine with the wisdom of alternative healing to help clients live healthier, happier lives.

    For more information about Dr. Salerno, and to purchase a copy please go to www.fightfatwithfat.com  

    Meet the very best integrative physicians, authors and celebrities LIVE at the upcoming Nutrition, Aesthetics, Vitality, Efficacy, Live (NAVEL) event www.navelexpo.com

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    Talking Sports

    in Sports

    Today's Guest-- Chucky Atkins discuss NBA and college ball.

    Preview the Daytona 500.

    New segment African-American Pioneers in Sports-- today it Wendell Scott first African-American driver in NASCAR.

    Lively debate/discussion of headliines in sports with Wil, Mike, Zack and Antoine.

    Listen to the live stream 6pm Eastern @www.thewilwalkershow.com or download the podcast @Tunein @Stitcher @blogtalkradio.com/wilwalker

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    Curtis Harwell Discusses Which are Better High Carb or Low Carbs Diet Plans

    in Fitness

    Popular Diet Plans

    It seems the biggest current craze is eating low carbs. Basically, you eat a lot of protein and any kind of fats, but you drastically limit your carbohydrate intake.

    An Analysis Of Low Carbohydrate Diets!
    This article will focus on the inherent problems of all carb reduction diets, the premises discussed apply to all forms of carb reduction diets so this applies to the NHE, Atkins diet, CKD, TKD and all other carb reduction plans...

    Depending on your plan, carbs might be restricted to 50 grams or less per day. Of course to make it more confusing, carbs are subcategorized into specific types of carbs. You have sugars and starches and they're the net carbs. There are also fibers and a newly-concocted chemical called sugar alcohol. That's the ingredient glycerin, which is in your low-carb, high-protein bars that keeps the bar moist instead of being a sawdust consistency.

    Net carbs have a tendency to raise your blood sugar levels so you're not burning fat as efficiently. If you're following a low-carb plan, net carbs should be avoided. Unlike sugars and simple starches, proteins and fats do not raise the blood sugar levels and so you have the freedom to eat more of those. (Can you say hamburgers wrapped in lettuce instead of setting on a bun?)


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    Sleepy Hollow Addicts- "What Lies Beneath"

    in Entertainment

    Join me tonight as I unveil a new campaign to help promote the show & hopefully get another season!  We'll update you on the latest in the 'World of Sleepy'!

    My special guest co-host will be Jerome Wetzel and we'll take a look at "What Lies Beneath", which was excellent!  

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    Interview with Jim Ed Brown

    in Country Music

    Whether as a solo artist or in a duet with with Helen Cornelius, JIM ED BROWN never fails to make magic with a song. But, any discussion about the career of Jim Ed would have to begin with the years he spent singing with his sisters Maxine and Bonnie as The Browns. Recording together for well over a decade, the trio put together a catalouge that included “Lookin’ Back To See,” “I Heard The Bluebirds Sing,” and their iconic 1959 crossover record “The Three Bells.” 

    Looking back on that family blend of harmony that brought him to the dance, Jim Ed says his singing with his siblings never really had a beginning point. It was just something that always was a part of life, growing up in Sparkman, Arkansas. “We started singing when we were young kids. I lost my little brother when I was nine years old, and I remember he and I sang together. We would listen to Daddy’s old battery operated radio. If it was a clear night, we might be able to pick up the Grand Ole Opry,” he recalls. 

    Jim Ed's easy going nature and movie-star good looks led to a long career on television – with stints on his own The Country Place TV show in the early 1970s, Nashville On The Road, and You Can Be A Star – which helped launch many of Music City’s greatest, including Linda Davis. Then, in 1976, fate – and Chet Atkins stepped in again. “Chet found this song, and gave it to Bob Ferguson – who was my producer at the time. It was a great song - ‘I Don’t Want To Have To Marry You.’ I wanted to do it solo, but he wanted me to do it as a duet. He said he wanted me to cut it with Helen Cornelius." 

    Jim Ed Brown joins me on the show to talk about his music career and new album In Style Again.

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    Red vs Blue Super Bowl Weekend

    in Sports

    Prop Bets

    Super Bowl Squares

    Playoff Draft World Championship

    Food Food Food!



    Dynasty World Championship Season III

    and a whole lot more.


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