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    “There is no world!" A Course in Miracles with Robert Rosenthal, M.D.

    in Spirituality

    Lesson 132: I loose the world from all I thought it was.

    In this segment we will explore Lesson 132, which states, in part:

    “This is the central thought the course attempts to teach. Not everyone us ready to accept it, and each one must go as far as he can let himself be led along the road to truth. He will return and go still farther, or perhaps step back a while and then return again.”

    This is one of the core concepts of ACIM, and yet one that students find the most difficult to accept. How can there not be a world? I see it, feel it, live and move within it—so does everyone else. To say otherwise is crazy. Or denial.

    However, ACIM tells us this is one of our greatest obstacles in remembering our true nature and knowing God. Come join Char and Dr. Bob as they help to untangle this challenging topic and make sense of it.

    Dr. Bob joins Charlotte on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 3:00 pm Eastern. Additional commentary is frequently offered from his book, From Plagues to Miracles.

    A student of A Course in Miracles since before it was published, Dr. Bob was a close personal friend of Bill Thetford, Ph.D. (Co-Scribe of ACIM) and has served on the Board of Directors of the Foundation for Inner Peace, publisher of the Course, since 1992. He is the author of From Plagues to Miracles: The Transformational Journey of Exodus, From the Slavery of Ego to the Promised Land of Spirit. The book interprets the Biblical story of Exodus as it pertains to the workings of the ego.

    Visit www.FromPlaguesToMiracles.com to read excerpts and purchase FPTM. 

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    A Course in Miracles: Does it Teach Passivity or Power?

    in Spirituality

    In addition to discussing A Course in Miracles, Intuitive Master Channel, Author and Activist, Alana Kay will help listeners understand why Love is a power and how to access this through your heart center. Mini readings will help reveal hidden gems in listener's hearts.

    Alana's books are available on all channels in all formats:  

    Heaven is Here, Mastering Ascension, & How to Receive a High Quality Intuitive Reading Coming Soon: 144K 

    Contact info:  www.alanakay.com     alana@alanakay.com

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    Advance to Love with A Course in Miracles

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    When we realize that nothing outside of our own thoughts can seem to hurt us, we can be gripped with terror. It was easier to project our worries onto the world and believe that something outside of us was attacking us. But this moment is also one of great release, for in it we can let go of our fear of God --what the COurse calls the final obstacle to overcome--and  call on God's love to save us from the illusions. We can step into peace--our birthright as children of a loving Creator. This is what we learn in lesson 196. Join me tonight as we explore some of the comforting lessons of release and awakening from the Course. You are and always will remain jsut as God created you; free, creative, happy and whole. Let's clear away together any obstacles that may reamain in us that block our awareness of the LOVE that we truly are.

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    A Course in Miracles: The decision for God

    in Spirituality

    Sometimes on our journey we lose sight of our greatest Source. We can get thrown off or distracted and we might question ourselves. We may question whether God is really there for us. 

    The Course teaches us that once we choose God, the decision is a promise that holds strong and unbreakable even when we don't focus on Him steadily.We know that life doesn't always seem consistent, and sometimes we veer away from God.

    The Course reminds us that God is always here. It doesn't matter how close we feel to Him or where and how long we are on our journey, God is here with us - always. 

    You are welcome to read the text from The Complete Edition of A Course in Miracles. Our topic is pulled from Chapter 5 (Healing and Wholeness), and starting on page 90.  

    We would love to talk to other seekers, so if you would like to join the conversation, call us at (347) 539-5885, and press 1 to raise your hand.

    We look forward to connecting with you!


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    show premeir

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    12 New Miracle Steps that help people with 12 recovery experience transition INTO the spiritual teaching called A Course in Miracles

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    Wisdom Through A Course In Miracles

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    My journey led me to many paths culminating in my studying A Course In Miracles.  With my previous understanding from other paths......be they religious, meditative or academic........I realized ACIM teaches all these 'wisdoms' and more.......it is NOT what many think - another religion or delicacy on the spiritual buffet - though it CAN be that for you if that is what you want.  But it can also take you to the highest pinnacle of understanding that shows us in a very profound way how EVERYTHING can be used to lead us there or to lead us astray.........and it all depends on our choice!

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    A Course in Miracles: The Guide to Salvation

    in Spirituality

    A Course in Miracles is a deep self study. Not everyone is called to take on such a thought system that requires such a commitment to awareness of one's thoughts and behaviors.

    Join me, the creator of Seeker Unscripted, a show that currently holds a weekly gathering of like minds of the Course, that draws students and seekers into a path of self discovery that when tread upon - will certainly find Truth.

    If you're a student of the Course, you will learn to ask for guidance to salvation. You don't have to read the book to appreciate what we share on our shows. 

    The Guide to Salvation is asking the Holy Spirit to guide us on our path. We will talk about allowing the connection with Holy Spirit to guide us in everything we do - and to communicate with others both our learning and whatever messages we are asked to deliver. 

    If you have the Complete Edition of A Course in Miracles, we pulled our topic from Chapter 5, section 3, "The Guide to Salvation". 

    We would love to hear from you so please call us at (347) 539-5885 and press 1 to 'raise your hand'. We would love to talk to other seekers, and welcome you with complete openness and acceptance!


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    A Course in Miracles: Illusions of the ego

    in Spirituality

    Seeker Unscripted is a radio show that is hosted by me, Joy Fruehauf, a spiritual and personal development life coach in Mill Creek, WA. 

    Being a student of A Course in Miracles includes the recognizing how much the ego beckons us. 

    Being on the Course is a commitment to choose Truth, even if we don't know it yet. It may take the rest of our (multiple) lives to learn detachment from ego.

    If you have the Complete Edition of ACIM, we will pull from Chapter 4 - Illusions of the Ego (page 52). We're going to start with the Introduction because even though it's just one page, it is packed with wisdom and right minded thought. We can't get enough of it, it requires daily practice to be aware of what enters and lingers in our mind.

    The mind is so powerful that even though the Course is the ultimate teaching of LOVE, we know that the mind dictates everything we do, say, and create. 

    I hope that you feel compelled to join in the conversation!

    If so, please call in to (347) 539-5885 and connect with other students and seekers on the Course. 

    Even if you are not reading the Course and are drawn to the teachings - we know you are a part of us. 

    We hope to speak with you!


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    Self-Forgiveness in A Course in Miracles

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    "I will forgive and this will disappear." Such is the lesson God would have us learn to free ourselves from every form of suffering and in all our tribulations. (Lesson 193) Tonight we explore the way to peace through self forgiveness. Our forgivenss is the "key that opens Heaven's gate."  In the text of the Course, we learned that sometimes as we learn to stop blaming and judging others and the world outside of us, if we are not careful and aware, there can be a tendancy to then blame and condemn ourselves, to turn those false projections on ourselves. THIS IS EQUALLY FALSE. We are as innocent as the  brothers and sisters we forgive. Tonight we will read from Lessons 193 and 198 and remind oursleves that "Only my condemnation injures me. Only my own forgiveness sets us free." (198)  Let's commit ourselves to forgiving not only the world outside of us, but ourselves as well. We have all erred and made mistakes. But God does not condemn mistakes --of any kind--nor need we. 

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    A Course in Miracles: Perception and Deception

    in Spirituality

    A Course in Miracles tells us that perception is only partial truth. Which means it's only our truth - so can we call it real truth?

    Join Joy, who coaches people to pursue their spritual path with self study and community inclusion. Do you want to share about your journey in the Course? Do you want to know more and have a pressing question? Call Joy directly during the show: (347) 539-5885.

    Perception appeared at the birth of the ego. Deception plays a huge part.

    On the Course - we become committed to our awareness around the ego. It is how we shift things.

    When our perception changes - we can actively choose anything different from our previous experience. 

    We KNOW we can choose.

    Our greatest power is in our decision. 

    Deception of couse is ego based - and never truth. 

    Deception can be enticing, manipulative, beautiful, sexy. 

    So I thought we should talk about it. I'm thinking this might be a 2 part topic! We'll see.

    Join me. 


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    Your Identity is Love--A Course in Miracles

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    The Course tells us we will identify with what we thin mmakes us  safe--that may be the body, or money or whatever else we think provids our security. In truth, "Love is your safety." When we idntify with love, our true nature, we are home and we are safe. Let's practice this together! In so doing, we can together transcend all the the problems--be they illness, lack, disharmony or anxiety-that we seem to confront.

    Join me tonight to explore the question of our true identity.