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  • 03:58

    The Politics Of Twitter: Anonymous Bullying, A Serious Problem

    in Politics

    If you are a Conservative, and you have spent any time on the social media outlet Twitter, then you are well aware of the politics that goes on daily. With the rank and file of each party seemingly at each other’s throat constantly, you might think ‘How in the name of God almighty do any of these people get a damn thing done?’ For instance, taking a position on a certain piece of legislation, or fighting for ‘your’ Candidate, but none of that ever happens; why? Because they are too busy fighting over something that has nothing to do with politics, only their personal bullying agenda. 

    The more new “Conservatives” that I see on social media, be it Twitter or Facebook the more I lose hope for our party ever returning to the Whitehouse. The constant bickering, backstabbing, and just good old fashion bullying. In this day and age, cyber bullying has become the way to tear a person or person’s life to shreds; and that goes for that person’s family, their workplace or school. Where ever these anonymous idiots feel they can do the most harm, and inflict the most pain. It is the way they live their miserable lives, trying to make innocent people feel their hopeless pain.