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    Can Sugar Cause Cataract? Host Paulette Young Call 858-769-4936 press 1, 8pm pst

    in Health

    Cataracts is the number 1 cause of blindness in the  world. Ultraviolet light (UV) can be toxic to the eyes. Ultra Violet light which increases free radicals which  increases the clouding of the lens of your eyes over time. Clouding of the lens is a catarct. High blood sugar increases ones risk for having eye problems. Keeping blood sugar normal help reduce your risk of eye problems. Join us tonight for another hot topic with host Paulette Young from Health Care Consultants and Selena Lindsey from Sowing Seeds for Life by calling 858-769-4936 press 1. Monday 8pm pst.

    Protandim a powerful natural herb that get rid of free radicals. $10 discount on Protandim purchase from my web site www.mylifevantage.com/pauletteyoung or call 909-622-8856.

    Donate to Sowing Seeds For Life (2nd largest food bank in LA County, CA) by calling 909-392-5777

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    Coffee Damages Bones and Kidneys by Paulette Young 8pm pst 858-769-4936

    in Health

    Coffee causes you to urinate or pee. In some people raises their blood pressure. If you have kidney disease studies have shown long term consumption of coffee can worsen your kidney disease. Too much coffee may speed up bones loss. Can coffee help brain function? Can coffee help skin cancer? Should one change and drink decaffeinated coffee? Host Paulette Young and Selena Lindsey. Join us tonight by calling 858-769-4936. 

    Paulette Young with Health Care Consultants 909-622-8856. Distributor of Protandim (natural herb helps with memory loss, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis). $10 rebate on first order from my web site www.mylifevantage.com/pauletteyoung or call 909-622-8856.

    Selena Lindsey (S.H.A.R.E./Neighborhood.Community Development.org). Sowing Seeds For Life 909-392-5777 2nd Largest Food Bank in Los Angeles County).

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    Mens Sexual Function Impaired by Supplements Paulette Young 8pm pst 858-769-4936

    in Health

    Some men purchase over the counter supplements for their sexual problem. The expense of prescription drugs may be too high. Some men do not want to discuss their sexual problem with a physician. They turn to over the counter supplements like: ginseng, horny goat weed, ginkgo biloba, fenugreed, maca, L-arginine, DHEA. he purchase of dietary supplements has increased over the years in the US. There is limited information on how safe is the product. Some supplements are not pure. There are not enough scientific study on the safety of the dietary supplements. If one has a pre-existing health condition, taking these supplements might be dangerous. Host Paulette Young and Selena Lindsey. Join us tonight by calling 858-769-4936 Press 1

    Paulette Young (Health Care Consultants 909-622-8856) Distributor of Protandim (natural herb helps with memory loss, diabetes, high blood pressure, arithitis) $10 rebate on first order from my web site: www.mylivevantage.com/pauletteyoung or call 909-670-6999

    Selena Lindsey (Chief Financial Officer for Sowing Seeds For Life: 2nd largest food bank in Los Angeles County 909-392-5777)

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    in News

    Law enforcement has been under attack for several years and most of us know that to be true.

    But what many do not realize is that security officers also are UNder Attack!

    Nine incidents reported in the past 7 weeks including two that has led to the death of the security officer.

    This hour we're talking about Situaitonal Awareness and Officer Safety!

    We'll also cover some breaking news,

    We're talking about Regional Conferences, Upcoming Training and a whole lot more!

    It's Friday!

    We've got a lot to ralk about!

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    Breaking Chains with NACF of Stafford Sunday Morning Worship

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to New Antioch Christian Fellowship of Stafford Virginia - welcome to the way church was MEANT to be! Welcome to  a new year and a new location at 2784 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Stafford, VA 22556! In 2016, we are walking in a spirit of EXPECTATION for what God is doing in this season!! Join Apostle Kieron and Assistant Pastor Kimberly Buford  and the NACF of Stafford church family as we step into this YEAR OF ELEVATION: let's POSSESS THE LAND!! Tune in every Sunday Morning 10:30am EST at Breaking Chains with Young Adult Talk live at 858-357-9137 to see what God has to say to YOU!

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    OVER THE TOP RADIO~! #357 ROYAL RUMBLE review plus Ed watchs Shine live~!

    in Sports

    This week on OTTR~! join Ed and his co-hosts Cutrer and Craig as they talk this past weeks Royal rumble, our thoughts, what we liked what we didnt like and everything inbetween, plus Ed will be watching the Shine IPPV live, all this and more on OVER THE TOP RADIO~!

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    "Breaking Chains" at The Preparation Room

    in Spirituality

    Join "Breaking Chains" at the Preparation Room every Friday evening 8pm EST. The Prayer and Deliverance are Anointed with your Host Pamela Reese Wardlaw known at the Preparation Room, Where New Beginnings Begin and guest from all walks of life. Log onto www.blogtalkradion.com/yatradio or call in Live @ 858-357-9137.

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    The Adept's Path featuring Adept Thomas Osiris Gibson

    in Spirituality

    Many people dream of sitting at the feet of Masters.  What's better than that?  Actually being trained and guided by Spiritually Enlightened Masters.  This week, we have the pleasure of welcoming Adept Thomas Osiris Gibson to the Mind Right Radio platform.  We will discuss his enlightenment path, offerings and overall spiritual wisdom.  Should be a Classic!

    About Adept Thomas

    Adept Thomas is a spiritual Adept who has been trained and guided by Masters, Dr. and Mrs Gibson (tybro.com), for more than a decade. He provides spiritual clairvoyant consultations to remove blockages to accelerate the growth towards a soul's enlightenment.  Adept is in the process of creating his own unique spiritual products this year. You can contacted him at astrology.thoth@gmail.com or on Facebook, "The Adept's Path."

    Call in number is 858-365-5534 to listen and/or ask questions

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    People Dying Early Why? Paulette Young 8:00pm pst 858-769-4936 press 1

    in Health

    Why are people dying early? Can some of these deaths be avoided? What are some of the prevention methods no one talks about? Do your doctor give you good advise on how to improve your health? Is the only way to get better is to take prescription medicine? Why do some doctors not give their patients medication as first choice in treating their patients. Obesity can be changed. Medication for a diabetic can be decrease according to some doctors. When a person decides to make changes with life styles tht will lead to early death, by improving their over all health they live longer. Get your questions answer tonight. Join us tonight at 8pm pst by calling 858-769-4936 press 1.and you are on the air. Host Paulette Young (Health  Care Consultants 909-670-6999) and Selena Lindsey (Sowing Seeds For Life 2nd Largest Food Bank in Los Angeles County).

    Protandim (natural herb, anti-oxidant contains turmeric herb used in cancer patients).

    Discount rebate $10.00 for each order of Protandim from the following web site www.mylifevantage.com/pauletteyoung or call 909-622-8856 and place an order.


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    Explore Spiritism

    in Spirituality

    Heather Bollech-Fonseca is interviewed on her website and blog Explore Spiritism. She is also the author of the book Changing Lives with Spiritism. Call in LIVE to talk to the guest at 858-769-4705.

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    #289 - Introducing the 2016 Co-Hosts of the CAOT Blog Talk Radio Show

    in Books

    Happy New Year! The Christian Authors on Tour (CAOT) Blog Talk Radio Show is pleased to host its first LIVE broadcast of 2016 on Friday, February 5th at 2 p.m. (EST).

    Get to know the mighty men and women who will serve as 2016 co-hosts of the Christian Authors on Tour (CAOT) Blog Talk Radio Show. Also, learn more information regarding upcoming author interviews. 

    Call 858-357-8408 to ask questions or to just join the dialogue! 

    Don't worry if you can't listen LIVE. Visit www.blogtalkradio.com/christianauthorsontour to download FREE On-Demand podcasts of hundreds of inspirational interviews with Christian authors!  

    Christian Authors on Tour (CAOT)