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    Inside The Investigation with your host - Private Investigator Joshua Askew

    in Legal

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    Join us Tuesday, April 28th, 2015 at 6pm Eastern for Inside The Investigation

    We will be discussing some upcoming changes for Inside The Investigation, as well as what tools PI's should always have for surveillance and other tools they could use to better their surveillance options! Another show you do not want to miss!

    Host Biography: Joshua Askew first obtained a Private Investigators license in 1998 while working for MEA Investigative Services, Inc. MEA was formed in the late 70's by his father, Mike Askew, a former Scotland Yard Detective. Mr. Askew was directly trained by Senior Mr. Askew and soon after, Mr. Askew became the registered agent for MEA and began handling all Florida Investigations.

    After several years as an Investigator with MEA. Mr. Askew joined a local Law Enforcement Agency where he remained for 5+ years.

    While actively working in Law Enforcement, Mr. Askew also became a volunteer firefighter / first responder and would later continue his career in Fire Rescue by becoming a Florida State certified Fire Fighter. Training included: CPR/AED, Emergency Vehicle Operations, Extrication and Hazmat Training.

    Mr. Askew is often called upon by media outlets for undercover operations & expert opinions.

    FL LIC# A 2700485


    Local 904-813-1710
    Toll Free 800-921-4394
    Fax 888-757-9727

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    No Steak for You! #FoodStamps #SNAP

    in Politics

    House Bill 813, introduced by Republican state representative from Missouri, Rick Brattin, has quite a few people in an uproar.  The bill would prevent Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) members from using their benefits to buy cookies, chips, soft drinks, seafood, or steak.  

    Fair or foul?  

    Should you be limited to certain foods if you use food stamps?  
    Would restricting people from expensive foods help them to budget more by forcing them to shop responsibly?
    Would it help people to eat healthier by not allowing junk food?

    So many directions this bill and this show can go when my Show Legends get a hold of this topic and more.  All on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!  "No experts.  Just opinions."

    Scheduled for 75-90 mins.

    Show No. 463


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    Episode 813: Research to Tactics

    in Training

    This radio show will discuss all of the research conducted with the fire service by the UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute.  Guests from fire departments that have served on the technical panels of the research will share their perspectives and how they have incorporated the results into their departments.

    Host Steve Kerber is the Director of the UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute. He has led fire service research and education in the areas of ventilation, structural collapse, and fire dynamics. A 13-year veteran of the fire service, with most of his service at the College Park Fire Department in Prince George's County Maryland where he served at ranks up through Deputy Chief.  He currently serves on the Advisory Board of Fire Engineering and the Fire Department Instructors Conference.  Steve has also been appointed to the rank of Honorary Battalion Chief by the FDNY.

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    How to Get More Visitors on the Web

    in Technology

    In this episode, we will explain how to get more visitors to your website. Do you have a path to making conversions (Sales?). How does web marketing work for you? Hopefully, we will shed some light on this.

    Feel free to visit our Omaha Web Hosting and Web Design website for more information. For help and support, fill out our contact form, or call 402-813-4034.

    Ask your questions on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/websnoogie

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    Negdog Radio Saturday Morning Special-Episode 125

    in Politics

    Negdog @negdog Bringing you a special Saturday Morning show on this December 13th, 2014. Weapons systems testing off the gulf for what? More bizarre 813 news!

  • Psychics Gone Wild Thursday Night Chris White & Angie Mitchell!

    in Spirituality

    Chris White is an Intuitive Reader. He reads his Tarot Cards and and then listens to his Guides and Angels for Additional Messages as to what the Cards Mean. He had several near death experiences when he was young and in his twenties he began to have Out of Body,Astral Travel, Lucid Dreams and Strong Intuitive Knowing. He has studied the Spiritual Realm for the last 30 Years and now uses all his gifts in to read and Manifest. Contact Chris at  www.IntuitiveChrisWhite.com, IntuitiveChrisWhite@gmail.com or call 813-295-2345 to schedule a reading today.

    Angie Mitchell is a gifted empath, and tarot reader. Angie has shared her empathic gifts since she was a little girl. Her studies into the paranormal started when she was 15 and she has since then learned how to deal with a variety of spirits both good and bad.  She is able to sense spirits and their nature.  Angie is well versed in house cleansing and is able to pick up on feelings and vibrations from both spirits and people. She  works with the pendulum while communicating with her guides. Angie has been doing Reiki for the past 4 years please contact Angie for your reading today at angiesreadings@gmail.com


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    Live with Less, DE clutter, DE stress

    in Business

    Joining us today is Nancy Rivera - Mission Organizing. She is a professional organizer in SWFL. She will be discussing with the impact clutter has on our lives, what to do about paper clutter and some things we all can do to get more orgainzied. The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) did a survey and found out that paper or office is number one request from Professional Organizers. This is also Nancy's number 1 request.

    Nancy wrote a blog post with more information on what she will be discussing with us. You can read that by gong to Live with Less, DE clutter, DE stress

    Nancy Rivera – Mission Organizing - has the tools you need to make your home and work area a place of harmony and efficiency. Call or email her at (813) 514-5696 or nancy@missionorganizing.com to see how she can help you!

    You can read all about info that Nancy shared on this show at Live with Less, DE clutter, DE stress

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    Psychics Gone Wild Thursday Night Chris White & Angie Mitchell

    in Spirituality

    Chris White hosts Psychics Gone Wild with Angie Mitchell Thursdays at 8:00pm EST! Chris is an Intuitive Reader. He reads his Tarot Cards and and then listens to his Guides and Angels for Additional Messages as to what the Cards Mean. He had several near death experiences when he was young and in his twenties he began to have Out of Body,Astral Travel, Lucid Dreams and Strong Intuitive Knowing.  He has studied the Spiritual Realm for the last 30 Years and now uses all his gifts in to read and Manifest. Contact Chris at  www.IntuitiveChrisWhite.com, IntuitiveChrisWhite@gmail.com or call 813-295-2345 to schedule a reading today.

    Angie Mitchell is a gifted empath, and tarot reader. Angie has shared her empathic gifts since she was a little girl. Her studies into the paranormal started when she was 15 and she has since then learned how to deal with a variety of spirits both good and bad.  she is able to sense spirits and their nature.  Angie is well versed in house cleansing and is able to pick up on
    feelings and vibrations from both spirits and people. She  works with thependulum while communicating with her guides. Angie has been doing Reiki for the past 4 years please contact Angie for your reading today at  angiesreadings@gmail.com

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    Negdog Radio Throwback Thursday's-Episode 116

    in Sports

    On this Thursday November 20th, Negdog @negdog is bringing you the craziest news from across the bay area and more! Covering the shootings at Florida State University. Facebooger's instant try to cash in on a trajedy. But if the truth is crazier than fiction than call me craxy! Going mono y mono vs The New World Order! News site: www.negdog.com Sports SIte: www.bluechipperuniversity.com

    Special Guest: Duane Kidd  stuntman & actor Any Given Sunday & More....

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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 813

    in Self Help

    Tonight's special guest is Aime Hutton from Calgary, Canada, an Empowerment Leader, and a double International Best Selling Author! Her two co-authored books "Success in (high) Heels", and "The Missing Piece" became international best sellers on their launch days both in 2013! Hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Aime works with young girls in her programs of Wonder Girls Camp helping young girls break free from their shells to live with confidence and courage. Empowering them to be brave, bold, and celebrate their unique self. Aime also helps women through her "Awakening Goddess" programs. Using dance and movement, Aime teaches women to live with radiant joy, playing full on in their lives, and live with confidence in all areas of their lives. In January of 2013, Aime was approached and named the Canadian Teen Ambassador for the Freedom & Empowerment Teen Campaign. Where she educates and supports the next generation about the warning signs of dating violence, the different kinds of abuse, and sharing her own journey from survivor to thriver. Then in Sept of 2013 Aime was appointed Ambassador of the Full Campaign helping women move through the stages of domestic abuse so they can heal fully. Aime now writes a monthly column for the eZine called "Abuse Hurts". A magazine put out by the Canadian Center for Abuse Awareness. The column is called "Youth Booth" targeting teens and young adults about situations/themes that are important to them such as bullying, dating violence, healthy boundaries, healthy relationships, and what love is/is not. 

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    Fertility Naturally with Dr. Steven Friedman of Acutonix Heatlh Solutions

    in Health

    An Enlightening interview in which Dr. Friedman will share about natural ways to enhance fertility for both men & women. This is such an important topic! Couples need to realize that enhancing their over-all health will create an environment that enables conception to take place much more readily. Do you really need & or want to fill your body and mind with so much of what these infertility drugs may cause? Do you think that perhaps since we are made according to mother/father Nature ~ that we also need to look at what we may be able to do to truly nourish our bodies which in turn could spur on the conception of the precious little one that we want to bring into this world!

    We look forward to having you with us Oct. 2nd,, 2014 at 5:30pm est time for this Very informative interview with Dr. Steven Friedman of Acutonix Health Solutions of Tampa, Fl  Dr. Friedman can be reached at 813-258-1545   www.DrFriedmanWellness.com