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    Aston Villa: Burning a path of glory through the midlands

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    We've got two things on our plates today, and both involve midlands rivals. We start by talking about last weekend's win over Leicester City. What about that tackle on Westwood? Wasn't it great that Ciaran Clark is amazing? Alan Hutton too? And are Leicester our new least favorite team?

    Of course they aren't, because then we turn our attention to West Bromwich Albion, or as I prefer to think of them: Wet Sandwich Albatross. We preview this weekend's derby match where it will be decided, once and for all, which team reallyis the pride of the midlands.

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    How a battered Aston Villa can crack Southampton's defense

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    The Holtecast, like football after the international break, is back! And, like football after the international break, we're battered. Battered down by watching Villa play seven matches since September 13 and not grab a win in any of them. But that doesn't mean that we've given up hope entirely! No thanks to circumstances, of course.

    This week we dive into everything that has happened since our last episode. And given that it was a break, there's a surprising amount to cover. Ron Vlaar got injured, Villa got connected to his replacement, and lots of meaningless international football went on. But we spend the bulk of today looking ahead to Monday's match against Southampton. How can Aston Villa's anemic offense unlock the Premier League's best defense? Can it be done?

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    Aston Villa defeated 3-0 by Everton; does QPR offer hope?

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    Alright, losing 3-0 to Arsenal is fine. Doing the same to Chelsea? Acceptable. A 2-0 loss that was competitive for 82 minutes to Manchester City was even, dare we say it, encouraging. But 3-0 to Everton? A team that had allowed more goals than any other in the Premier League? Well, that's just infuriating.

    And it doesn't help that Aston Villa played terribly to boot.

    Jack and Robert are back to dissect yet another loss. Four in a row in a stretch that we knew was capable of producing exactly that kind of run. And in fact, that's the only thing keeping most Villa fans sane right now. Lose 3-0 to QPR on Monday, though, and you can bet we all lose that tenuous grasp.

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    Aston Villa prepare for Everton after the international break

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    Jack and Robert are back, and so, too, are Aston Villa. After an international break that saw plenty of players out on duty (and one injured) the club are ready to take on Everton at Goodison Park this weekend.

    And after three straight goalless losses, it sure would be nice to see Villa get SOMETHING from this matchup. The good news, of course, is that Christian Benteke is back, and he should help add some potency to what has been an absolutely anemic attack. 

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    Basking in another result at Anfield

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    We've got plenty of discussion of the win at Anfield because how could we do otherwise? We also talk a lot about Villa's back line, the area of the team that have been absolutely key in this blistering start to the season.

    And of course we preview the visit from Arsenal this weekend. Can Villa keep the momentum going against a tired and injured team? We certainly hope so!

    You'll also find out that we record the day before we release these, so you'll hear a mention or two of wanting Paul Lambert to get a new contract. I'm going to claim that we made that happen. You're welcome.

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    Jess Marshall, President, The Marshall Group

    in Business

    Mr. Jess Marshall is the founder, CEO and President of “The Marshall Group” (TMG) a financial services organization that provides financial, management and planning services for businesses and individuals and has been doing so for more than thirty years. Currently serves on the NJ-NATP (New Jersey chapter of the National Association of Tax Professionals) board as Director.

    Mr. Marshall has a B.S. in Business Administration and Economics from NC Central University and an MBA from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.  He has worked in the corporate sector for over 30 years as an accountant, manager and comptroller.  Mr. Marshall is a Registered Tax Return Preparer and also holds licenses in insurance, real estate and securities, in several states.  Mr. Marshall has taught accounting, business planning and economics At DeVry University.
    TMG’s core business principles are to:

    Manage financial matters of individuals and small businesses in a manner similar to major companies by following the steps of: needs analysis, planning then management.
    View financial needs holistically (i.e., examine the needs, products and services that may apply).
    Periodically review and adjust client’s financial picture, as things change over time.

    Based on the core business principles, TMG’s philosophy is to focus on the client, not any particular product.  TMG wants to ensure that the client is whole and that their goals are being achieved.
    “If I know what you want and where you want to go then I can assist you in achieving you financial goals” … Jess Marshal

               O:732-968-7500 * F: 908-325-0010 * C: 732-470-4207 * TMGfinancial.net * jess.marshall@verizon.net                                

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    The Value of Coaching: 5 Great Stories That Inspire and Motivate

    in Business

    Coaching is growing everyday in terms of popularity and value. This show will tell five in-depth stories that specifically show the value of coaching and why both parents and corporate managers need to coach "their kids". Please join us as the stories are heartwarming, funny, and insightful. We coach everyday as leaders, parents, youth sports coaches, etc. and we need to be aware of the power of coaching.


    Also we will be hosting a contest for all those who attend. Each person who fills out this form will be entered to win a 100 employee coaching assessments that measures an employee's coach-ability and approach-ability as well as 2 managers receiving Progress Coaching Training (One Year Program). There will be one winner! All together a $7500 value based on our accepted pricing in the marketplace. Please fill out this form and enter as well as attend the live radio show: http://www.salesprogress.com/coaching-contest-entry?

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    Holtecast - We're back with four points!

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    Aston Villa have gotten out to what is, by any means, a fantastic start. The 2014-15 season began with the win at Stoke and was followed by a draw at home toNewcastle United. Both results were the type Villa should expect, but didn't get last season. 

    And Jack and Robert are back to talk about it. We've got discussion of the matches played, a look at the summer transfers, and previews of this week's two matches. Join us live, in the Google Hangout below, where you can follow along, and feel free to send us questions on twitter @crabsauss and @7500_Robert.

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    Can Aston Villa rebuild with £15 million? Do they need to?

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    Jack and Robert are back to talk about what's new with Aston Villa now that summer is really underway. We've got chat about the players who have already come and gone, including some discussion of whether or not letting Marc Albrighton go was a good idea. 

    We also dive into the Hong Kong Soccer 7s tournament going on right now. Jack Grealish, in particular, seems eager to prove himself in the tournament. 

    And our main focus today is whether or not Villa can actually rebuild themselves into a contender with the reported £15 million budget that Paul Lambert has to work with. 

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    How will the sale affect Aston Villa's summer?

    in Soccer

    Just because the season is over doesn't mean that the Holtecast is. Jack and I have too much important stuff to talk about to skip a week. First there's the match against Spurs. That's important, right? 

    And then there... well... I know there was something important. 

    Ah yes, the club's for sale. No big deal! We're going to dive into everything we know about the sale thus far, and plenty of things that we don't. Who will buy? Why did Randy wait so long to get his act together? What does this all mean for Paul Lambert? And perhaps most importantly, what does this mean for Villa going forward?

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    World Cup Wrap-up: 14 July, #GER crowned champions

    in Soccer

    Today's show was the last ever World Cup Wrap-up as yesterday's final was the last match of the World Cup. Germany beat Argentina after extra time 1-0 as Messi wasn't able to get it done. Joe Hamata (@lottahamata) joined us to talk about the final as well as some other news around the world of football. Thank you for joining us on World Cup Wrap-up and we hope you will be listening in the fall for our new soccer show.

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