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    the ripped review #88

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    I am here to talk about the ever so popular "Leafs by Snoop." I have been anticipating reviewing this product for you guys for awhile. i am excited to finally get around to it.

    So to start, This man offers a crap ton of goodies to choose from with his name on it. Hes got tons of flower, a large amount of concentrates, and an impressive collection of edibles. His most popular are his gummy and his chocolate selection, however, the taffy or "dogg treats lemon cherry fruit chews" really caught my eye sitting there on the shelf..... so i went with it.... annnndd BOY AM I GLAD I DID! what a unique edible. what a change of pace, and a new refreshing punch after sooo many gummies and chocolates like edipure and incredibles, and the brands that try to mimic them. i was relieved to have tried something new. The flavor of these things are outstanding!! they taste even better then name brand willy wonka laffy taffy no lie! they exploded in my mouth with juicy flavor. I wanted to hate on these... i really truly did, because i believe in the little guy working harder on their product than a corporate franchise, however, i gotta give it to him 4 stars. Why 4 stars you ask? the price. snoop knows people will be willing to pay for his name. especially tourists coming to the area. i paid $20 for his 80mg product which was actually being sold on the cheaper side. Ive seen his product for $25 to 30 in some places.... which is just outstandingly pricey for recreational. i am used to paying around $20 to $25 for 100mg not just 80..... so i kinda felt like i was getting "0.8ed" by my drug dealer lol. smart business move, but the average Joe in the area that knows prices might not go for this product. if you are rich and don't give 2 shakes of a lambs ass then this is the product for you.... in fact i highly recommend it to the stupid rich actually....


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    The Ripped Review #4

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    today on THE RIPPED REVIEW:

    I must have gone to at least 10 different dispensaries in Denver on 420, and this product was by far the purchase that impressed me the most during the holiday. It was a house brand called "Natures Kitchen" made by the dispensary called "Natures herbs and wellness center" address: 3435 South Yosemite Street Denver, Colorado 80231. "Natures Kitchen" offers a variety of treats including cookies and candies, but i ended up going with the fudge because it was the most economical. The fudge had the highest milligram for the lowest price. Plus, since it was 420, they had a great deal going on (Buy one "natures kitchen" brand get one for $4.20) so i got them for even cheaper than they already are. The 4 pieces inside pump out a whooping 71.25 mg per bottle. What flavor fudge you ask?....... RUM PECAN.... sayyyyy whaaaaa?! Yes, rum pecan and it tasted just as phenomenal as it sounds. In fact, it was so tasty that i could see people dishing out extra cash for this product if they raised the price. (which, lets hope they don't do! lol) Also, just to add, it defiantly functioned as it was supposed to. i was talking nonsense, and got really giggly with my friends. take a look at these scrumptious fudge pieces and tell me what you think!!

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    The exclusive 6th Congressional District Republican primary Autopsy Report

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    Maryland's primary is over; 6th Congressional District Republican voters chose Amie Hoeber to be their Republican nominee. 

    Eric and Ryan will dissect the Republican primary and offer their perspective on each Republican candidate and their respective strategy. We'll tell you what went right and what went wrong. And we'll talk about some of the best and worst moments of the primary. 

    Join Eric and Ryan on Thursday, April 28 at 8:30 p.m. for a full autopsy report on the 2016 6th Congressional District Republican primary. 

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    The Ripped Review

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    Today on the medicated menu:

    sooooo cool story for you guys!!! i found this crazy strain in denver called "grimace." I was told that this strain was specific to their dispensary "next harvest." i was extremely impressed with its deep deep purple color and intoxicating smell. The strain was a sativa, and had the upllifting high that most people like. I personally like indica more than sativa, but i would have still bought that strain again any day. So after being so impressed with it, and only buying a gram, i surely wanted more..... only to find out, they ran out of it that same day. so i posted it online to share my awesome experiance, and how upset i was that i couldnt find it anywhere else... THEN THE GOOD NEWS CAME! a lady from georgia on my personal facebook account told me a family member of hers worked at a dispensary in colorado called altitude west off federal in denver. She said they sold a strain called "phat purple" that looked just like it. Intriuged, i instantly took a trip to go check it out. sure enough, "phat purple" was very similar to the grimace i found!!! EXECPT IT CAME WITH A PLUS.... It was cheaper, and "phat purple" was an indica instead of a sativa like the grimace. It still had that same smell and absolutely beautiful color, but it tasted more invigorating and light on the lungs. Also, just to add it gave me that heavy giggly feeling i was looking for in an indica. overall i am very happy with this strain "phat purple" and the dispensary altitute west in denver. great prices. great product.

  • Food Fun Nation Ep #65 Restaurant News

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    Food Fun Nation Ep #65 Restaurant News

    brought to you www.foodfunnation.com

    Food news...come and get it off the hot paninni press.... Chef & Tech nearing the end of season with only one more episode to do LIVE until this SEPT.... Go LIKE Fun Food Nation on Facebook. We have agreed to a season 4 deal with 22 more episodes to come! For all the LIVE blogtalk listners have a great summer and we hope you enjoy listening to the episodes you have missed. And please enjoy our last episode coming up after this one.For our FACEBOOK Fan Page fans we will be posting the episodes through out the year.... See you all soon! No summer time blues for us! Go on your deck and get bbqing...


    ROB 1. Maine Plans to Put Restaurant Inspection Info Online

    SHAWN 2. Bumble Bee Foods, 2 Employees Charged in Horrific Death of Worker Who Died in Industrial Oven

    ROB 3. A McDonald's Bars Customer from Buying Meal for Homeless Person

    SHAWN 4. Pizza Hut Employees Scrawl KKK and Swastikas on Customers' Order

    SHAWN 5. Mississippi Restaurant Owners Worry New Anti-LGBTQ Law Will Hurt Business

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    The Phoenix Book Review

    in Books

    This month's book review is of M.Scott Peck's 'People of the Lie'. Peck is a psychiatrist that examines the evil that people do and the motivations. It's a lengthy book full of interesting thoughts. Tune in for Alanda's breakdown and we'll discuss some of the implications for today. 

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    Interview with Evan Mallett, Restaurant Owner & Chef

    in Psychology

    Enjoy the first part of an interview with restaurant owner and chef, Evan Mallett, of the Black Trumpet Restaurant in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

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    Pulse of the Pack: 2016 Draft Review

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    Jacob and Jason review the Packers draft class of 2016.  How did Ted Thompson & Co fare?  Are the Packers better now than they were at the end of last season?  What can we realistically expect from this rookie class and how might it impact next year's free agent crop?  Hear all of your draft opionions here on. . Pulse of the Pack!

    Pulse of the Pack is your weekly stop for what's new with the Green Bay Packers. Jacob Westendorf of Today's Pigskin and Jason Perone of CheeseheadTV bring "Pulse" to the Packers Talk Network. Be sure to follow the guys on Twitter at @JacobWestendorf and @JasonPerone.

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    Cyril Gerald-Quinn Review 5/5/16 10:30pm edt www.blogtalkradio.com/cyril-quinn

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    catch the next edition of the Cyril Gerald-Quinn Review 5/5/16 10:30pm edt www.blogtalkradio.com/cyril-quinn as I look at the NBA Playoffs and much, much more on this edition of the Cyril Gerald-Quinn Review follow me on twitter @williamgerald or go to instagram @rilo.geraldquinn call in at 347-215-6180. Rate and Review the Show at ITUNES.APPLE.COM 

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    The Ripped Review #1

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    Join Us For The Hottest Show Around!!!

    We will be going LIVE to talk about everything from The 2016 420 Ralley to the best DEALS in town!!!




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    Arrow 4x19 - Canary Cry | Review

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    SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #166 - Arrow 4x19 - Canary Cry | Review - The team attempts to mourn Laurel's death as a new  Black Canary is seen stopping an illegal weapons exchange. Oliver discovers that someone took Laurel’s sonic device from the hospital. The imposter is Evelyn Sharp, a H.I.V.E. prisoner whom Oliver believed was with Darhk voluntarily. So more self-blame for Ollie. Captain Lance desperately looks for proof that Laurel is alive, then, when her death is absolutely proven,  for a way to resurrect Laurel, even calling Nyssa al Ghul for some Lazarus Pit assistance. Diggle, full of guilt over getting Laurel killed, goes after Darhk's wife, Ruvé Adams, but Oliver stops him from killing her (for some reason). Ruvé issues arrest warrants for all vigilantes. Sharp goes after Ruvé publicly, but Oliver is able to talk her out of killing her. At Laurel's funeral, Oliver reveals Laurel was The Black Canary to preserve her legacy. Afterwards, Oliver vows to kill Darhk. In flashbacks, Oliver and Laurel begin a new relationship following the death of Tommy Merlyn, but leaves for ultimately leaves Laurel to grieve on her own when he leaves for Lian Yu.