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    "Angel Insight & Wisdom for the 5th Dimension" Soul Teaching

    in Spirituality

    The Angels will share insight to help you navigate the 5th Dimension while still walking on this 3rd dimensional world.

    If you would like healing energy for your physical, emotional or spiritual body, listen to one of the short “Angel Blessings” programs prior to listening to this program. Then ask for your healing when I am saying my prayer at the beginning of this program. I am open to being a channel for your healing!

    Love to hear your comments / feedback. Feel free to share this with your friends through the FB / Twitter / Email links.

    I have so much to share with you on my website. I also do "Soul Session" Readings and "Angel Coaching." I would be honored to assist you on your path to the Ascension.

    Loving, Christina

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    Angel Healing House - Taking Inspired Action= 5th Dimension Manifestation

    in Spirituality

         In today's show, Candy Hough and her angelic family, The Posse of Angels will share insights about the official crossover date of March 1, 2015 into 5th dimensional reality and how our ability to manifest now will be determined by the taking of inspired action.

     Claire Candy Hough is a Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher, Angel Practitioner, international radio host on Angel Healing House Blog Talk Radio http://www.blogtalkradio.com/angel-healing-house,  Author of "Angels of Faith" http://www.angelhealinghouse.com/angels-of-faith-book/  and a Writer. She communicates directly with her angelic family, 'The Posse of Angels'. Through her international business Angel Healing House http://www.angelhealinghouse.com/  Claire Candy provides healing, empowerment and direction in a loving, honest and no-nonsense manner. Her clients receive very practical advice to positively and proactively transform their lives to peace, joy and self-love.

    Be Prepared to be Inspired, Enlightened and Uplifted!!!

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    The 5th Quarter Podcast: Ep.1

    in Sports

    Nev Palmer (@N3vDMC) & Fausto Rodriguez (@F16Rodriguez) delve into the world of sports--mostly NBA--and occasionally into the real world. Today they delve into Derrick Rose's injury, the Bulls' future, the mess in Philly, the Thunder's trades at the deadline, and more.

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    in Self Help

    Cindy and Linda are delighted to welcome Elyse Hope Killoran to the Art of Joyful Living!
    Elyse is a "Wealth Consciousness Catalyst" who has spent the last decade using cutting-edge technologies - and the power of the Internet - to empower people to create "prosperity from the inside out."
    For most of us, the energy of stress, struggle and striving that is associated with money is something that has been ingrained from our earliest experiences. But what if we are living in an era with an unprecedented opportunity to direct the energy that we have been associating with money in a entirely new direction?
    It is Elyse's conviction that if enough of us join together we can co-create a new abundant future for everyone on the planet.
    In this interview, you will gain clarity about:
    the inner truth about money...and what you can now do to help return money to its original role of supporting exchange, mutual benefit, and the prosperity and well-being of humanity as a whole  the three core shifts that will enable you to transform your personal relationship to money and wealth  the paradoxical truths around money and wealth that become accessible to us in the next dimension  and why it is especially essential that change agents and anyone involved in the healing arts activate new personal vibrations around the subjects of money and wealth. To learn more about Elyse and her amazing work, visit her website: http://choosingprosperity.com and at www.evolutionarywealth.org

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    Quantum Creation and the Fourth Dimension

    in Paranormal

    In this episode, I interviewed Josh Peck about his book, Quantum Creation: Does the Supernatural Lurk in the Fourth Dimension. As part of that, we talked about the Nephilim, Shadow People, paranormal experiences, astral projection, quantum physics, fear, faith, string theory, the fourth dimension and more.

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    Talking Terror Presents: Indie Spotlight Featuring Rob Dimension

    in Movies

    Welcome back Screamlings to an all new episode of Talking Terror Presents! This week we are proud to welcome Rob Dimension to our latest Independent Spotlight! A unique talent, Rob has been a director, actor, producer and former wrestling manager! His film work shows a wide range of skills and thought, while still being a bit off-kilter and disturbing! We will discuss his latest short, "Rabbit Hole" (2015), which was co-directed with Mike O'Mahony! Also we will go over his body of work, where he feels the direction of the film industry is going, and his next project "Mortimer Tromblay"! Also joining us will be none other than Mike O'Mahony, the mind behind "A Dark Place Inside", "I.B.S", and "Sloppy The Pyschotic"! So prepare for a wicked evening folks! Stay Scared!

    Look up Rob's work at:


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    Tru Talk Kicks it with Sixth Dimension

    in Hip Hop Music

    We will be in the studio kicking it live with Sixth Dimension on Friday 13th on Tru Talk Radio

    also we will be talking about sxsw taking place in Austin tx and really focusing on the Independent Artist

    we will have new music being played and you can also call in at 646-787-8245 to request a song and even get in the

    conversation with the artist during the interview.

    Thanks again for all the support




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    EDWARD BELL For 5th District City Council

    in Current Events

    Edward Bell For 5th District City Council- With the up and coming election for 2015,  Edward Bell is a Rising Sun for the 5th District City Council. Edward Bell is a supporter of Progressive Education, Social Entrepreneurship, and Healthy Communities. Listen to the live broadcast today at 5pm. and the rebroadcast throughout the weekend. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/amencommunications/2015/04/03/edward-bell-for-5th-district-city-council 

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    Angel Wednesday-Anchoring into the 5th Dimension

    in Spirituality

    It's Angel Wednesday! Today we're going to be anchoring further into the 5th dimension and continuing the work that we did on Monday! 
    After Song Bird discusses the energies of the 5th dimension and the angels of the celestial spheres, get ready to embark into part II of“Musical Rapture…A Healing Gift for Humanity” Plan about 30-35 minutes of part II of this profound healing journey!
    Musical Rapture  is a free download to amplify and align you to the highest realms of healing. Relax and be taken into part 1 of the Musical Rapture! Stay tuned for Angel Wednesday 5/29-13 for part II!
    You can go to EraofPeace.org for this free download! Go to SongBirdGrandMotherSpeaks.com for more Insights and healing

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    Ask Adironnda a Being from the 17th Dimension

    in Spirituality

    Today's show features visionary, Marilyn Harper channeling Adironnda & Company

    Marilyn Harper has been channeling Adironnda, a spokesbeing from the 17th Dimension, since 1999. She has traveled the world, showcasing with speakers such as Lee Carrol, and Dr. Todd in bringing forth the messages of Adironnda & Company. Today's show is a Live Q&A with Adironnda and the Council (Company). We will open with information about the Visionaries in Light Convergence, and some of the speakers, then move to our LIVE Q&A Channeling. This is the first time we've featured this format and we are very excited about encountering the questions of our LIVE audience.

    Learn more about Marilyn and Joeaux at Adironnda.com and their annual Visionaries in Light Convergence, this year in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas. You can receive reminders for our show by signing up here for Radio Show Reminders >

    Like us on FaceBook: Adironnda - Infinite Possibilities & SoulOPreneur

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    Nonprofit Coach BIG 5th Anniversary Show

    in Business

    Click here for the RADIO LINKS 

    Click here for People to People Fundraising.org

    He lectures around the world but now is here for you. From the latest in charity news, technology, fundraising and social networking, Ted Hart and his guests help you maneuver through this economic downturn in the charitable sector to greater levels of efficiency and fundraising success.

    BIG 5th Anniversary Show

    The Best of the Best All Together On One Show

    Scheduled to appear on the show:

    - Linda Lysakowski  - Charity Channel Press

    - Kay Sprinkel Grace - International Superstar Consultant

    - John Murcott - Crowdster.com

    - Mark Sutton - FrontStream

    - Gabe Cohen - Guidestar

    - Eva Aldridge - CFRE.org

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