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  • Making Music from Inspiration to Reality with Jed Luckless

    in Music

    Jed Luckless joins us once again for the release of his new music. We will discuss how to take  a song from inspiration into reality. “Roll Over” is Jed’s latest album of original songs, featuring nearly a dozen new tracks and thirty-four minutes of music. The album showcases his eclectic mix of songwriting styles with genres ranging from rock to blues and influences from bluegrass to jazz.

    Songs and running times are:
    Water Glass  (3:54)
    Brother Love  (3:43)
    Barter Creek  (2:48)
    Roll Over  (2:41). 

    All music used with permission from Jed Luckless and the Jed Luckless Band www.jedluckless.com  & www. jedlucklessband.com
    Watch Jed play here - http://youtu.be/ru2vYjYAIHo?t=11m46s

  • PSE Season Rollover Show

    in Sports

    Join Irule, Gabe, and Backer as they discuss all things PSE in this upcoming Season Rollover Show!

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    Money Making Monday

    in Social Networking

    STOCKS! What do you actually know about stocks? What are stocks? How many ways can you be in the stock market? Getting my money....... Stocks for the beat, cool out from this heat. Learn something!!! Let's make some M'S!!!!!!!!!

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    Network of Support: Reducing Money Worries

    in Family

    We return with our popular Network of Support series. We'll be sharing our professional expertise with families to reduce stress an increase understanding of critical day-to-day issues. We'll be covering the brain and behavior, child development, parenting, and financial matters that matter most to families.

    Today's program starts with a key stressor for families: money. Dave Balog, who is a licensed New York financial representative, will discuss

    IMPORTANT: Follow along with this guide.

    Money solutions for the rest of us

    This 45-minute call will give you an overview of repairing and rebuilding your financial house.

    A presentation on money essentials...what we never learn in school, at home, or at work. Information that changes lives.



    Why this service is free at every step.

    Cutting Debt

    Paying Yourself First: Stop Giving a Free Loan to the Government.

    The Critical Rule of 72.

    Life Insurance Traps

    Own (invest), Don't Loan (save)


    College Savings

    We'll take questions by Facebook or Twitter or email to dbalog99@gmail.com.

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    ERISA Attorneys -What to Know, When to Start

    in Business

    Many Advisors and Plan Sponsors are reluctant to reach out to ERISA Attorneys unless they or their clients encounter issues.  Today we speak with Thomas Clark, JD, LLM an ERISA Attorney with The Wagner Law Group.  We discuss the best ways to establish a business relationship with an ERISA Attorney, when do to it and why. 

    The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements.


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    The 401k Study Group Mail Bag

    in Business

    As a new segment we will be answering questions from the field from 401k Advisors.  The guest will rotate to give Advisors fresh perspectives about all things 401k related.  Submit your questions to us on Twitter by contacting us there @the401ksg or by using the hashtag #AskThe401SG.

    This week Jason Grantz, QPA, AIFA will be answering our first round of questions.  These episodes will be short and sweet!


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    How do you define RICHES? The Month of June We Talk $$$$

    in Self Help

    Shedding the Bitch Radio is all about YOU and the top of mind topics on women's mind today.

    The month of JUNE is all about MONEY - your beliefs toward money, how you handle, budget, manage and spend money. The good, bad and ugly about money, greed and riches. On today's show we will discuss your definition of RICHes... and how that could be working FOR or AGAINST you.

    Call in to chat with us...at 1-818-572-2910. Chat in right here on our Show Page... Listen and SHARE!

    Bernadette Boas is known as a ‘ball of fire’ author, speaker, screenwriter, leadership change agent and radio hostess… who inspires, motivates and equips women with the mindset and skill set needed to achieve success and prosperity in their life and business.

    With what she called her ‘pink slip to freedom’, Bernadette authored her first in a series of books, Shedding the Corporate Bitch, Shifting from Bitch to Rich in Life and Business. And thus, Shedding the Bitch Radio was born to help women DISCOVER< CONFRONT< and SHED their bitches of fear, insecurity, doubt and more, to CREATE RICHes in their life.

    Listen weekly live or from iTunes. Shedding the Bitch Radio is all about YOU!

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    The Resilient Brain with Shirley Luu, Entrepreneur Extraordinaire!!

    in Family

    Listen in today as we interview Shirley Luu, an extraordinary person.  She has built an empire, or should I say dynasty?  She calls her dynasty the Luu Dynasty, and she is known in her circles as the fastest growing of all time! Come hear her enthusiasm and can-do attitude and find out some of her SECRETS to SUCCESS.  You will want to be near this human cyclone to be drawn into the quiet center and earn success for yourself?

    Ms. Luu was recently named the WINNER of the 2015 Smart CEO Executive Award.  Her beautiful office is located in McLean, VA, and it is always buzzing with excitement, even when Shirley is out-of-town!  Her goal of financial fitness for the community is being realized by working with The LISA Project.   She hopes to reach more women who know little about their own finances, and bring them up to speed.

    Shirley speaks nationally and internationally in front of thousands, and she leaves her mark.  She has imparted her life and financial wisdom locally too, speaking on behalf of the Small Business Association, and local top CEOs. Ms. Luu is working on a secret STEM project this summer, and hopes to create more exciting business partnerships.  

    Join me as we find out more, as well as her plans for the future!


    Saturdays, Noon Eastern: "The Resilient Brain," host Kathy Kitts

    The show where you can learn about the latest strategies for keeping your mind sharp, for babies to octogenarians!

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    Protecting Your Clients "Digital" Assets with Estate Assist

    in Business

    When most Financial Advisors consider asset protection they may not be thinking about "digital assets".  Today Woody Levin, Founder and CEO of Estate Assist and I chat about the importance for Consumers to keep an eye on their digital assets.  We also chat about a potential solution for Advisors to use with their client, heirs and other parts of their professional planning team.

  • 01:04

    Are you inventive?

    in Finance

    Are you full of ideas and don't know how to make money from your idea?  Join us today as we discuss making money from ideas.  You don't need money to make money, you just need ideas and relationships!

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    RETIREMENT - Are You Ready

    in Finance

    We work hard for our money, to provide for our family and most of us have 401K, 403B and term life insurnce set up through our employers and we feel we are set for our retirement and that our family will be taken care of in the event of our death, but sadly many Americans are not as financilaly set for retirement and their own death as they think they are, as many Americans have thier retirement (401K, 403B, Pension Plan) tied directly to Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds and their live insurance is a term policy and while I will give those Americans my respect for having taken it upon themselves to at least set some form of protection for their retirement and the family they love in the event of their death they many times find themselves falling short when it comes to retirement and the insurance that they thought would provide for their loved ones after they have passed has also failed them, that is if they are still even insured when they pass, as the truth is term life insurance remains in forse only while you are still employed with the employer who had it set up as part of your employee benefit package and unless you convert that term policy to a whole life policy within the 31 day conversion window you are not insured. So the importance of having a financial professional who is willing to sit down with you and really go over your financial picture is vital, but sadly unless you are a client of theirs ort willing to pay $300 and hour for them to meet with you they will not even look at you, but I am here to walk you through the financial battle field here on the Financial Patriot Show, but if you need to reach my in regard to a private matter you can call me directly at 832-947-8703.