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    3RD Eye OPEN with Rev. Val Love

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    Join us as we have fun with our MPowering  guest griot Rev Val Love who never felt like she fit in. She had big feet, skinny legs and nagging low self esteem and she was weird. She barely spoke. She saw things it seemed like people couldn't or didn't see. She felt things she couldn't explain and she knew things and she couldn't explain how she knew them.  We all are children of the creator and were given gifts unique to us. Your gift is different from mine and mine is different from everyone else's. Over the past year I, DaONE, host of 3RD Eye Open have counseled, coached, spoke with, mentored and broadcast to tens of  thousands of people around the globe and the number one challenge people are having by a large percentage is discovering and accepting that unique gift and purpose. Often we believe our purpose or gift lies in our occupation, be it a doctor, lawyer, mechanic, med tech, real estate agent, and so on, but those are mostly learned skills and not gifts. Your gift is something you do without much effort, it comes naturally and easily to you. It's something you do without regard for pay because it's so abundant to you that you don't worry about it's value or cost to you. When you are working in your gift you can do it all day and enjoy doing it each time you do it. Where we get confused most times is that we don't really value it because it comes easy and there really isn't a job description or title for it. Gifts seem like a hobby very often.  If you give your gift away it will make a way for you. We don't need to go and buy presents to give away, give the gift the creator gave you. If it will sustain you all of your life what will it do for those you give it to?

    "A man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men."           

    Proverbs 18:16

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    3RD Eye OPEN with "The Future Is NOW!"

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    " The Future Is Now!" It's here! The future you have been waiting for has arrived . Now that it's here how does it feel? I'll tell you, it looks and feels a lot like the past except today I'm reaping some of the seeds I planted not so long ago. We all made plans for the future at least in our minds about where we would be and what we'd be doing. Are you where you wanted to be and doing what you wanted to do? The numbers say that  3% of Americans are holding 97% of the wealth & 97% of Americans are fighting over the remaining 3%. Why is that? I know what the churches and the schools are teaching us. They're teaching us that the 97% are greedy crooks. That's a lie. We can do more today and faster than at anytime in history. What's up with that? The answer is they know something 97% of Americans don't know and don't want to know because they believe they also will be greedy and crooked. We will break the myths and open up your future to all of the possibilities of a great future for YOU as it pertains to relationships, enterprise, health, money and growth on 3EO. hosted by Speaker & Certified Trainer "DaONE" with Co-Host, Producer/Songwriter/Musician NAISA with special co-host Alycia Johnson & Featuring our "MyStory" Historian, "The Encyclo-negro-pedia", C.R. GIBBS & 3EO Sports Financial Reporter Anthony Adewusi

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    3Rd Eye Open 4 Year Anniversary Show

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    May 9, 2009 that's when we launched the 3rd EyE Open's Galactic Radio Mothership Since  you have supported our dedication to empower the Galaxy. We thank you for the continuous support of  our listeners. Call into the party just to shout out or drop a word. By the thousands each month you have checked in as we bring you the most timely topics to breakdown and examine: ObamaCare, Jena 6, mortgage fraud, Relationships, Red Tails, Jim Zorn, Iraq War, Bank bailouts, Ray Charles, Tea Baggers, raising children, Election 2012. Our mission has been to bring U those people on the ground doing what they're talking about, NOT those people talking about what someone else is not doing.(That wasn't 4 errybody, if U got it U got it) Guest Griots include Brian Heat  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZtm2VdEQGM . Joe Recca-Comedian BET, Showtime, Nakeesha Harris-Medical Missionary, Judge Ulyses Boykin (Deyroit), Fred Foster-Fmr Nat. Champ from "The U", Teleah Scott-Williams-Playwrite/Director,  Willbert Skipper-Mr. EmpowerMeant/Trainer, Gene McBride-Musician/Singer EWF Cover, Bill Hall-CEO Adamshouse International, Willie Brown-Vetriloquist/Entrepreneur, Rev. Val Love- Speaker/Life Coach, David Lewis-Partner Lewis & Mundy Law, Rueben Mundy-Partner Lewis & Mundy Law,Kimberly Hollingsworth-Sports Entrepreneur MLB,Tony Woods-Comedian Def Jam, BET... Phil Ward-Entrepreneur/Race Horse Owner, Janks Mortons-Prod/Dir "DEAR DADDY, Bubba Grimes-TV Host/Author, Tamara Wellons-Vocalist/Performer, Sillk Da Shocker-Rapper/Entrepreneur, Ersky Freeman-PinPoints/Medical Missionary... hosted by Visionary/Creator  "DaOne"  with NAISA producer/writer Co-Host, Featuring The Human "Encyclo-negro-pedia" C. R. GIBBS Connecting Dots - From Generation to Generation" & a special sports report from 3EO Sportsbeat Writer ANTHONY ADEWUSI

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    CR GIBBS - Every culture has an MLK, a Christopher Columbus, a Jesus a Napoleon

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    Historian C.R. Gibbs teaches us how... "Every culture has an MLK, a Christopher Columbus, a Jesus, a Napoleon, a Shakespeare, a Ben Franklin, a Shaka Zulu, an Einstein and a Julius Caesar " The Africans are no different. Riddle me this ...?  What's "Theirstory'  Have you heardit? You ddon't know if it's important or not if you don't know. Open Your eyes, all of them. Here on 3EO

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    Freedom Friday, Music, Fun and Some

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    It's Freedom Friday 3RD EYE OPEN Music, Comedy and Fun hosted by Jerome "DaONE"  Tucker with co-host CEO of Always Journal, Master Journaler & The "Circle Lady" ALYCIA JOHNSON featuring Howard University Alum and Washington Historian The "Encyclo-negro-pedia", C. R. GIBBS, Connecting  (Not His-storical) MyStorical Dots From Generation to Generation".




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    Join your host JEROME As we discuss "Why 3 RD EyE OPEN" "Isn't it just conspiracy theories?" with our guest Griot Black sports historian, national sports analyst, activist, The Original creator and host of "Inside Sports", LIVE on the mothership connection, HAROLD BELL with our guest griots
    nationally recognized and celebrated
    African Historian, Educator & Speaker
    C.R. GIBBS and our All-Star sports investigator, WUSA-TV9 Sports reporter DAVE OWENS.

    We just funkin' around for fun with our

    3RD EyE OPEN

    Crew of Griots


    producer, musician, vocalist, writer and song stylist







    Advisor Mentor, Coach and Keeper of the Proverbs,
    "The Clown Prince of Reality"


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    3EO Radio with our special guest griot Author of the book "Black Nancy" LENNOX "OX" NELSON. Who is Black Nancy? A PRINCESS. A WARRIOR. A LOVER. A MOTHER. A PRISONER. A CHAMPION. A TEACHER. A FUGITIVE. A FOLK HEROINE. A REVOLUTIONARY. Black Nancy, his first novel, adapted from his original screenplay of the same title, was written to be shared with today’s youth to teach them about African-American history in a way in which they can be proud. “My purpose for writing in this genre (historical-fiction/adventure) histoventure, is to teach African-American youth about their history which began before their ancestors were brought here in chains. It’s important for my readers to understand the point of view in which I write is not from a victim mentality but rather the progeny of royalty. Not everyone  accepted slavery. May this book stir the inner warrior inside you. OWN YOUR JOURNEY ~ OX

    hosted by  "DaONE" with Co-Host Prodigy Producer/Songwriter/Musician/Performer NAISA & special co-pilot  ALYCIA JOHNSON & Featuring our "MyStory" Historian who we at 3EO affectionately call The "Encyclo-negro-pedia" C. R. GIBBS Connecting Dots - From Generation to Generation" & 3EO  Financial Sports beat Writer  ANTHONY ADEWUSI


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    Marion Barry Jr. "Most People Don't Really Know Me!"

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    "Most People Don't Really Know Me!" - Marion Barry Jr. Those are the first words written in his book.  3RD EYE OPEN celebrates Marion Barry Jr. as an American Icon. Young Marion became an Eagle Scout and earned a degree in chemistry from LeMoyne College in Memphis in 1958. As a sophomore, Mr. Barry joined the LeMoyne chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and became chapter president his senior year.While studying for his master’s degree at Fisk University in Nashville, he organized a campus N.A.A.C.P. chapter. Early in 1960, he helped organize the first lunch counter sit-ins in Nashville. That April, he and other student leaders met with the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to establish the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. Mr. Barry became its first national chairman. After a year as a teaching assistant at the University of Tennessee. In June 1965 he moved to Washington, where reporters occasionally referred to him as a “dashiki-clad militant.” A powerful speaker and street campaigner, he began pressing for home rule for the District of Columbia, a battle eventually won. He had found fertile political soil, since residents had only recently won the right to vote in presidential elections and had virtually no say in governing themselves.  In 1967, Mr. Barry started a jobs program for poor blacks, winning federal grants worth several million dollars. He won his first election in February 1970, to a citizens’ board created to smooth relations between police officers and black residents. In 1978 he ran for mayor and defeated the incumbent, Walter E. Washington

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    C.R. Gibbs: "How Have Blacks Done Things For 500,000 Years?"

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    Hosted by Historian C.R. Gibbs   "How Have Blacks Done Things For 500,000 Years?"  Is There a Difference Between Black and African American? Learning how  Blacks have done things for 500,000 years will go a long way to explaining why we do what we do today. I used to get confused between being Black and being African American. Is there a difference? I used to think I had to choose. I am physically and genetically who I am. I don't get to choose who my ancestors are. it's not a decision. What happened and the quicker we accept it the quicker we can stand in our own glory and stop borrowing other people's truth. What is an African American? Someone who identifies with their connection to Africa but has accepted their current citizenship as their home. They are integrated and an American who has a heritage based in Africa.That's a decision and not necessarily who they are. A peach can call itself an apple but that doesn't change the fuzz.  What is Black? Being Black is acknowledging the entire global community of color that has family origins that trace back to the continent of Africa as one people. There are blacks all over the globe and not just in America just as there are Asians across the globe and Europeans. The differences that appear are all cultural, it's how they do things.

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    CR Gibbs - If The Earliest Known Evidence of Mankind Was Uncovered In Africa...?

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    Host Historian CR Gibbs discusses  "If The Earliest Known Evidence of Mankind Was Uncovered In Africa Why Isn't History Taught From That Point On?" "Until Lions Have Their Own Historians, Tales of the Hunt Shall Always Glorify the Hunter” unknown. A group of restless men atop a ridge in the Afar desert of Ethiopia. A few of them are pacing back and forth, straining to see if they can spot fragments of beige bone in the reddish-brown rubble below, as eager to start their search as children at an Easter egg hunt. At the bottom of the hill is a 25-foot-long cairn of black rocks erected in the style of an Afar grave, so large it looks like a monument to a fallen hero. And in a way it is. Tim White and his colleagues assembled it to mark the place where they first found traces, in 1994, of “Ardi,” a female who lived 4.4 million years ago. Her skeleton has been described as one of the most important discoveries of the past century, and she is changing basic ideas about how our earliest ancestors looked and moved. In addition to Ardi, a possible direct ancestor, it is possible here to find hominid fossils from as recently as 160,000 years ago—an early Homo sapiens like us—all the way back to Ardipithecus kadabba, one of the earliest known hominids, who lived almost six million years ago. At last count, the Middle Awash project, which takes its name from this patch of the Afar desert and includes 70 scientists from 18 nations, has found 300 specimens from seven different hominid species that lived here one after the other.

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    Why Voting Doesn't Matter

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    "Why Voting Doesn't Matter "

    we are told to go to the polls and vote for who you think is the best candidate in the election to represent our families needs. We are told to register as a democrat, republican or independent before the election to designate which parties platform suits you best but you can't change your mind and and vote for someone else inside 21 days. suppose I see something about a candidate and want to vote for the other side. I can't do that!

    In my life I've notice we in this country adjust to whoever is the leader of this country, your state or your municipality. The Republican party bickered and positioned themselves to hamper any political move the democrats made to come out of the mess they made the previous 2 admins thru their lying, cheating and stealing. their agenda is to profit themselves and they don't care about the repercussion on the American people. Having identified their program why do we who live in America turn a blind eye to their leveraging of assets and offer little to no resistance?

    Whoever wins, the losing voters have to adjust.

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