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    Epidsode #1: Introduction of "Citizen K" and The Citizens Party

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    Its time for all of the citizens of America to collectively combine and work together to build a viable people powered independent party to find solutions to the current state American Politics...tune in and join us live as I provide a brief introduction of the parties platform and a even briefer history...I dont want to talk about news.... I want to discuss what matters to you and what direction you would like to see the united states take.

  • Epidsode #1-"Citizen K" Introduction and Insight

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    Lets Recap the daily occurances via multiple media sources and then get on track ..It is time for Americans to build a people powered 3rd party!!! Beginning with direct involvement within their own municipal districts. Instead of spending so much time complaining about the "Big 2"....channel the frustration and disinterest towards individual involvement. Please call in and lets discuss what matters to you on a personal and professional non biased moderated platform. Everyone has a voice and no matter the dismay, we are interested and want to come to a general consensus so as Citizens of this great Nation we can all move towards progress together and United on the task at hand.  Focusing on world events isn't going to affect the need for citizens to enhance our political presence here at home.lets discuss how each and everyone of us can do our part...lets get friends and families involved and encourage everyday citizens to seek local, state, and federal positions and together find viable  qualified canidates to join among the ranks in our goverment

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    Egypt and 3rd Party

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    An update on Egypt and Ron Paul’s speech at CPAC, and a conversation on 3rd party involvement.

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    Jeff Newman, Ex-3rd party now Corporate Recruiter

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    TWITTER: @Apikoros18

    LINKEDIN - http://www.linkedin.com/in/newmanlinkedin


    "I wont use Dice or Monster but I will find you on Linkedin."

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    Selecting a 3rd Party Laboratory for Food Testing

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    Selecting a 3rd Party Laboratory for Food Testing with Gillian Dagan, Ph.D.
    As the Chief Scientific Officer of ABC Research Laboratories, Dr. Dagan serves as a technical resource to clients in all matters of food safety and quality.  Dr. Dagan leads the scientific efforts of the company, managing developments as well as scientific partnerships for research and discovery.  She maintains scientific integrity in existing and new endeavors as well serves source of valid scientific information for ABCRL associates and clients.  In August of 2004, Dr. Gillian Dagan joined ABC Research Corporation as Director for Product Performance Services. Under her direction the department concentrates on product quality evaluation, shelf life studies, ingredient applications, product comparisons, and sensory testing. She enjoys working with all sectors of the food industry, but especially food service. Dr. Dagan brought expertise with in-depth sensory research and quality assurance testing to ABC. She received her Ph.D. in Food Science from the University of Florida, concentrating in food processing, protein chemistry, and sensory science. She has sensory experience for a number of sectors in the food industry and is a trained taster for a number of products and commodities.
    1. Introduction.
    2. What is a 3rd party lab?
    3. What types of food tests are available?
    4. What are the criteria for a selection?
    5. What are common challenges?
    6. Should food testing be increased with FSMA?
    7. What are other considerations?
    8. Conclusion.

    Gillian Dagan, Ph.D.
    Chief Scientific Officer
    3437 SW 24th Avenue
    Gainesville, FL 32607
    fax: 352.378.6483

  • Epidsode #1: "Citizen X"

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    Our first podcast will introduce "Citizen X" and will also provide a brief history of The Citizens Party as well as the Partys Platform. Feel free to join us in the chatroom as well as we welcome callers to call in and add to the conversation.Bear with me as this is the first epidsode and keep in mind that we will also be for the first time running live...and I am by no means a Bill Orielly and/or Rush Limbaugh...am as simple as yourself and will be looking to grow the audience as we look forward to the next epidsode

    "The citizens Party is not an affiliate of this podcast nor have they contributed towards any contributions for and subscriptions paid via blog talk radio.This is an independent effort by myself to seek recruitment thru online media oppurtunities"

    nor do the comments of our guest reflect on the partys current platform stance and or its beliefs 

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    3rd Party Senate Candidate Michael Jansen Jr & the AWAKE Party: June 1, 10 pm CT

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    Join Sarah for the next episode of the Progressive Patriot at 10 pm Central time on Sunday, June 2. We will be discussing GMO's, the March Against Monsanto and 3rd Party candidate Michael Jansen Jr's campaign for US Senate in the state of Minnesota. Born and raised in Minnesota, Michael has lived and studied all over the world, and is now concerned with the growing mainstream acceptance here at home of chemical toxins in our food and water, fracking, the Keystone XL Pipeline, and the widespread congressional ambivalence on climate change. Sarah happened to run into him on Grand Ave in St Paul, Minnesota while he was collecting signatures to get onto the ballot and was very intrigued by the name of the party he is running on: the Awake Party.


    We will be sure to bring closing Gitmo and our federal government's use of drones into the conversation, as well as breifly touching on NSA surveillance and Edward Snowden. A strikingly green and libertarian plaform, the Awake Party is unique in its honor of the Bill of Rights and human rights, so please join Sarah and Michael for this fascinating discussion Sunday night.

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    Walmart & ALEC, stand your ground, voter ID, prisoners working in Private Sector

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    Walmart has been a member of ALEC for 19 years, according to theblaze.com article on May 31, 2012 by Becket Adams.  Also, according to vltp.net Walmart also uses prison labor as part of it's supplier chain.  This after receiving 7.8 billion dollars of tax payer subsidies last year according to Americans for Tax Fairness.  We need to change the rhetoric in DC and stop demoralizing the needy.

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    Pajama Party Adult Night Time Talk Show

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    Join the Pajama Party Crew for lively, humorous conversation on today's hottest topics, commentaries, TV and movie reviews and more. We've got Poppa DD with "Living for the City" and "What's Poppin," Ketel with the Weird News and the Hollywood Wrap Up and Redwine with "I'm Just Saying" and the "Hit it and Quit it Headlines."

    Each week, we feature a "Cocktail of the Week" and our world-famous "Kiss It List" where we call out people or organizations who got on our last nerves and deserve to be told to just KISS IT!

    We have special guests that drop by, and our callers and we do it all with our special brand of humor, so don't miss a single episode! Sometimes, we even have a live studio audience... so you know we misbehave then!

    Follow us on Twitter @aPajamaParty and visit our website www.aPajamaParty.com anytime to listen to the show archives or find out about the Pajama Party Crew. And if you have a business you'd like us to advertise, email info@aPajamaParty.com.

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    3rd coast sundays

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    Party Life Ent

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    Cincinnati and the 4841 friends and family. Join us today @ 712-432-4841 room 3# the people's lounge.

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